Kevin was an average 18 year old high school student. He was a senior at John May High School who got straight A's. Now most of you girls who are reading this are wondering, 'So what if he got good grades? The question is, was he good looking?' And yes he was. For an Asian, Kevin's skin was a little lighter than the others. He was a tall athletic dude around 5'7" or 5'8". His hair, which went down to his neck, was black but he had dyed it brown. His eyes were brown and his lips, a light shade of pink. You'd think he would be able to get any girl he wanted but you're wrong. He had his sights set on one girl – Melanie Gibson. She was a tall brunette around 5'5" or 5'6". She too had brown eyes but lips of red. She was athletic, smart, and a very talented singer. She sounded like an angel whenever she sang, causing many guys to be smitten by her. Now you see, Kevin had liked Melanie since freshman year, that one particular day when she had accidentally bumped into him in music class. But Kevin wasn't the only one who had a crush on Melanie, almost every single guy in the entire school did. And that was the problem. Despite all that, Kevin decided to ask her out anyway. To his shock, her answer was "I'm sorry. I don't go out with weirdos and dorks like you. Besides, I've got a boyfriend in another high school. Sorry." That one response broke his heart. And later that night, Kevin committed suicide by jumping off the roof of his parent's house. Ten years later, and this is where I come into the story.

* * * * * *

You'd think that when you turn 18, life will be a blast but it's really not. Since I was 12, I was raised by my grandparents because my parents died in a car accident. That was the way life was for me up until a few months ago. One night while my grandparents were taking their usual walk in the park, they got shot down by some crazy gunman. Ever since that night, my life changed. By now you're probably wondering 'Who are you?' Well, my name is Rachel. I'm a typical teenage girl who's currently in need of a house, apparently. Ever since my grandparents died, I had to work two different jobs to pay the rent. And trust me, being a waitress for a Chinese restaurant and a babysitter isn't that easy. First of all, although I'm an Asian, my Chinese isn't that good so I often got the orders mixed up. Secondly, babysitting a 5 year old isn't that easy when he breaks something every 5 minutes. And besides, I also have to go school (I am a senior ya know) so juggling schoolwork and two jobs is very hard. I wasn't able to pay the rent for the past 3 months and my landlord has threatened to kick me out if I didn't pay the rent soon. So now, I'm looking in newspapers, hoping that I'd be able to rent an apartment of something.

* * * * * *

It's been days and I still haven't found a suitable place for me. There weren't that many apartments and stuff that were in my price range. That was when I saw an ad that caught my eye. It read: 'Small bedroom with one window for rent. $500 a month. Elderly couple just hoping to rent out space. Every day meals provided at no extra cost.' I know what you're thinking. This is probably some trap set by a perverted elderly couple. But it wouldn't hurt to check it 'cause I was in desperate need of a home. And, I never turn down free food. I walked to the location of the house: 248 Rose Street. The house stood in a quiet neighborhood. And luckily, it was very close to my school: John May High School. I reached the doorstep of the house and rang the doorbell. An elderly old couple greeted the door. The old lady was short, around 5'1" or so. She had grey hair and a wrinkly face. She wore a floral shirt and white pants. The old man was around 5'3". He too had grey hair but he also wore glasses. He had on a blue shirt and white pants.

"Uhh, hi," I said in a very nice way. "I'm here to check out the bedroom," I said as I pointed to the ad in the newspaper.

"Oh, please come in," replied the old lady. I stepped inside. It was beautiful! There was a small fireplace in the living room, the kitchen had a nice aroma, and the walls wee a nice shade of white. Yes, there are different shades of white.

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "This house is so beautiful."

"I'm glad you like it," replied the old woman. "Now, the bedroom is right there." I look towards the direction where she was pointing at. There was a door, just past the living. I walked to the door, opened it, and walked inside. The window was right across the room from the door, about 10 ft away. A bed was located right under the window. A desk stood towards my right, against the wall. It all looked so cozy. Then I noticed something else. Actually, it was a person. It was a boy around 17 or 18, had brownish hair and brown eyes.

"Uh…hi," I said. The guy just stared at me, coldly. Then, the most amazing thing happened. The dude walked right into the wall! Gasp! 'Did I just see a ghost?'