Dream 1- Coward Montblanc

I stand on the edge of a cliff

The words echoing around in my head,

"Get out of here! You good for nothing child."

The rain starts to pour down as I contemplate jumping down into,

The fierce waters down below.

What am I suppose to do?

When the situation occurs

Choosing between life and death is a hard decision

Lightening flashes in the distance

My night gown flutters in the wind

I feel the urge to jump as past words float up into my head.

"You should just die right now."

I don't like this.

This situation I'm in

Why do I have to choose?

Between life and death

Just to get some sort of happiness

Isn't there some in the world.

Why does it have to be so hard to find.

All these thoughts swim through my head as I start to fall.

Suddenly my hand is grabbed

"You don't have to jump." Someone's voice says.

I turn around to find no one.

I am puzzled by this mystery

Suddenly, a faint figure appears in front of me

"You should never, have to choose,

Between life or death."

I stare at disbelief; it was my friend who had killed himself.

"I am sorry I left you.

It was a mistake.

I know I can never be forgiven.

But listen my words now,

Do no do not kill your self.

You have so much to live for and create."

The rain suddenly stops and the clouds part.

"Just because things seem so grim doesn't happiness doesn't exist."

As the crepuscular rays peek through the dotting clouds

I start to cry with happiness

"I now know. That I should not choose between life or death."

I continue to cry as the clouds part gently.

"The sky is beautiful. Thank you, for this lesson. I will never forget you."

I later wake up from my dream, in a daze.

"I now know. That I should not choose between life or death."

I cry out suddenly. Remembering my dead friend.

He kept his promise, to always be there for me.

A hand gently reaches out and caresses my face.