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Chapter 21:
Cometh the Bull Part 3

Hikaru was frozen to the spot. Kai's sword gleamed beautifully in the light and it was heading straight towards her.

"Hikaru!!" Shippo called as he lunged forward and tackled Kai. He was already transformed and ready to go. Kai flipped in the air and in a burst of blue light transformed as well.

Kai turned into a tall and stream line weasel like creature. He was around Shippo's height, had the same physical appearance but his claws where longer and sharper in fact they looked like mini daggers. His arms and legs where more muscular then before and his feather like tails looked like blades. His sword had even changed; it was now bigger and broader. His bandana tails were longer and looked tattered.

Both transformed Animas lunged at each other, fury in their eyes.

Kaito blinked.

"Wow!" He'd never seen that before.

Sora lunged, next fan poised for a wind attack. An attack directed at Boton's ship. Boton intercepted it, and pushed the weasel back. Pale orange eyes narrowed as the Kamaitachi brother darted back to Riku's side. The eldest ninja weasel looked at his brother shortly before turning his attention to the Menagerie No Chiisai Squad.

"I'm sorry to inform you that the time for games is over." Riku said softly as he held up a familiar green gem. That began to pulsate with life.

Hikaru's eyes widened.

"Ertois's last gem." She said in disbelieved. Shippo who had managed to pin Kai down looked up.


Reizo, Asami and their partners stiffened as well. Only Kaito and Boton seemed confused.

Riku nodded in conformation and then handed the gem to his yellow clad brother.

"If you will." Sora grabbed the gem and hurled it at Asami. The short redhead went to duck but the gem and her red Juzu beads where drawn to each other, and the green gem was absorbed.

"Kai, Sora!!" Riku ordered. His younger brothers both came to his side and held out their hands. Riku added his hand as well.

'Obscure Surroundings.' They all said together.

Suddenly the outskirts of town disappeared into a black void of nothingness, and the Kamaitachi triplets had vanished.

"Where are we?" Kaito called out. Reizo looked around in fear and awe as well.

"We've never seen this before." He supplied. Shippo nodded to his companions.

"I've heard about this. This is a famous Kamaitachi Barrier Illusion." The transformed Dog commented. Kenta and Sasami both transformed and stood before their partners and the transformed Mouse looked to the Bull.

"Boton-chan, you should watch over Kaito-san, he doesn't have a place in our business." She advised. Boton nodded and then held up the golden cow bell around his waist and closed his eyes.

"What's he doing?" Hikaru asked aloud. Shippo looked over his shoulder.

"He's going to transform." Hikaru's gold eyes blinked in wonder. She was actually going to see an Anima transform with out someone else's help.

Boton opened his eyes.

"I can't feel my energy. It's like it's been cut off from me." The Bull said frantically.

"Kama! It seems that the Bull can't transform in our Barrier." Hikaru looked around. That was Kai's voice.

"Ita!! Of course he can't brother." That was Sora.

"Well we have our first target. Chii!!!" Riku cackled.

"But Sasami-chan and Kenta-kun could transform in the barrier, how come Boton-san couldn't?" Asami asked as the humans all stepped closer to each other.

"I wouldn't step to close to Little Miss Sunshine, there. She could lose control of her Juzu Beads at any moment." Sora's voice teased. Everyone looked to Asami.

"What?" Suddenly Asami's Juzu Beads began to pulsate. The red one began to glow.

"What's happening?" Asami asked a hint of fear in her voice. Kaito was the most confused, he had not prior knowledge of Ertois but from the way Reizo and Hikaru where looking at Asami's necklace, he couldn't be good.

A light shot out of Asami's beads and then similar lights shot out of the Mamoru Bracelet and the Rat Amulet, and hit the main light.

"Oh My God!!" Asami called as the lights took form. The form of Ertois, he was scarier then he had been before. Bigger as well, he still had matted wiry grey hair and eyes black as pitch. But his hair was more like a lion's mane and his eyes where bigger and soulless.

His skin was now purple and ash grey and he was twice as muscular as before.

He had four large blood red lines running down the side of his face, and jagged scratch marks over his right eye, and a huge gapping mouth, with huge canines coming out and horns growing out of both his eyebrows, and large spider legs growing out of his back.

Floating above him where four large circles, one red, one green, one blue and one yellow, which all fused together to make a huge glowing disk.

The bead he had come out of was white now.

"Holy, son of a gun." Kaito called out. Reizo, Asami and Hikaru were speechless, while their Anima Partners where shaking in disbelieve.

"No, way." Kenta whispered.

