This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Gravity Happens


December 29th, 2012

Honestly, some people could just be so inconsiderate. Take my brother for instance. He tells me that we are holding a get together for Basil and tells me to dress up. Well I do and he puts on a t-shirt and calls that dressing up. I would scold him, but I can not seem to find the right words for this magnitude of an error.

Another thing, one should always discipline the help and provide general order. This did not happen at that house. The first thing I actually saw at that house was a pair of persons that had absolutely no real relation to Basil. There was some nonsense about them being friends with him or something. Hah! Like that child ever has any friends. Well, except for me and my brother, and that absolutely dreadful man, oh and I guess those…tenants of his sort of count.

At any rate, here is how the meeting went down. The instant I walk through, I see Alissa conversing with the two I mentioned before. I believe their names were Molly and Daniel. I was quite surprised to see them and quite annoyed at another inconvenience.

"Ah, Elaine, Nathan, how are you two?" asked Cynthia.

More annoyances, how utterly terrific. Honestly, these things should show more respect.

"Watch your tone, Cynthia, you are to address me as Madame Wilson, understand?" I said in a strong voice. The help must always know their position. She nods and wanders off somewhere.

"Ah, don't mind my sister, please, she's just a bit cranky that she had to come to someone else's home," Nathan said.

Idiot. I was merely supporting my position. Being in someone else's home does not matter.

"No, we should know better," Alissa said apologetically.

Ah, Ms. Dubois, what would I ever do without your respect? Now this one would be a perfect hostess. She would never invite…unknowns and leave others with uncomfortable feelings and if she ever did, she would contact the guests right away to rectify it or apologize immediately for their presence.

I glance at the strangers. One was a rather large fellow with brown hair and eyes, I would call him dull but I have known much stupider looking individuals and ended up being surprised by their knowledge. The other was a girl, her hair was brown as well, but not nearly as dark as the other man. She seemed…odd. I can't put my finger on it but she seemed very odd. I didn't like that feeling.

"Who are they?" I demanded, pointing to the strangers.

"They are old friends of the Ma-, ah I mean, they are Mr. Gallo's old friends," Alissa explained.

How ridiculous.

"Hm, ah, what is that fool doing, bringing commoners into this mess," I said shaking my head in disappointment. "He's such an idiot sometimes."

"Excuse me, but we just walked by and wondered what Basil was up to, we were not expecting a dinner party," Molly said rudely. What a brash young girl. She really shouldn't make me any angrier than I already was.

"That is fine, but I'm more concerned by our host, coming uninvited is strictly taboo you know," I said in a dignified tone.

"Now sister, please be nice to Basil's friends, I mean, since we are friends of his, they are friends of ours," My brother said in that same 'oh so nice' tone of his. I should correct some points to help him out.

"Brother, don't be a fool, from what Basil repeatedly mentioned, he never had friends here," I corrected. Honestly, he embarrasses me sometimes.

"Ah, he always says that. He really doesn't mean it," Nathan said, smiling oh so politely.

"Hm, come along brother, we should be getting to our seats," I said, pulling my stupid brother along. Along the way, we met Basil himself.

Basil is not very considerate either. Now I know he never ever dresses up and this whole event was planned by an outside party mostly but still he should hold some dignity. 'Hold your head up high for once in your life' is the very first thing I think of when I see him. Really, hunching over like that will not do your back good.

"Basil, stand up straight," I said after observing him. He shifts his position a bit, then returns to his slouch. Honestly, what an eyesore.

"Very well then," I said with a sigh. "Oh, and some more guests have arrived, you should greet them."

Basil nods and goes off. I drag my brother and myself to the table and we sit. Soon Fiona Schneider comes with Cynthia. It was like observing a little girl and her doll. Basil and that Smith fellow come soon afterwards, conversing about some nonsense I'm sure. My brother joins Basil in another conversation. Intellectuals. Kasumi comes in as well, sits down quietly, and stares at Basil. I still do not see how the two got together. Finally, Molly and Daniel come and Alissa announces dinner will be served shortly.

Hm, wait…why am I the only one dressed up. Well, besides Kasumi but she always dresses up for her dear Basil now doesn't she. Damn, I knew this wasn't a formal event, I'll roast Nathan later.

"It's alright," Kasumi says, recognizing my plight. "You look cute."

Kasumi, good help is so hard to find these days. Although your astuteness astounds me…or is it that obvious that I am uncomfortable? This is not good, I must look more reserved.

"Why Ms. Sato, I have no idea what you are talking about," I say calmly. Let's see, low tone of voice, check, looking straight at the eyes, check, calm mind, check. I think I recovered.

"Whatever you say," Kasumi says. She goes back to looking at Basil. She should really see a psychiatrist for that.

A few minutes pass. Basil continues to juggle the conversations between my brother and that disgrace for a man. Kasumi has just finished questioning Molly and Daniel about some matter. Probably about Basil. Finally, Alissa arrives with the food. I scoop up some portions for myself and I gently consume the quantities. The taste is sublime. However, I must not gorge myself on these scrumptious meals, one must always win the battle against one's self.

