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Chapter 1

The Guys

I sat in the back of what felt like an old truck, why I couldn't tell you what kind of car it was is because I have a piece of duct tape over my eyes. I was completely and utterly still and silent, not wanting to get in trouble. My hands were taped behind my back and my feet taped together, I really couldn't move if I wanted too.

You may be wondering why all this was happening to me, do you think I have some kind of sick fetish? No. I've been kidnapped by, from what I could tell, at least five guys. My parents were filthy rich and we'd been threatened before for money, but nothing like this.

I could feel someone breathing on my bare neck, his breath smelled like garlic and tomatoes

"Hey! What'd I tell you about getting too close!" snapped one guy in the front seat, his voice husky and smooth at the same time.

The guy next to me moved away from me as fast as he could, "I'm sorry! I just wanted to smell him!" His voice was a weird contrast with the first guy, it was high pitched and nasally. He leaned closer again, this time his nose was touching my neck. I cringed at the feeling and sank deeper into the back seat. "You smell like pineapple," the man said, laughing and wheezing at the same time.

"Chris! I said stop!" said the second man.

The one that was sniffing me, I guess his name was Chris, stopped and sulked back in his seat.

How did I get into all of this you may ask? Well it's really quite simple. For the first time ever in my life I had walked to school. Normally I'd just take my car and go, but it was in the shop for repair and my parents were out of town, so I had to walk. Thankfully the school wasn't too far from my house, and I'd been meaning to do some exercising for a while now. However, back to my story, I'd walked home and as soon as I reached my drive way I was knocked unconscious. That was the last I remembered. When I woke up my hands and eyes were duct taped, and two guys were sitting on either side of me. Not the most pleasant way to wake up, right?

"Kid, what's your name?" asked the guy in the front seat.

I didn't respond, I didn't want to talk to any of them.

"I said, what is your name?!" he yelled at me.

Again, I said nothing.

Chris pulled my hair and yanked my head back, the other guy to my right put what felt like a knife blade to my throat.

"I'll give you one more chance, since I'm in such a nice mood," started the guy in the front, "What is your name?"

"Alex," I muttered.

"Very good, now was that so hard?"

I didn't say or do anything, just waiting for Chris and the other guy to get off me, which after a couple of moments they did.

"Alright, listen carefully, Alex," Started the guy in the front seat, "My name is David and I'll be the only one you'll talk to for your time with us, got it?"

I nodded.

"Good, now, you're going to have to listen to everything I say or things will get difficult for you, really difficult."

I stiffened, making a mental note not to be the smart ass that I normally am.

"It'll only take me two words to get every guy here to take care of you if you're not cooperating, and then you will really wish you'd listened to me."

We turned a sharp corner and I was flung into the guy on my right, he grabbed hold of my shoulders and held me still so I wouldn't be flung around the car any more.

"I'm sure you've already guessed that we've taken you to get some of that money your parents have. I'm sure if they knew they're only child's life was at stake then they'd listen to us with no problem."

"They're out of town," I told him, "They're in Africa and you won't be able to get a hold of them."

"We've already thought about that, until they come home you'll be with us, so you better hope they catch news of your disappearance soon."

The car turned sharply again and stopped, the guy driving turned off the ignition and opened his car door. Chris got out of his and the guy holding me opened his door, pulling me out with him.

"Hurry up and get him inside," said David. I couldn't feel any concrete, only dirt and mulch. The guy who sat with me – whose name I have yet to find out – Picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me inside what I guessed was a house, and put me down on the carpeted floor.

The men left and closed the door behind them, but I could still feel someone in the room with me.

"Aren't you done with me?" I asked whoever was left in the room, "Can't you just leave me alone until it's time to call my parents?"

The person chuckled and I knew it was David now. I heard him walk over kneel down next to me, without hesitation he ripped the duct tape off of my skin, of course it hurt like hell and I winced at the pain.

This was the first time I was able to get a good look at him, he was hansom and in his mid-twenties, his hair hung in front of his light blue eyes and he hadn't shaven in a week or two. To be honest, I don't think I would have ever pictured someone like him to be a kidnapper.

"Who's your guardian while your parents are out?" he asked me, resting his forearms on his knees and watching me.

"My grandparents are supposed to take care of me," I muttered to him, "But they don't care."

