Chapter 2

~The Mission~

I didn't wake up until the morning again. It felt so refreshing after the whole night's sleep. Sadly now I have to get up and walk to that place. If only I could fly it would be much faster but sadly I can't. Not yet anyways. I haven't been able to "summon" my "wings." I mean how hard should it be? Isn't it supposed to sprout form the shoulder blade or something?

The smell of eggs and bacon filled my nose. The loud noises of my adopted family complaining and laughing also filled my ears, looks like everyone is up early today.

"Morning" Alex greeted me with a smile when I went out my room to see all the commotion.

"Morning," I mumbled back. Everyone was helping pitching in to get breakfast ready. Something you don't really everyday.

"So what's the occasion?" I asked looking if there is anything I can do. I didn't want to be the only one not helping out.

"Nothing really, every one just wanted to work together making breakfast. Maybe you can help Kate and Lizzie bring the food to the table." He said before walking away to help the other boys prepare the table.

After breakfast I left to go the organization headquarters. It was such a beautiful day outside. Its autumn already and the cold winds are starting to get even colder but I still thought it was a beautiful day. In the little city where I live there where more supernatural and fiction beings than humans, the humans who stayed are the ones who wants to live harmoniously with us. Not all nonhumans and humans want to live together though. That's why the organization exists. For every single thing in the earth like for us, humans, vampires, werewolves, and whatever you name it there is something that forces justice. The overall rule of this city is to not harm any humans or nonhumans. Seems like a Utopia right? Not really trouble still finds its ways around here.

When I finally reach the building in the correct floor I'm supposed to be up, I rejoiced.

"Whoo hoo she arrives,"

I looked behind me to see that it was Dmitri.

"Hi there," I greeted him.

"Well you better get going he has been waiting for you for a few hours now." He said looking at his watch."Lucian's room is in the end of the hall."

I looked at the room watched and saw it was only 10. How many hours could the guy be waiting? The day barely started. I guess some people whether you are human or not are always impatient. Then again we use to be humans. I entered the office of the Leader. Lucian is kinda like the boss of our organization in the city. He does the punishments, penalties and assigns missions to people who he thinks is capable of completing them.

"Hello sir," I said as I entered the room.

"There you are Sara, I have been waiting since yesterday," He said. "But never mind that know you are here now at least. Okay so you remember how we nonhumans were introduced to the world right?"

"Yes," I answered him. This whole thing started two years ago with the unknown guy showing up on TV calling our kinds out. From there all the others got exposed in the confusion and that kinda started a little war that recently ended with some sort of peace treaty.

"Good and ever since we have been trying to make peace with the humans and all the other nonhumans in this world. Well there has been this sort of problem that could end everything we worked so hard for to keep this peace and unity between them and all others. And that's what I trusted you."

For once this mission doesn't sound like the pointless ones I used to do.

"You must complete this mission however you can Sara. It might be a little hard but I believe you can do it."

"What is it sir?" I asked.

"There is this little girl in another country. She is the key to disrupting this peace. Humans are trying to get a hold of her to use her as a weapon and we must do all we can to stop them from getting hold of that girl. She is three years old but she is vital for our survival. We need you to get her and bring her back her where she will be hidden in safety."

THIS doesn't sound like the missions I use to have. "Sir, I'm glad that you picked me for this mission but if it's that important why did you pick me and not Dmitri?" I had to ask.

"Dmitri knows about your mission and can assist you if you need it as well as one other person you want. But I chose you because you're the one who has the qualifications to do this job perfectly."

"Oh okay thank you. So where will I find this girl?"

"In Europe, Dmitri has the maps you might need. We can provide planes tickets for you, the weapons you might need and others things are up to you, but you know where to find them. Good luck."

After "good luck" there was nothing left to be said. So I got up and thank him one last time and left the room. Dmitri was already there waiting for me.

"So…?" He started.

"So what?" I asked.

"So when are we leaving?"

"Soon. Can I get the maps I want to see them?"

"What for?"

"I just want to. Cant a girl look at maps if she wants to."

"I guess she can but can't a guy ask?"


"Eh fine then. Here" He grab a bundle of maps and handed them to me.

"Thanks. Ill call you about the information."