"He's stronger then the last time we faced him." Sasami said fearfully. Ertois chuckled at his old enemies.

"Looks like we meet again."

Dr. Kuroda Echini shivered at the feeling of darkness in the air. Echini sighed; it had to be Ertois and those kids.

Only they could rustle up so much trouble, heck last time one of them had been poisoned and he'd had to go fix it before she went permanently comatose.

The only reason she had survived until he got there was because of her powers, which she still had no control over, the other two where just as hopeless, the older brunette sighed as he stood up and excused himself from the Doctor's lunch.

He had to go save those children again.

He made it to the edge of town in record time and smiled.

'A barrier, eh?' It was a wide invisible dome that no one could see or see through.

"Clever." The Doctor said softly as he placed his hand on the surface of the barrier and watched as it wavered a bit.

Yep, Ertois was definitely in there and he had all his gems. The gems Echini had fought so hard to keep away from the horrendous alien.

The brunette sighed as he stood back some, whatever this barrier was made out of it was strong and it would take some time to break.

Boton watched in frustration as his comrades were batted aside by Ertois's mighty hand. They hit the side of the barrier and were hit the ground. The green haired boy went to attend Sasami as the red haired female went to Kenta.

Shippo gave his partner no time to attend him as he jumped up and raced towards Ertois, only to be struck by a blade of ice.

"SHIPPO!!" The dark haired female cried out. The Dog groaned as he stood up, where had that ice blade come from.

"Opps." Kai's voice chuckled. Shippo growled. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see Hikaru.

"Shippo are you okay?" She asked softly. He nodded, and then looked to Ertois to see Sasami and Kenta landing a few hits before being tossed aside.

"He's a lot stronger now, and we don't have to gems to give us an advantage." Hikaru whispered. Shippo's ears flicked to the side. What was that sound?

Hikaru gave Shippo a sad look.

"I don't think we can win." She said. Shippo didn't answer her; he grabbed her instead and jumped away quickly as a pillar of sand cascaded down on the spot they had been occupying.

"Darn, missed." Sora said playfully. Sasami and Kenta jumped back to their respective partners and wondered how in the world they where going to defeat Ertois and the Kamaitachi brothers.

"This is no use; the three of us aren't strong enough." Kenta hissed, looked over at Asami. The redhead looked okay, but he could tell she was scared.

"I'm sorry I can't be much help, I just don't understand why I can't transform." Boton said. Sasami tiled her masked face to him.

"It's alright, Boton-chan. We'll find out what the Kamaitachi brothers did to you."

The black bull looked over to Kaito. The young teenager looked worried but not for himself it seemed for the younger ones around him.

"I'm sorry, Kaito-san, I dragged you into this and now I have no way to protect you. I left everything else at your apartment."

"That's it!!" Shippo suddenly said. Everyone looked at him.

"What's it Shippo-kun?" Asami asked. The bronze Dog smiled to himself.

"Sasami and Kenta can transform in the barrier because they have to protect Asami-dono and Reizo-dono." He said softly, almost to himself. Hikaru caught on.

"Boton-san, give your bell to Aoi-sempai. If you promise to protect him then maybe you should be able to transform." She said urgently. Kaito ran a hand through his messy chocolate almost black hair, and then looked at all the younger kids around him.

"Right." He said slowly and skeptically. What was a bell going to do for him? Boton trotted over to him.

Kaito got down to the Anthropomorphic Bull's level. Boton's teal eyes met his blue grey ones.

"Not so fast." Shards of ice raced towards the group.

"Right back at you." Kenta said as he shot his Goring Tusk attack at the ice shards, shattering them.

Boton untied his golden bell and handed it to Kaito. Kaito touched the bell and was absorbed in a teal light.

The Ushi Bell's strap wrapped around his shoulders and glowed teal.

Boton glowed teal as well and transformed and in his place stood a fearsome looking black Minotaur with a golden mane.

He was bigger then Kenta and much broader, he stood on muscular legs that ended in hooves and had beefy hands. He wore a pair of light blue pants similar to Shippo and his ivory horns where long and beautiful. He looked like a battle ready beast as he tail swung from side to side in anticipation.

His teal eyes gleamed like jewels and the little bell he'd been wearing around his neck snapped and feel off.

"Dude!!" Kaito whispered.

"Oh wow." Asami added. Reizo and Hikaru where speechless, Boton looked scarier then Kenta.

"Now it seems I can be of help." Boton said, in a deep voice.

"Glad you could join the party." Kenta said. With that the four Anima Guardians lunged at Ertois, who had been quite the whole time. The Spider Demon Alien hybrid hissed as the disk that floated above him shot a huge beam of energy, that was sure to incinerate them all if it hit.

