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Chapter 1

My life was short lived as a child. Nothing would ever truly make sense to me, so I blocked most of it out. By the time I turned 3, I already was skilled in playing the piano and chose to paint in only pastel colors.

At 5, my cello skills had increased at a rapid speed. As they should have, only because I was the daughter of two "ingenious" people. But we happened to live on a winery in the newly settled Napa Valley in Northern California. They had bought it with the money they had inherited from their Royal parents. That's right, I'm of Royal descent.

But here I was, baking, no, sautéing in the sun while out on our patio that raped around the entire house, like one of those plantation houses. I was watching the hired help pick the now-ripe grapes off of the ugly, little brown vines that had crept up the wood stands we had set up for them last year.

My life was plush, I agree to that, but this was just inhuman treatment to anyone! I had nothing to do all day, while my parents rode in the buggy from winery to winery, sipping and tasting wine while I sat here all alone. I couldn't talk to the workers; they had work to be done. They were only here for that purpose anyway, why sidetracks them. The servants were the worst to talk to! All they did was praise me, and then walk away, like that was all I needed to be satisfied. But that was not, and I don't think I'm being greedy here. I wanted a friend, a human being who would actually care to talk to me as a real human.

I heard a deep, male voice off to my left and I jumped out of my day dream. There was now a shadow over my sluggish and over-heated body. It was a large shadow, and I could tell it was male from how wide the shoulders were. Then I saw him.

Our Overseer of the winery. He lived at the bottom of the street on a nice plot of land. He wasn't rich, but he wasn't anywhere near poor. We offered for him to live with us, along with his family; but he simply told us that he had no family and that he didn't want to intrude on his master. My mother thought of him as polite, but I saw what he saw. He knew the entrapment it was to live in this giant mansion overlooking our 100 acre lot. It was both sides of this mountain we lived on.

I heard him shout something again and then laugh. This time I got up from the wicker outside furniture to see what all the ruckus was. As I peered ever so slowly over the railing, I could make out the Overseer and a few men talking with him all standing in a bunch just under the afternoon shade of the looming house. It looked like the gentlemen were having fun just standing around and joking before one of them spotted my quizzical expression and alerted the others.

My expression was not ment to be taken as someone saying, "I'm paying you to work, so why aren't you hard at it?" instead, it was ment as, "What could they be so jolly about in this heat?" The Overseer was the only one to turn around and actually look at me while the rest of the four men scampered down the small incline back to work.

"So sorry, you're Highness. We were just taking a quick break and enjoying the afternoon sun together with a few good laughs," he said, his head tilted upward to see me. His clear water blue eyes completely contrasted with his dark brown hair and his fairly well-tanned skin. I must still have had a questioning look on my face because he continued on with, "We were discussing how beautiful it looked way up on this large hill of your. It looks nothing like this down in the flatter parts of the valley where we live. Quite an admirable plot you have here."

"Don't call me 'Highness'. That's my grandmother and grandfather back in The Netherlands. I have no title, considering I'm the granddaughter. I've only seen them once in my life, and even then I was only 1. Please, call me Charlotte." After those few words, which were the most I had spoken to anyone besides my cousins who I also didn't see as much as I use to since my parents started producing wine from the thousands of vines they planted about 5 years ago, I left The Overseer starring up at the raised balcony.

I was tired of sitting on the white wicker furniture for outside lounging; I wanted to sit in the grass with my dress splayed out around me like Alice in "Alice in Wonderland". Underland seemed like a wonderful, far off land that was so real, and yet it was completely imagined by a silly writer.

Instead of being like a good little girl, which I wasn't; I was 15 by now, almost at the perfect age for marriage; I stomped past the uncomfortable and poky sitting area and walked right out into the sun. From the edge of the patio I went to the uneven Earth covered in wisps of greenish-yellow grass. Thank God I'm not wearing that long sleeve dress like the chambermaid suggested I wear today, I thought to myself while I made my way through the underbrush and short trees the spotted the back left side of the lot. The only place not used to grow grapes was intended for me. But when younger, I had no need to go outside. In fact, I hadn't gone this far from the house out into the wild since I was 4 and my mother took me to look at her favorite tree, which was in bloom at the time.

I found a nice, shady tree and plunked down in its bath of shadows with a delighted sigh. To be away from that stuffy house with its entire puckered hearted staff living inside of it was like a trip to heaven. I could smell flowers that I couldn't name out here. I could smell the trees and bushes around me, but most impressively, I could smell the dirt I sat upon. It was a comforting smell, fresh, yet not like the cleaners used on the mansion's floors.

It was so relaxing until I heard footsteps coming my way. They stopped while the owner of the boots looked down on me in disbelief.

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