"Our Time"

I remember when I was little I would love reading about the creature that aren't supposed to be real. Creatures like werewolves, vampires, angels, demons and others like them. I would pretend they were real and act like one of them. Now years after those times I would watch the evening news with my parents. Usually news about deaths and war would be on, but one night it was different. It was some strange guy talking about the mythical creatures I loved so much. After a few words from him my father switched the channel only to find out the guy was monopolizing every network there was. I can still remember those very words the man on the television said that night. Those very words that started it all.

"For those of you already awakened come out. Take the world as it was meant to be for us. Those who haven't yet awaken, come out and take your true form. Centuries of rebirth, hibernation and hiding has finally come to an end. Awaken and come out at last for that time has come. The time is ours."

Pain surged from my stomach to my chest and my back. Ear piercing scream of pain filled my house. I was only one of the few hundreds of kids rushed to the hospital that night. The screams and complains of others were etched in my memory as I myself lay there in the hospital bed, struggling to breathe and trying to take the pain. Doctors rushed to every kid's side trying to find a cause to this strange new disease. Media spoke of the strange broadcast that started it all with fear of replaying it in case it triggers something again. Government tries without success to undercover and trace where it came from. Without any luck all one can do is hope and say prayers every hour they can. What puzzled the millions of people that witness that terrible night is that the broadcast showed up all over the world on the same day and same time but it only affected some kids, not all, of certain age levels. No adult was recorded to have been taken to the hospital with those symptoms, only teenagers as old as eighteen and kids as young as six.

The pain subsided for some after a day or two without any real reason while for others the pain continued. Everyone was relief to hear that the disease was finally vanishing until news struck that the subsiding pain was only a sign of the harsh fate that claimed that person.

The government's unanswered question was finally answered a week after the chaos started. The answer came when a winged creature broke into a hospital and took some of the suffering kids away. By then many kids have died uncontrollably. I remembered lying in the quarantined room among any others. At first there was about twenty of us but slowly we became fifteen then down to ten. Who knew that the pain we felt was actually the beginning of our transformation. Knowing the cause of all this mayhem the government issued that all the creatures must be exterminated and prevent the changing of the children by all means necessary. Hospital by hospital we were each taken to a private location where even our families aren't allowed to know.

All ten of us from the same hospital were placed in the same location and in the same room. The scary days and night of not knowing what was going to happen to us was a torment. At the time of imprisonment two of us transformed. They were quickly taken out of the room away from the rest of us. Our freedom came when we were rescued by a guy one night. He helped us sneaked out of the building without getting caught by the guards. All nine, including our rescuer, fled from the place without looking back.

The skin feels like its burning and your insides feel like its going to explode. Pierce daggers stabbing your back. And other pains that can't be describe by mere words. It's even more painful and harder than what one would feel in the beginning. The transformation happens in a few minutes but in those few minutes it's enough to make the person to take their own life. I know I did when it happened to me. But it was his words that stopped me. "Its alright, the pain will be gone soon. Just don't think about it." It was him that got me through those days.