The room is almost pitch black. All lights in the house are off the only small shed of color is coming from the small candle that flickers on the nightstand as the white wax pours over the metal holder onto her wooden stand. The stereo in the corner is on low as the small melody plays throughout the room that held the two people inside.

"Uhh…" escapes her perfect lips as his tongue slowly slips inside of her. It's wrong, this is wrong, his mouth on her and his tongue teasing her is all wrong but that still isn't stopping her. It still isn't stopping her hand running through his blonde hair before locking onto the bed sheets loving the feeling shooting through her body.

Stop! Her head is yelling stop. Make him retract, make him leave, make him do something that isn't her, "God…" slips out instead as he she swears sucks her dry before moving that hot warm tongue up her body licking everything as he does. Her eyes she swears roll back into the back of her head as his teeth clamp down on the skin right between her breasts making her body squirm.

"Tell me." his husky deep voice runs through her ears as his tongue flicks against her ear and mouth starts to suck on her earlobe.

"No." she fights pushing her naked body against his praying just to feel even an inch of him to satisfy the need racing through her veins.

"Say it." he growls in her ear getting his body close enough to graze over her throbbing want but not enough to make her feel a damn thing.

"I'm not going too." She repeats gripping onto his face and kissing him hard; kissing him deep and almost hungry before she starts to suck on his bottom lip, biting it hard and yanking making it bleed. They both taste the blood; feel the warm liquid pass between each other's tongues as they wrestle but not minding.

"Say it baby…" he grunts out feeling his body yelling to slide right into her, "Say you want me more than him."

"Don't make me." she almost begs pushing her body once again against his making her body grind against his already hard member.

"Fuck." He brings in a sharp breath grabbing onto her waist pushing her back down so her body isn't against his.

Her perfectly manicured hand trails down his chest giving him tingles as she takes him in her hand. "Mmm…" he hums closing his eyes as she starts to slowly stroke him back and forth. She giggles a little when he takes a fast breath and glaring at her clearly not happy her teasing him when he was trying to get her to beg for him.

"Say it." she demands leaning up biting hard on his neck slowing her hand down just to speed it back up again when he starts to relax, "Say you want me more than her."

"I want you more than her." he says effortless before pulling himself from her hand and thrusting hard into her.

"Shit!" she gasps pushing her body against him not at all ready for it.

He moves slowly at first but giving hard thrusts almost giving her a sample before stopping, "Say it now!" he growls looking down at her with a small smirk getting his hands tangled in her sweaty chocolate locks.

"You know I do." she whimpers wiggling her hips and feeling her whole body begging for him, "Please I need you…" she tells him raking her nails into his back making him moan, "And I know you need me." her raspy voice purrs in his ear as she kisses up his neck then biting on his jaw making him grunt.

"Baby…uhh god…" he moans as he moves within her knowing nothing feels as good to him as being inside her. Feeling her tight walls all around him.

"We're…uhh…" she tries to say but when his speed increases and swollen lips glue back onto hers she stops, "We're- shit baby..." her words once again get stuck in her throat closing her eyes as their bodies rock together, get tangled in the sheets and the head board slams back against the wall. "We're done." She finally gets out, yes it came out with a gasp but it came out and she knows he understands what she means because he just grunts shoving hard into her showing his disagreement with that statement, "We…uhh…we have- god…have too."

"No." he says simply as she flips them over in the bed her now on top of him, "We...uhh- we aren't- done." He groans as she places her hands on the head board and his move to her hips helping her move.

"Uhh…please...please don't fight…don't fight me on this again baby please." she begs moving her body up and down before he sits up taking her body in his arms and kissing along her collar bone losing himself in her sweet strawberry scent hair as it sticks to his forehead.

"Stop- stop talking." He orders as he pushes her back on her back rolling around on the bed fighting for top which of course he wins. They are so tightly wrapped in her sheets its almost cutting into her skin, making her whimper a little more every time they move, "You…you love me." he gasps out holding tight onto her hip as his heart races faster and faster and movements become faster and faster.

"You love me." slides off her tongue before it slips back in his mouth and as the candle on the night stand slowly starts to burn out she catches the look in his eyes. The one he tries to hide from the world, from everyone but the emotion is clearly visible as they move together.

He won't ever say it. He won't ever admit it but she sees it. It's there and leaves as fast as it comes but the look just yells.

Please don't leave me.

