i feel you like a phantom limb & i would
have you bled from my system
with mouths & knives like you are
poison from a snakebite it it were
only that easy.

i live in a world full of boys like astronomy,
lonely hearts like candy hearts they are sluts
for the ones in orbit,
sugar & easy & desperate i am
your satellite. always.
(just so you know.)

there is no grace in obsession & i
hate the way that
i'm so stupid around you. so
eager it's pathetic, your
little fucking lapdog. let me
lick your feet &
hump your leg, i swear
but is that sick enough for you?

& desperation is writing poems for your hands on
CVS receipts for candy & cigarettes because
i can't bear to lose any more of what i'm
not allowed to have.
i'm a sideshow freak for your smile,
trying on so many selves

(do you like me yet?


so i am desperation, poorly-feigned
nonchalance on Super 8. i'll be your
super-anything, if you'll just
look at me.