"PWACK!" My mother had just slapped me across my face.

"You ungrateful little bitch! How dare you call me a bad mother? I raised you single-handedly ever since the day you were born! And you're calling me a bad mother? Get out! GET OUT!" This was the third time this month that I had pissed her off. I left the house, knowing that I wasn't wanted. Guided by the light of the moon, I ran to the beach.

Whenever I had an argument with my mom, I always ran to the beach. My house is located near the shore so it doesn't take me that long to get there. When I got to the beach, I sat down on the sand and started to sob. Tears just kept rolling down my cheeks. My breathing got harder and my vision became blurred. I could feel the wind blowing on my back and my neck. I felt cold and unloved. I sat in the sand for what seemed like 5 minutes. After a while, I was done crying. I stared out to the glistening water. It looked so beautiful. Suddenly, I heard a noise. It sounded like running footsteps. I looked around. I saw a figure running towards me. I blinked my eyes a couple of times, thinking that I was seeing things. But I wasn't.

"BAM!" The person ran into me and knocked me over. It was such a huge impact, our heads bumped. It was so painful that I fainted. I awoke a while later, realizing that I wasn't alone. Someone was sitting a few feet away from me. It was some guy I had never seen before. He had long black hair (neck-length), which was dyed a light brown color. His bangs were combed to the left, making his face more visible. He looked kind of tall. His brown eyes expressed a lot of pain. His lips were light pink. He wore a white t-shirt, making it easier to see how big his muscles were. They were huge! I was able to see all this because of the light that came from the fire that he had started. I wondered why he had a fire going. I then realized that he had given me his jacket to use as a blanket, to keep me from getting cold. It took him a while to realize that I was already awake considering he just kept staring at the fire.

"Oh! You're awake. Are you okay?," he asked. I think I saw him blush a little.

"Ummm…I'm fine. Here, you can have your jacket back." He took the jacket and quickly put it on.

"Uhhh…I'm sorry for running into you back there," he said. "It was that I didn't see you." His voice was soft. It was kind of low, but very calm and soft.

"Don't worry about it. I didn't really expect you to see me anyways. It was dark and I kind of blended in with the darkness." He laughed a little. Wow. He had nice teeth. They went perfectly well with the color of his lips. Then came a throbbing pain from my forehead.

"Uh!" I grimaced. I felt my forehead. There was a huge bump. No wonder why I had this stupid pain.

"What's the matter?" the guy asked. "Does your head hurt?" He came over to me and touched my head. Kyaaa!! His hand was so soft ad warm. He saw the huge bump on my forehead to he started to rub it gently. It kind of stopped the pain that I was feeling. I was enjoying it that I almost fell asleep.

"Hey!" he said. "Are you falling asleep?" I blushed a little bit.

"Oops. Sorry." He stopped rubbing my forehead. He sat down next to me in the sand and started staring at the fire again.

"So," I said. "Why were you running so fast?" He slowly turned his attention towards me, looking at me with such sad eyes. Then he turned his head and faced the fire again.

"I was trying to run away from my dad," he replied. "My dad got drunk again and whenever he gets drunk, he starts beating me. He's been that way ever since my mom had died twelve years ago. I guess that's his way of coping with the pain." A teardrop rolled down his right cheek. Obviously, he was in pain, just like me.

"What were you doing?" he asked. "A pretty girl like you shouldn't be out here alone so late at night." Did he just call me pretty? I looked at him. I saw him look at me. I quickly looked away.

"I was running from my mom," I said. "We has a fight and she told me to get out of the house."

"Well, at least your life's not like mine," he said.

"Actually," I said. "It's a lot worse. My mom started working ever since I was five. Since I don't have a dad, my mom had to earn enough money to support the both of us. A few years ago, she got fired from her job.

Eventually, she became very depressed. For some reason, just a few months ago, my mom became a prostitute. Every single day, she brings home a different guy." I paused for a moment, trying to hold back my tears. "What she doesn't know," I said, "is that some of the guys tried to hit on me." By the time I was done, I was sobbing again. I tried to wipe away my tears but it was too late. He saw me crying.

"Gosh," he said. "It's okay." He pulled me in closer to his body, holding me in his arms. I held onto him, not wanting to let him go. He had this sort of scent. It made me feel safe and that I could trust him. I awoke the next morning to the sound of waves, rushing to shore. I realized that I had fallen asleep while holding onto the guy's body. I looked at him. Wow. He looks like some sort of Asian celebrity. He looked so peaceful, sleeping on the sand. I pulled away from his arms and sat up. The movement caused him to wake up.