The frown that encases her lips is almost automatic when she wakes up for him not to be next to her. She shouldn't be surprised; she knew he wasn't going to be here he never was. He would slip into the room from the window on the side just to slip back out before early morning. He would always stay as long as he could, as long as it was allowed holding her tight against him.

Yet she felt when his hand slipped from around her body that was only wearing his black jacket and felt his swollen lips brushes against her forehead once again apologizing for all. Once again saying he couldn't lose her, he was not prepared to lose her before leaving.

She really just wanted to stay in bed the rest of the day. Not go to school, not see him with her and she really didn't want to see the look on his face when she swayed into the classroom with someone else on her side. She hated the look that he got like getting completely kicked in the stomach. That as she walked into class on Blane's arm his face harden, jaw tightened and body stiffened wanting to fly across the room at him, but he restrains.

He has to restrain since in life they aren't right. Him and her together are not what is meant to happen. The Prom King is not allowed to do what they did last night with the poor girl without a penny to her name. That the star of the school isn't allowed to love the sweet girl who his friends would classify as too pure, to innocent, too beneath him.

The tear that slipped out of her eye was also not a surprise when she rolls over seeing the perfect folded flower he left on the night stand. It's like his signature or something when he leaves he drops the flower. It simple no bigger than the palm of her hand but she loves it.

Rolling out of the bed grabbing the small paper origami she walks over placing it in her dresser joining the other assortment of colors. She wasn't in the getting dressed up mood but being she was going to see him she wanted to look nice.

Her jeans were snug along her body, they were her favorite pair. Just old worn and the knee ripped out and the back pocket white from where her cell phone had taken place so many times. Honestly the reason these are so worn and theses are her favorite is probably because she only has really three pairs of pants that fit her right. Just another reason they are wrong for each other.

Tayla really hated Friday's. Yeah there is the plus of getting out for the weekend but then there is the downside where it's game night so the school goes all stupid for a dumb basketball game. A dumb basketball game she could give to shits about expect the fact he is playing.

She thought about texting him this morning but decided not to only because she didn't know where he was, who he was with and getting caught is just out of questioned. Straightening her long chocolate locks and doing her make up as perfect as she could get it she put on her red plain t-shirt and then his black jacket over it. She shouldn't wear his jacket, she knows just how wrong it is to walk around Blane in the jacket of someone else but honestly the jacket is too small for Easton anyway so it fits her perfectly and with a quick lie Blane won't even question it. Like really who would question that she is wearing something that belongs to Easton Wells anyway.


Deep, sharp breaths inhaled through his lungs as he stopped running. The cold weather made it burn and made his voice feel hoarse. His ears burned from the wind and his nose was cold and he was sure pink.

Punishment. That was what this run was for sneaking into his house this morning. Well not sneaking more like failing to sneak. His heavy steps failed him as he tried to creep through the kitchen window so he didn't disturb anyone with the door but of course like a damn watch dog his father sat in the dark sipping his scotch.

Easton tried to lie say he was running that's why he came in at almost 5 that morning but his father saw past it. Knew it was complete bull and accused him at being at his sluts house. Fire erupted within him at his words until his deep chuckle said since she was the daughter of the second wealthiest man in the town he would allow it.

Yeah that eased the fire within him since he wasn't actually calling Tayla a slut but it didn't extinguish it completely at how unbelievable shallow and heartless his father was. As long as the 'slut' in his words was wealthy, from a good family and could help his desperation to stay on top it was allowed.

Yet for being out and trying to sneak back in his father left the room with the warning not to do it again when he had a game the next day and it was pointless to go to sleep since he was going to be running before school and running to school.

Two miles wasn't that bad of a run. The hills sucked since it was all up and the weather didn't help but it was worth it since he got to be with her last night. The smile that crossed his lips when he saw her blue beat up car in the parking lot was a must. He couldn't hide it; he couldn't stop it he was so crazy about her it almost hurt.

Hell no almost about it, it did hurt. He couldn't have her. She wasn't allowed, she was off limits and that almost made him want her more. She was different, she was nothing like the other girls he knew, he hung out with and when he was with her was the only time he ever felt truly alive.

Walking into the school the crowds of people turned to look at him which wasn't shocking. He was popular, most days he wish he wasn't so he could be more careless with Tayla. So he could talk to her in the hall or flirt or anything because people wouldn't notice but since he was the top of the little chain in school he even looked at her in a way someone found weird and the gossip mill would go into over drive.