He grinned sarcastically, "Poor baby, no one loves you?"

I didn't say anything, just glared at him.

"Alright, here's what we're going to do," he said now sitting down on the floor with me, "We're going to call your grandparents and explain the situation and they're going to try and get a hold of your parents and tell them about it. We want you gone before one month; otherwise your school may get involved and call the police. We're going to ask you to do a few things for us while you're here, nothing difficult, just the normal procedures that kidnappers do so that your parents know you're still alive, you'll do it right?"

I didn't say anything, I had nothing to say.

He sighed and stared hard at me for a minute or two, just staring at me, looking me up and down. I felt so violated and weak, I wanted to punch him.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" he asked.

"So what if I do?" I retorted back.

He paused for another moment, "What's her name?"

"It doesn't matter."

"I asked you a question, now answer it."

I didn't respond to him, this, I learned, makes him angry and he smacked me hard across the face. He leaned in close, and held my face still in his hand, "You listen to me, those guys out there will take great pleasure in fucking you hard into the ground, I'm the only one here that is keeping them from doing so, so get this straight, listen to me or you're not going to leave here without getting raped."

I gulped hard and stared back into his deadly eyes. My breathing wavered and the air became extremely thick.

Without a word he threw me to the floor and my head hit the wall. "We'll feed you tomorrow if you're good," he said and left.

At that point I knew that they were serious, there was no way this was your ordinary group of kidnappers that would take a child, lock it in a room and wait for money to come pouring in. No, this group would kill if they had to, they were definitely more experienced.

All night, I lay on the floor half awake and half asleep, I could hear the men outside the door talking and laughing with each other, almost as if they didn't just steal a kid. A few times David would poke his head it to make sure I was still alive, each time I wouldn't look at him, just stay still and stare at the floor. At some point during the night I heard woman in the front room, laughing at stupid jokes some of the guys would make and then later I heard their moans and screams in the bedroom next to mine. If only they knew about me, then maybe they'd call the police and I would be found and the men would go to jail. But alas, I couldn't scream for help, afraid of what ever David would have his men do to me, so I stayed quiet and let the guys alone to screw some whores.

By morning I knew each man's name. There was David, who was the ring leader of all this; Chris, Josh, Mikey, and some guy who's nickname was Cricket, why? I have no idea. Now, keep in mind, I knew the names of the guys, but I couldn't put the faces to the names, after all the only guy I'd actually seen so far was David.

However, one of the guys walked in with a plate of food and a wide smirk on his face. This guy was the polar opposite of David. He was fat and balding, His shirt lay loose against his body and his jeans were too short for him. He looked gross and smelt bad, this man I actually could imagine as a kidnapper… and a pedophile.

"You hungry?" he asked; his smirk widening. Instantly I knew who it was, just by his voice I identified him as Chris, the same creeper who'd smelt me in the car.

I didn't say anything to him, but my stomach gave me away as soon as the smell of warm food ran through my nose.

He laughed, "Oh you are hungry," he said, walking over to me and waving the platter in front of my face. I spat in the food and turned away from him.

"Tisk, tisk," he said shaking his head disappointedly and dropped the food right on top of me. "You should have just taken it."

The food was really hot and it burned my skin, even through my clothes. I squirmed trying to get it off, but the food just stuck to my clothes.

This made Chris only laugh more, "Oh goodness, you're so cute when you're in pain!"

"What're you doing?" David asked; walking into the room with his arms crossed.

Chris's laughing stopped and he spun around, his face was red. "I was just giving him some food, is all."

David looked at me wiggling around with scalding food burning my body. He sighed and turned back to Chris, "Why'd you throw food on him?"

"He spat in his food! So it slipped out of my hands and happened to fall on him!"

He glared at Chris for a moment and told him to get out, Chris didn't have to be told twice and he left.

"Didn't I warn you about not listening to orders?" he asked, leering at me.

"I wasn't hungry," I snapped at him.

"It doesn't matter; you do what anyone in this house tells you to do because more than likely they got orders from me."

He glared at me and I glared back.

"This is your last warning, Alex," David stated, walking out the door and just before closing it said, "There'll be no more food for you now since you're 'not hungry.'"

I didn't care; I'll starve to death before I take orders from him.

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