Bullied Girl

She's always sitting in her classes alone
always quiet, living in a world of her own,
a world where she can forget all her hurt.
Where she can forget how the others treat her like dirt.

They laugh endlessly as she falls down the stairs.
It hurts everywhere but she holds back those tears.
She knows that's it no use to cry, it'll only get worse.
To show weakness will just aggravate this horrible curse.

She often wonders about this mysterious death.
What really would happen if she drew that last breath?
Would anyone miss her, would anyone cry?
Or would there even be as much as a sigh?

Fat and ugly are words she takes every day;
she believes them blindly not knowing they're leading her astray.
If they all just could see the beauty she hides inside,
she would never ever again be denied.

At last I just want to beg you to never bully someone!
It's not entertaining and it's absolutely not fun!
This poor girl here will never be the same.
And the sick, twisted bully is all to blame.