While in the locker room he showered quickly. Changed into his school clothes and studied himself in the mirror. His lip was going to be a bitch to explain. Tayla really did a number on that one it was still slightly swollen and even a little purple and he made a mental note to get her back for that.

Just thinking about it was making his blood race through his veins and to think he never would have met her if it wasn't for a person he had known for years.

"Tori make sure to press my suits for this weekend." Easton heard his dad order and it made his eyes roll. Tori wasn't his errand runner, she wasn't just some woman he could send out to do his business when he was lazy she was their damn maid. All she was there for was to clean up yet it didn't fail most nights Easton walked in to find her making dinner, picking up Dan's dry cleaning going to the store for them. She really got used in this house.

"Yes sir I know, I will." Tori sounded almost exhausted as she fixed up dinner. It had been a longer day today. She had been running crazy around the house and Dan was working her hard. Tired was not even the word to describe everything.

"Good." Dan mumbled as he shuffled through his mail and out the front door.

"You know you don't have to do any of that right?" Easton said getting up standing next to the older woman he has known for years, "I'm not going to let him fire you." he smiled that sweet smile over at her as she stirred the sauce.

"Your mom would be proud of you." she smiled gently stroking his cheek, "Promise she would be."

"I doubt she would be too happy with me." he said with a dry laugh shaking his head.

"She would." She repeated and he just nodded as he grabbed a spoon and tasting it, "Stop that." she pretended to scold slapping his hand away making him laugh.

"Yes mom." He mocked making her smile. This woman he really did think of as his mom, he was really the only woman he has had steady in his life. He wasn't sure where he would be if she hadn't been around as he has grown up, "You know I love you right?" He asked like a child over at her begging for him to love him too.

"Yeah sweetie I know. I love you too." She smiled taking a spoon and dipping it in the sauce giving it to him as he smile.

"Mmm yummy." He said making her laugh as she grabbed some more spices.

"Mom I know I'm not supposed to come in but I saw the ass leave so I thought maybe-" she rounded the corner of the kitchen to see the very own Easton Wells standing in the kitchen. Her heart sank completely since she has heard the reputation of him, saw him some at school but never actually spoke to him. Probably because his arrogance that dripped off him but here she was about to talk complete shit about his father. Easton Wells ran their high school and being only a junior this year with him all his friends could make her life a living hell. Now of course her mom working for his family all these years she has heard about what her mom said about him, heard how he was sweet, kind but Tayla just kind of laughed at that. Easton Wells was not anywhere close to kind.

When he turned to look at her he quickly notice her beauty. He would be stupid not to but she did look familiar, he assumed school but then wondered why he hadn't notice her sooner. Her snug shirt that was cut a little low and her brown hair that was perfectly in place. The skirt she was wearing was showing some amazingly tan, toned legs that he had to slap his hand for reaching to touch. As his eyes wandered up her perfect body they locked onto her sparkling deep brown almost mysterious eyes and he smiled, "Hi."

That was seven months ago. Seven perfect amazing months ago. He tried to ignore her presence, he tried to ignore her when she came to help her mom, or when she would sit at his kitchen table doing her homework tucking those loose strands behind her ear as she did but he couldn't.

Tayla Reagan completely embodied his thoughts and soon he couldn't take it. His need and want to just talk to her kicked in and he did. She was just sitting there growing frustrated with her literature assignment and it being his best subject he talked.

Standing in his kitchen after his workout he watched her. She was here almost every day now, when his father left for work or on his many business meetings where we was gone weeks at a time. She never talked to him other then maybe a small smile but never anything much. He started to notice her more at school, notice the people she hung out with and noticed how she was definitely different then his group.

As she sat in the kitchen she kept mumbling as she read through her text book. She was growing more than irritated with whatever she was trying to read and he swears if she bits any harder on the end of that pen it will bust in her mouth giving her a whole new look of irritation.

"Because they are dumbasses that's why!" she snapped throwing the pen down slamming close her book.

"I don't think you can but that as an answer." He chuckled spinning the cap off his water and taking a sip.

"Yeah well it's the only answer I can come up with." she mumbled before it registering he was actually talking to her. Of course she noticed him watching her. Notice how he would sit in the living room watching TV but cut his eyes ever so often at her giving her what she thought was a smile before turning back to the TV. She notice him looking more at her when school was going on but he never spoke, she is kind of sure this was the first time she has ever actually heard his voice.

