Meg. You're not alone you're never alone I won't let him take you. If I have to ill fucking murder his ass. I Know you love him Meg but you need to know I won't let you get hurt I won't let him take you. If you are hurt open up to me. I'm here for you I would jump infront of a bullet for you. You may think that I wouldn't but in a split second that a gun was shot at you I would be infront of that bullet and you may think it should have been you but no i'd be happy. I'd be happy that you lived and I died Andrew could take care of me. You can hurt peoples feelings i've seen you do it. You hurt mine but then we worked it out. YOU CAN hurt his and trust me you won't regret it. When you leave ill be sad. But I know you will return the moment you return you will be hurt I just know it but you can do it. Your time limit is up at june you can do this you can HURT him you will be heart broken But because you're gonna be heart broken you can bitch him out. AND ITS TRUE HE DIDNT WANNA FIX YOUR FAMILY SO HE GOT A NEW ONE. MEG be mad stay mad the moment you see him run him over with a mother fucking CAR!

Love you meg your my sister that I always had!

(Good night) don't cry