The sea sparkled to form an unmistakable pattern. Once seen but never forgotten. A plethora of droplets, bound together, swayed slowly, covering the eye. And then the question; how did it happen? How did the expanse of water from the inexplicable view in sight? The unanswered questions spread through the air, falling into the wind, unheard by the bird flying above, or the fish in the sea. But there was no bird in the sky, nor were there any fish. There was nothing but the sea, the clouds and the unanswered questions floating away. Above the clouds had gathered, shifting their heavy shapes, forming pools of water which dripped slowly from the heavens. And below the lightening clouds sat the girl. But... was she sitting or standing? Or was she just placed there. And that itself proposed another unanswerable question, one left in place, unspoken by the slightest movement. And as the blue eyes traced the horizon they flew over the small shape moving briskly. The person who walked with a purpose, with answers.