Bisexual teen freak.
She's a whore, never eats.
You'll find her walking on the streets,
as long as her urges desire.

This girl never sleeps.
Pops a pill, barely blinks.
Maybe it would help her if she drinks
something stronger than the pain.

Confusion's long since past;
Can't turn around, don't look back.
Can't you see her eyes turn black?
Or has the color just withered away?

Right and wrong are the same.
She's a wreck, they're to blame.
Too bad that she's gone insane--
She could've been so much more.

More than a freak
and more than a mess.
More than a geek
caught in a sinner's nest.
More than you
and more than me.
Maybe she could have been,
could have been somebody.