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Chapter 4

"Charlotte! What have you been doing? The maids said that you had just walked off the patio and wondered away like some child! Don't you know we have a reputation to uphold?" at this last comment, my mother took her scrutinizing eyes off of me and made them dance around the room, searching for any by standers.

"If we have a reputation to uphold, then why are you yelling at me like some chimpanzee, Mother," I asked coolly. I didn't care what she did to me, that uncaring bitch wouldn't yell at me without being told something just as cruel back. Her face fell as my words registered. Then it turned red from furry and she said to me in an even voice, "Where were you Charlotte?"

"I was out with the Overseer, why?"

"Don't lie to me, Charlotte Rosalie Ann, I can see though your fibs, unlike your father," she sneered. It really didn't help the fact that my mother was not the most beautiful of women. She knew it too, which was why she only showed this lovely face to me.

"Fine, I was out by the tree you love so much. I don't see why you like living here so much, it much too hot for me in these stuffy, English-style dresses," I said, making note of my cotton, ankle length dress. It itched and contained the heat too much. The dress should have been silk, shorter, to my knee, and all white. I'd like that much more than this thing, but I wasn't about to ask my mother for something.

"All right, would you care to wear ragged clothing and shorts like the workers," Mother egged me on. At that moment, Father had walked into the room. He looked at my mother, noting her anger, and turned to me and smiled. With arms opened wide, he walked over to me and hugged me, saying, "Oh darling, the minute you're old enough to enjoy wine like an adult, you must come with us whenever we go tasting. It would just be delightful to have you with us every time we went places." I hugged him back, sending a look of he-loves-me-more-than-you-and-you-know-it.

"Daddy," I purred in my sweetest voice, "these dresses are too hot for the summer here. Would it be too much trouble of me to ask for some lighter dresses?" Mother threw dagger stares at me, and walked out of the room.

"Of course!" he boomed, "I wouldn't want you getting a heat stroke out here, almost had one myself the other day it seems like." I smiled at him, he truly was a wonderful father, but he picked the worst woman in all the Netherlands' to have a child with.

"Thank you Daddy. Oh! I noticed today that the Overseer was doing a splendid job of keeping the workers in line in this head. They all did wonderfully. Please, think about paying them more during the summer, with all this heat, it's much too hot to have a regular pay," I said. Whatever I wanted is whatever I got. The men would all be paid more before dinner time. I trotted out of the room and wondered in the hallways around my father's office until I saw him.

He came running in, and the second he saw me he stopped. I smiled a small smile before pointing to my father's ajar office door and stepping aside. He gave me a worried look and I reached out and grabbed his large hand in my small one. He looked down at our conjoined hands, then back at my face. I smiled again, why wasn't he understanding?

"Am I being fired?" he asked bluntly. The smile on my face fell, and I could faintly hear a smacking sound as it hit the dark wood floors. Why would he be fired?

"Why would that happen? From what I said, you're getting a raise," I said, my voice not carrying the emotion I wanted it to.

"But the way you . . . . " he trailed off. Realization hit him and he turned back to me saying, "Meet me tonight, under the full moon at the tree. Please," he begged. I said yes and he gently kissed my lips before letting my hand go and walking in to talk to my father about "business".

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