"Macbeth huh?" he asked walking over and spinning the chair around sitting down and picking up the book, "It's a really great book."

"You read?" she asked but then regretted how surprised it came out when his head snapped up to look at her, "I mean you read books that talk in nonsense and make no since at all?" she tried to recover and relaxed when he smiled.

"It makes sense. You just kind of have to read between the lines of things." He told her like it was so easy and he thinks the look she gives him is the cutest thing he had ever seen, "What was the question that has you so stuck?"

She just sat studying him for a second why was he talking to her? Why was he being nice? And why the hell was he sitting so insanely close to her that his scent was making her tingle and go all stupid.

"Hello?" he smiled waving the book in front of her face snapping her out of her thoughts, "Are you alive in there?" he smiled even more and that again made her feel stupid.

"Yeah sorry I was trying to remember the question." She lied terrible and he just again chuckled as they started to go over her questions. He was actually helping her a lot throughout the whole question paper thing and as bad as it sounded she was surprised. Here she thought he was judging everything about her, and she was the one who stereotyped him more. Thought he used his cute smile of his and the fact he was the star basketball player to get by but he was actually smart.

"And finished." Tayla breathed out falling back into her chair thrilled, "Thanks Easton." She smiled at him as he finished his water.

"Not a problem." He shrugged getting off the chair and throwing his bottle away, "I figured since you are stuck here all the time I might as well help you out."

"Yeah well again thanks." She smiled walking over and jumping up on the counter, "You are different then I thought."

"What I'm not a complete asshole that is completely brainless?" he teased looking at her and she blushed a little actually agreeing, "It's ok. You're not how I pictured either."

"Oh cause I'm not gorgeous but clearly brainless?" she teased and he laughed shaking his head as he made something to eat.

"Shut up your gorgeous." He mumbled slightly not even catching what he said until he looked back up to look at her and gave him a look. It was like a smile but not a smile, like she wasn't sure if she was supposed to or not, "What you don't think so?"

"No I mean…I guess. No one like you has really classified me as gorgeous before." She told him slightly stunned by that. Yeah of course there was Blane who told her but Blane was different then Easton, their lives were different and him saying it too her made her heart flutter a little.

"Well its true." He said locking his icy blue eyes on hers before reaching up and brushing a strand of hair back that fell across her perfect porcelain face. Everything that was him got lost in those deep mysterious eyes and he swallowed hard looking at her because now he was scared. What he was feeling was really scaring the hell out of him.

"Easton are you even listening to me?" Ginger's voice reeks almost annoyingly through his ears as he stood at his locker.

"What?" he asks turning to look at the angered blonde next to him, "Sorry I was thinking about tonight's game I didn't hear you." he lies shoving his books in his locker and grabbing his Literature book.

"I asked what the hell happened to your lip?" she repeats reaching up to touch his now larger bottom lip and grows annoyed when he just shoves her hand away from him.

"I took an elbow in gym." He lies once again perfectly; glad he came up with that one earlier since Ginger asked as soon as she was next to him.

"Well look out you can't come over to my house looking like someone who got into a bar brawl." She tells him flipping back her blonde hair over her shoulder.

"Yeah Gin I will." He mumbles half listening to whatever she was saying as he shut his locker and leaned up against it. He just stood there staring off into space as his girlfriend talked to her best friend that approached as he was once again thinking. They were talking about the game tonight, about the party after and about pretty much everything they talk about every morning but he again wasn't listening.

He was too busy focusing on the entrance as it swung open and she entered. The smile that crept on his face he tried to quickly erase but had trouble doing so when he saw her in his jacket. She looked better in his clothes than anyone else he knew and he wished he could be the one by her side. Be the one whose hand hers linked with but he wasn't. He probably never would be.

He saw as she nodded to whatever Blane was saying but clearly not listening and when she glanced up to look at him her eyes widen clearly noticing his lip. Her gazed darted down quickly but cut her eyes over at him as she passed to see it again. It really wasn't that bad, he knew it but it just wasn't how his lip normally looked. He breathed in deep almost smelling her vanilla scent as she passed making his whole body ache for her but as she rounded the corner he let that feeling go.

He couldn't touch her.

She wasn't his.

She was with Blane, him with Ginger.

Their lives were different, never the same yet still it didn't change.

He loved her.

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