…Damnit I'm losing.

Before I could debate any longer about getting another helping, Basil suddenly walks off. How rude.

"Well that's a bit rude," Elaine commented. "What kind of host leaves the dinner?"

"Well, to be fair Elaine, we were the ones who wanted to come over, right?" My brother says.

He brings up a good counter-point. I reluctantly nod. Everyone else does so as well.

"So, why did you want a gathering like this?" That girl, I believe Molly was her name, asks.

"Well, to be perfectly clear, Basil is a shut-in," I explain. "Knowing him, he'd probably just go fight Remnants all the time." Nods come in.

"Sorry, Remnants?" That rather dull looking man asks.

Brother explains everything, well not everything but he does explain the needed info. After a while, the start to talk about ranks and troop deployment. John pipes in that Basil is crazy to go in it alone.

"Nonsense, he's got those dolls, right Alissa?" I pointed out. Alissa agrees with me.

After a short dialogue attaining to the whereabouts of Basil and Kasumi, like we really need to know, we resume the dinner, and I resume my battle. I manage to win since the food has had a chance to cool down, thereby convincing myself that the food's quality has gone down. Unfortunately, Alissa brings a second course. The only thing that is stopping me from consuming everything would be that I have had it with the lack of meat. Unfortunately, Basil is a vegetarian for some odd reason.

"Uh, why is there no meat," That man, Daniel I believe his name was, asks.

"Basil is a vegetarian," Alissa replies.

"Oh, that's interesting," Molly pipes in. How annoying, if you can't say anything contributing, don't say anything at all.

"Yeah, he wasn't always like that. I think he really started to get into it when he was like 8 or 9," John says. That was considerably more interesting.

"Weird," Molly says. Again, really annoying.

"What?" Molly asks, her face pointed in my direction. On closer inspection, she is rather cute, with her blondish hair and her…what is that? Green? Brown? Some hazel color I believe? Whatever it was, it seemed pleasant. Why am I so annoyed with her I wonder.

"What?" I say. It was the only reply I can think of.

"You've been giving me this weird glare for a while now," Molly replies.

"Oh, it must be because I don't really like you," I say. She had it coming.

"What did you say?" Molly responds, voice slightly raised. I must say, this back talk is unacceptable.

"You heard me," I reply. "I. Do. Not. Like. You."

Daniel places his hand on Molly's shoulder, trying to calm her down no doubt. I can see the anger from Molly's eyes, almost bubbling out in fact.

"Sister, be nice," My brother says. Oh well.

"Oh Nathan," I say. "Why should I be nice to uninvited guests. Their very presence ruins this pleasant evening."

This is why I am right here. These party crashers should just go away and mind their own business. I mean, we are trying to save the world, we should be able to enjoy life without such undesirable people.

"What did you say about me you bi—" Molly says, or at least tries to say. I cut her off with my lance before she gets very far. I didn't harm her, but I made it look like I was going to.

"Watch your tone," I say. "I mean, we are trying to protect you all, the least you people could do is be nice to us, right? It is not as if you are helping Basil fight"

Silence, then it was broken by one man. That obnoxious, rude, perverted, overbearing, obnoxious, idiotic man.

"Well, it wouldn't be a problem if they joined, right?" John says out loud, sipping some liquid down his throat. Oh how I hate that man.

"…wouldn't be…" Daniel begins.

"…a problem?" Molly finishes.

They wouldn't.

"Yeah, it wouldn't be a problem," Molly confirms.

They would. I really shouldn't have lit her fire.

"Yeah, it would not be a problem at all if Daniel and I helped," Molly says, finishing her thought.

"But wait," I say, trying to find a way to get rid of that ridiculous thought. "You both can't even fight."

"Doesn't Basil have like a training room downstairs?" My brother says. He is most certainly going to be getting a grilling from me tonight.

"Nathan, shut up," I say.

"Ooo, I can make more battle outfits," Fiona pipes in.

Damn it all.

"So, Elaine," Molly says. How dare she say my name without permission. "It wouldn't be a problem if we were to help Basil now would it?"

"…" is all I can say. I must come up with a counter.

It took about a minute, but I got it.

"Well that's fine," I say politely. "I just hope you know what you are getting yourself into, I mean, this is war after all."

My very clear emphasis on 'war' was effective. I believe that little miss Molly was running on a false idea. This was certainly indeed war, a very cruel war at that, albeit an oddly organized one.

"Would everyone please sit down," Alissa says, bringing plates of dessert. I could hear the threats behind it. We obey.

After a while, we go off to our own places and bid Basil goodbye. Brother was looking oddly disappointed with me.

"Sister, you should be nicer," Brother chides.

"I am nice Nathan. They just need to understand the reality that they were in. Besides, they were uninvited guests and that is just rude," I reply.

Brother shrugs.