"Why?" she asked, leaning her back against his chest as she looked out over the view.

"Why what?" he replied, wrapping his arms around her waist.

His breath tickled her ear and she shivered a little as she looked at the water below them. They were standing on a tree-shaded spar of land that jutted out into the lake, making a perfect picnic spot. In fact, their lunch was spread on a nearby table. Light danced on the water, and down below, on a rock-covered shoreline, an older man was fishing with a young boy who must have been his grandson. The water sparkled like a jewel where it lay surrounded by the mountains that encircled it. It was a cool, late spring day, and no boats pulling water skiers spoiled the tranquility. Overhead, an eagle flew, looking for fish.

She turned in his arms just enough to see his face. "Why'd you bring me here?"

His smile faded a little, his violet eyes questioning. "Don't you like it? You said you wanted to get out of town to somewhere different for the afternoon."

"It's lovely," she said, and kissed him on the chin to reassure him. "I just wondered why you picked this place."

His smile came back. "My dad used to bring me out here sometimes to go fishing. It was the prettiest place I could think of for a picnic. Later on in the year, it gets really busy, but in spring it's usually just you and the water and the mountains. Special, you know?" He leaned over and let his lips brush lightly across her cheek. "Like a certain woman I know."

She reached up her hand and cupped the side of his face, and tiptoeing up, she brought her lips to his. Suddenly their world shrank to the space they shared as their kiss depended, and neither of them noticed the boy pulling on his grandfather's sleeve.

The old man smiled, no doubt remembering a special day of his own, and distracting his grandson, cast his line out again in the diamond-studded waters.