Pure? Yes? No? Oh god?

I guess I should start from the beginning shouldn't I? I think I shall. Okay well it all started last year Grade 9. In grade 9. My friend Meg well she wasn't my friend at the time but every time I got close to her I pushed my Girl friend away. But anyway in the fall of 2008 I could manipulate Meg to tell me ANYTHING I wanted to know. If I wanted to know her sex life I could a figured out but I wasn't that disgusting but then things changed.. she stopped trusting me she fell for some guy in Brandon named Sam. Sam was a big problem he was a threat he needed to be taken out. If he wasn't well... it wasn't going to be good news for me. So eventually I had Meg wrapped around my finger. Trust me she was tightly wrapped. Meg slowly started to see that Sam was a bad character. I couldn't trust him. So eventually Meg broke up with Sam good news for me right? But now she had fallen for his brother Josh. Josh you see is in his terms a werewolf... trust me hes the biggest douche bag you will ever see like bigger douche then Justin Bieber. Okay now back on topic. See I had to keep going along with this charade of Josh being a Werewolf I didn't like it but I lived through it I'm glad I did because I've finally discovered the truth. Werewolf.. and Vampires are not real. Now demons and Angels that's a whole new topic. They are real they will try anything to kill you demons that is... Angels well they are just big assholes who do dittly squat. Only thing is Meg when she finally got out of the werewolf and vampire phase... her mind was filthy and there needed a lot of work to be done on it. She needed a good friend a friend that could help A LOT. A person I could talk to about my powers. Eventually that person came along. Haya. She is the best person I know she helped us through so much i've realized a lot and now I can trust myself to do lots more. Meg. I'm sorry but I mustn't tell the full story for you shall kill me.

10:20pm (Good night Meg. Sleep dreams)