Because I can't know you enough
(it's a secret you see)
I wait for those
(somewhat) Sunsets
Where we meet
(always late
but don't blame me)
And I hope
In twilight time
That hopes can transform
(you're [in] my dream)
Always movement
And you're there
Surprisingly serene
In a sea of [the local] rats
And school kids
But I look the wrong way
And always miss you
Until we both stop
And wait for the next one
(just you [and everyone] and me)
I wish I hadn't said no
When you asked me
That one time
Like a gentleman
You would be
If I gave you a chance
But I won't stop
Opening my own doors
Because I've learnt by now
That I need too
(maybe I'll wait for you next time
and give you a chance)
You could call it torn
What I was once
But like the tower
I'm leaning towards you
All I need is one more
And a few more days
So that maybe you'll notice me
So that next time
It's not forced
(it was a lie when I said I didn't want to)
It was darkness that made you last time
But let's try it of our own accord

[I wasn't expecting you
but surprises are my favourite kind]

just trying something a little different here. every word was much more thought through than it normally would be. i don't normally ask, but feedback would be rad, just to see if this worked or not...
have a happy day!