A/N: Not your usual fairy tale story...(Actually, it's not a fairy tale at all. :/) Writing gets better as you go on(Yes, I'm slooowly improving) and the story as well. ;D I know the prologue seems like it's kind of dragging, but it's just to set the stage up for the rest of the story. Okay so, I'll shut up now and let you start reading.

Prologue: Gone Forever

"Princess Rina! Over here!" A shout came from the end of the corridor. As I quickened my foot steps, I felt curiosity bubbling inside me.

My short dark hair swung quietly as I was nearing the end of the torch-lit corridor, and the oak doors leading to the darkest part of the castle loomed ahead. Then I heard a different voice that was louder then the one before.

"Hurry, Princess Rina!" This time, it came from the other side of the wooden doors. Coming up to it, I saw that the hinges of the door were rusty with age, and few frail cobwebs hung on its frame.

Engravings covered every part of the door in a mysterious design, continuous flat curves spiraling with no end. The iron handle felt cold and smooth under my pale hands, and my muscles strained to get the heavy door open.

Opening it to only a crack, I slipped through and followed the mysterious voices that were beckoning me.

There was only a single torch to light the room, but I could clearly see the iron chains that hung on the walls, and the small cracks that lined every brick. I still walked forward, my curiosity overwhelming me. At the end of the room, two silhouettes outlined the darkness. In an ungainly voice, I cried, "Hello?"

The silhouettes moved out of the shadow and into the light, unveiling their mystery. I let out a groan. The silhouettes were no mystery at all. They were the aggravating sons of my father's chief adviser.

"Rina," one of them said. "Come over here." Due to my trusting nature, I timidly stepped forward, and I saw them clearly.

They were both taller than average, with a slightly crooked nose, and the same shadowy smile.

But that was where their similarity ended. One was black-haired, while the other was blonde. One was brown-eyed, while the other had blue eyes.

They were opposites. But they both scared me out of my wits. They were 4 years older than me, with me being at an age of 12.

I edged closer to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed brother, he seemed to be friendlier. And as if to confirm my assumption, the other brother glared vexingly at me.

Shaking away my nervousness, I opened my mouth to utter a word of conversation. But no words came out of my mouth, because without warning, a hand covered my mouth, while a different pair of hands grabbed at my own.

I squirmed from the grip, only to have it tighten around me. I screamed, but it only came as a muffled cry.

I shuddered in terror, and my eyes seemed to see everything at once. One of my ashen hands was trapped by a callous bronzed hand on one side, and limp pallid hands clutched the other. The two brothers were still, and their gaze was focused on the door that I came from, the wooden door on the other side of the room. And looking at it myself, I understood why.

A woman strode in with an air of superiority. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded over her exquisite robe.

She glared at me with her piercing blue eyes. She gave me a tight-lipped smile and spoke in an irritable voice, "Good evening."

I recognized her as the two brothers' mother. Then I also remembered her as being my father's adviser. And since advisers were infamous for stating appalling news, I knew that whatever the woman was about to say was going to be bad.

"Dear," she spoke mockingly, "do you know what has been going on in this castle since you have been here? Many incidents have been set in motion in this short period of time, you know." I watched silently as she sauntered to different parts of the room.

"I'm afraid that I have terrible news, and I need to talk to you . . . alone." She continued, "So with the help of my wonderful sons, I was able to catch you." Her face inched closer to mine and she went on in a dramatic whisper, "Your parents, the king and queen, are in poor health, and have only a number of days to live."

At that, I gasped, and the hand that covered my mouth fell.

"And I've decided that because of your . . . unruly behavior, I've made the hard decision to get rid of you!" She pointed a shaky finger at me accusingly.

"You'll do no such thing," I whispered her name spitefully, "Gladys."

"I belong here, in the castle! I'm a princess!" I shrieked, with my voice betraying my arrogance.

"No! With that snooty attitude of yours, you'll end up better on the streets!" Gladys replied venomously, "maybe in the next life, you'll learn respect! And since you will be gone, I will take the throne!"

With one last smile, she hissed, "Bye-bye, princess!" My mouth hung open as the air around me burst with electricity, and the edge of my vision slowly faded into darkness.

An eerie feeling of numbness spread throughout my body and the grip that held on to me loosened. I felt the cold stone floor under my cheek.

The last thing I saw was a hand outstretched to me, and a low voice had reached the darkness I was falling into, murmuring, "No. . ."