Each step brought the figure closer and each step brought more hope the girl. The figure stopped before the girl, abruptly ending her ascent.

The girl looked upon the figure and her old image planted in her mind. Now she stood tall, a dress of blue cascading into the sea, merging with the water. Her skin showed pale and even and her blue eyes matched the ocean of her dress. White hair waved down over her back, untouched by the water.

The figure looked upon the girl and saw the same musky features she always saw. Short, brown, straight hair. Questioning brown eyes and the same pudgy nose.

"You haven't changed Arma," the figure spoke, liberating her sweet voice unto the world.

"I see you have" the girl called Arma replied, although scared by the figure she spoke strongly, matching herself to the figure.

"Why are you here?"

"You know why Tolicea," as Arma spoke her name she shuddered, her dress turning to black, her waved hair shaking through the air. She stayed like that for a pause then in a moment her dress returned to blue, her hair remained unmoved.

"I am not… that, I am Saliay," her voice broke as she spoke her new identity, for once spreading it out into the world.

Arma almost laughed at the girls new identity, her countless names coming forward in this slight one. Instead she stayed silent, staring out into her deep blue eyes.

Saliay took a step, in answer to Arma's stare, and then when she rose, continued to walk, passing the girl easily.

Arma followed slowly, seeing Saliay move with ease through the water as the lugged along behind. Although she stepped on water, she unlike Saliay, had not accomplished the full implements of the talent.

Saliay glided over the water, feeling her feet tip over the deep blue, her dress connecting with the heart of the ocean. She felt every fish, every slight wave they speed through, the coral waving in the undersea breeze, the foam splashing against the shore.

But she did not feel the girl following behind her. She felt no presence of life or heart, no disruption in the bellows of waves. She was immune to the eye of power, the eye of Saliay.

Saliay saw the shore first, the gritty grains of dry sand, the dunes rolling into oblivion. Arma too then noticed the shore, her sanction. Then she noticed the pattern, the pattern placed in the sea, once seen but never forgotten, but now arising on the earth.

Arma did not slow her ascent, nor let worry flood her face, she continued to walk smoothly, seeming to ignore the pattern which she pondered over so fervently.

Saliay did not need to ponder over the pattern, she held all the answers, nothing to question.

They soon appeared at the shore, Arma pushing past Saliay onto the soft sand, bare feet embedding in the grains.

Saliay stopped at the water's edge, not stepping onto the dry grits.

Arma turned to face the blue-clad girl, a smile lighting her face at her companion's restrictions.

"Well this is it then?" Arma asked, hurrying to speed away from Saliay.

"It is never it, it is just a pause in the relapse of time."

Arma took this as her cue and quickly moved away from Saliay, spreading herself from the person she needed most. Saliay held the answers she searched for, the questions that arose in her mind. But she walked away from her, away from the answers. She could not find the heart to speak herself to Saliay, to ask her the question of her life. Instead she continued with her chosen path, to find another answer to the answer of her life.

So she moved away with ease, above the dunes and into the continuum of her mystery.