The wind brushed through the trees and a single leaf fell and landed to make ripples in the still water. It sent waves emitting into the shore, falling onto my bare feet. The water swelled between my toes, cooling up my body.

"Meg!" A shout announced my need and I reluctantly stepped from the cool water onto the dirt shore.

Grit attached to my feet as I walked slowly up the incline, ending black when I arrived at my destination.

"What, Claire?" I asked impatiently, longing to return to the coolness of the rivers wade.

"I'm bored," she whined.

"Entertain yourself," I replied to my younger sister.


"I don't know go for a swim, play in the tent, find someone else to annoy," I muttered the last bit, half-hoping she would hear.

"Mummy said you had to play with me?" Her high voice pitched into the air, echoing in the valley.

"If Mummy told you to jump off a bridged would you do it?"

"No," she replied slowly.

"Good, nor would I," I turned and started to return to the river, seeing the coolness of the water on my toes.

Claire followed.

I entered the water, feeling the water over my feet. I kept moving forward, enveloping myself in the cold. A splash announced the copy of my sister and I dived under, feeling my hair flow around my face.

When I surface and rubbed the water from my eyes, she was there, arms constantly moving as she stayed afloat.

"You're too far out, go back in," I ordered.

"No," her chin stuck out in stubbornness, her hair lay flat against her face.

With a sigh I started to walk back to the shore, feeling the sand dislodge under my toes.

My feet touched the dirt shore and I grabbed my towel, hanging lifeless on a tree.

"Here," I passed Claire hers and she took it without a word.

"C'mon," I said, "let's go play cards."

That night I lay in the tent, feeling the soft encompasses of the sleeping bag. Outside it was dark, a stray of moonlight entering the tent. Beside me I heard Claire's soft sighs of a deep sleep.

I rolled to see her lying there, hair covering her face, soft skin pale in the light, a smile touching her face.

"Meg," she muttered.

I almost jumped, not expecting words to come from her mouth. "Hmm," I said softly.

"Thanks for a great day."

I remained silent, a smile slowly coming to my face. I turned back and closed my eyes, wondering if she would remember it tomorrow.

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