"Oh no." Hikaru whispered in defeat. That blast was huge; no one could get out of range in time.

"Kenta-kun!!" Asami called out.

The four Animas began to power up.

'Howling Beast.' The dog alien shot off a huge sphere of golden energy.

'Goring Tusks.' The boar shouted as he pushed his head forward and shot to blue tusks shaped shot at Shippo's sphere.

'Piercing Spear.' Sasami shot a highly concentrated lilac colored bolt at the sphere as well.

'Horn Impalement.' Boton's horns glowed teal and shot of a triangle of energy. The attacks combined into a large ray of light, smaller then Ertois's but effective in cutting the blast apart into two beams that avoided the Menagerie no Chiisai squad and rebounded off of the barrier and hit Ertois. The demon alien hissed in pain, but before he could retaliate, ropes of light sprang from the Barrier and wrapped around him.

"I'd trap him in his Bead if I where you." A voice called out. It was familiar to Hikaru but she couldn't place the name.

"Asami-chan." Reizo urged. The small redhead grabbed the white bead, seamlessly off of her Juzu Beads and hurled it at Ertois who hissed and tried to pull back but the ropes held firm. The small white bead tapped Ertois on the head and he was sucked in. The white bead turned red again and floated back to Asami, replacing itself on her necklace.

"Like a Pokeball." Hikaru said amusedly.

Echini sighed as he retraced his ropes of light. He hadn't had the time to break the Barrier, but had given the children enough time to recruit the Bull and recapture him, all without an illusion this time.

The brunette took another breath and then left the scene. What the Animas and their humans did with the weasels was issue of his.

Hikaru and Asami couldn't resist the hug they gave each other.

"Oh yes!!" The redhead said to her dark haired friend.

"Awwwww! That's really cute." Kai said. The Squad turned their attention to the Kamaitachi brothers, no of who where transformed.

Hikaru pulled away from Asami.

"What are you all up to?" She asked, catching Riku's sea green eyes with her own gold ones. The eldest brother gave her a sad smile.

"It is not our plan you should worry about." He advised as the barrier dropped and they where released to the outside world again.

"What are you talking about?" Reizo asked.

"It's not your concern." The green clad weasel said as he turned around, exposing his back.

Hikaru and Asami gasped in surprise. There on Riku's back was a long, pink scar, it looked fresh.

"How did you get that?" Asami asked concerned. Sora and Kai glared at them.

"It's none of your concern." With that the Kamaitachi brothers left, leaving behind a gift.

Shippo noticed it first.

"Hey, Boton, I don't think you'll be going home anytime soon." Everyone looked to see Boton's ship in peaces.

~At Hikaru's House~

"So I'm apart of this Menagerie no Chiisai Squad now huh?" Kaito said as he helped a wrap up the minor injuries the Animas had sustained. Boton being his main concern.

"I guess so. I mean we never thought of any requirements, to join the Squad." Reizo said as he cleaned Sasami's face. He was thinking of buying her a new dress.

"I would think the requirement would be to have an Anima partner." Asami said as she tended to Kenta.

"Yeah I would think so too." Hikaru said as she held Shippo in her arms.

After a bit it fell quite between the Squad.

"So what do you all thinks up with that blue weasel, the one with the katana? He was glaring at Wakana-san a lot." Kaito said suddenly. Hikaru looked up and gave a thoughtful expression.

"I've really no idea."

It fell quite again and then Reizo's phone rung.

"Moshi, Moshi." He answered.

"Huh, Oh Kiki-chan?!!" He said excitedly. Everyone including Sasami gave him a curious look.

"You're coming home in two weeks. That's so cool. I can't wait to see you again." Reizo looked super excited.

"Great, can I bring some friends over, and their pets?" Reizo smiled even more. "Great I'll see you in two weeks."

Reizo hung up and looked at his friends.

"In two weeks we're going to a gala party at my cousin's house. You can bring the Animas and everything. Also bring a swimsuit."

~On Anima~

Now the eight other Guardians and the Commander where upset. The camera Boton had been wearing had fallen off and was crushed and it hadn't given them much information, other then the names and images of the humans that had captured their comrades.

There were two distinct growls.

"What is going on down there?" One growled. The other just as upset.

"Chiyome and Hoshi would you both like to go?" The Commander's wise and feebly voice asked.

"Yes, sir." Both voices growled.

~With the Kamaitachi Brothers~

Riku held the small black orb in his hands and sighed.

"Ertois has fulfilled his purpose. Feed this to our slugs."

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