Part 2-Monochrome Blue Sky

After the angel crashed into the earth.

My life flashed before my eyes,

In the color of grey.

Is this life worth fighting for?

Do my friends really care?

Or is it all just an illusion created by me?

The angels voice echoed threw my head.

The familiar words flew around like a bird trying to comfort me

"You should never, have to choose between life or death"

Suddenly the earth around me shattered like glass.

I started falling, into the darkness

The blue of the sky reflecting in my eyes.

That's when I suddenly realized

That I don't need my friends

They need me.

That's when I suddenly realized

That I also need my friends.

A hand reached out for me,

Pulling me away from the darkness.

It was my friend disguised as,

A female angel.

He sparkled like gems and sang like a bird.

"Now, awaken.

Across the boundless sky,

I wonder if it's waiting,

The 'thing' I'm looking for.

Just a little more then yesterday,

I will face ahead."

As he pulled me through fields I realized,

It was my feelings he was singing about.

As he continued to sing those sweet words,

The fields started to restore itself

At an impossible fast pace.

"Now, I reach out my hand."

I suddenly reach out my hand.

"Come, now, reach out your hand."

I suddenly awake from my dream with my hand outstretched.

Unknown tears streaming down my face,

As I see a faint figure holding my hand.