Chapter Four:

It had been over a week since I had seen Kayla. I sighed at my reflection that was staring back at me. I pulled the black shirt off and tossed it on top of the dresser. I grabbed a white V-neck out of the drawer and pulled it over my head. I groaned and turned away from the mirror, I'm not changing again.

I picked up my wallet and phone and glanced at the screen. "Shit! Again?!" Running out of my room and out the front door.

I'm always late.


I was so relieved to remember I left Skyler's gifts and giftbag in my car after I left the store. Tori and Shauna's home coming into my view when I turned on their street suddenly made my heart race. I parked on the street across from their house and sat, waiting a few moments. Kayla and I hadn't seen each other since Saturday afternoon, when I dropped her off. We text, of course, and talked on the phone a few times at night, after her kids had went to sleep.

I looked at the house with balloons tied to the mail box in front. I reached behind me and grabbed the gift and bagged it accordingly before leaving my Jeep and making my way to the party.

When I opened the front door, it was quiet inside, no one to be seen. I saw the table with all the wrapped and bagged gifts and dropped mine down with the rest. I made my way through the living room towards the back-sliding glass door.

I saw the crowd outside through the glass and heard the muffled sound of everyone talking. I slid the door open, walking out into the backyard, and was greeted with a high pitch scream. Everyone turned their attention to the dark-haired girl wearing a pink shawl across her purple one-piece bathing suit. She was staring straight at me, causing everyone to look at me. With in a matter of seconds I watched as the young girl ran towards me, jumping on me causing me to fall back against the glass door, I was so grateful I closed it behind me.

"Aunt Dani! I thought you were coming back next week!" The young girl screamed at me as she wrapped her arms tightly around my neck.

I laughed and tried to pull the monkey of a child off me, "Happy birthday Starship. I just had to get Liam settled and would be back. Do you miss me that much?" I choked out as best I could with half my throat being cut off.

She loosened up and climbed off me, but her hands would not let go of mine, "Yes we missed you! You didn't come Forth of July either!" She jumped hugging me again. Another scream erupted from the yard and a little girl came running up to me, hugging my legs together.

"Auntie Dani! Auntie Dani!", She screamed into my legs. I laughed and looked around the group of people, searching for their parents or someone who could give me a little help. I spotted Kayla making her way from the pool towards the crowd, but my view was blocked by Tory standing in front of me.

"Hey girls, okay, okay. You gotta let her breathe.", Tori stated pulling her oldest daughter from my neck. I took a deep breath and reached down picking up the little girl still wrapped around my legs, "Hey Paperback. Are you ready for the tickle monster?!" I wrapped my arms around her and tickled her sides causing her to giggle.

"No Dani! No!" She laughed trying to wiggle from me. I squeezed her one more time before setting her down. I looked at Tori and nodded a thank you at her.

"Well, as you can see, you are their favorite." Tori expressed, laughing at me. I nodded and patted her shoulder. I looked around and saw Kayla talking to a little blonde girl in a yellow and orange striped bathing suit. I assumed it was her daughter and turned my attention back to Tori who was handing me a beer.

"Glad you could make it Dani. My mom and dad are here, too." She stated, motioning across the yard where her parents sat under an umbrella covered table.

I nodded and took a drink of my beer, "Your sister is here too?" I looked around the yard again, recognizing most of the faces.

"Not yet, and Jackie should be here any minute." I looked in Kayla's direction again. She was talking to one of Shauna's sisters. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled at me. I smiled and nodded at her and turned my attention back to Tori.

"Food is over there," she pointed to the right at the long table under a popup tent, "drinks are over there," she pointed to the coolers a few feet to the left of us, "and tables are over there if you want to chill." She pointed lastly across the yard past the pool to another popup tent filled with seated guest talking and eat. I looked in the pool and saw at least fifteen kids of different ages play in the water.

"Babe, we need more burgers and hotdogs." Shauna told Tori as she and Kayla made their way towards us.

Kayla stood next to me, placing her hand on my arm and leaning in brushing a kiss against my cheek, "Hey you, it's good to see you." Her voice floated to my ears like a melody.

"Hey. How are you?", I asked smiling down at her.

She wrapped her arm loosely behind my waist and raised her drink to her lips. She moved her eyes looking up and down, pulling her drink away from her lips, "I'm well," her fingers were drawing circles on my lower back, "how are you?" She leaned into me, her lips close to my ear, "I've missed you." A shiver ran down my spine and I cleared my throat.

"Mommy!", the little blonde who was talking to Kayla earlier yelled while running towards us. Kayla's hand dropped from my back and she turned toward the little girl.

"Mommy, can I go swimming again please?!", she squeaked when she reached Kayla. Her wet blonde hair was in a ponytail, loose pieces stuck to her forehead and cheeks. I watched as Kayla looked down at her daughter and wiped the wet hair from the little girl's forehead. She looked like a younger version of Kayla, bright green eyes, freckle covered nose, and white blonde hair covered her head.

"Did you finish your food?", she asked the little girl, using the edge of the towel wrapped around her waist to wipe the little girl's face. She spread a sweet smile across her face and that was her mother's too.

"Yes!", her little legs began hopping up and down, "I ate my hotdog and the potato salad." Her little hands griped around her mother's hands as she continued to jump up and down.

"You have to wait thirty minutes, okay? So that's ten songs, starting the next song. Then you can go swimming." Kayla informed her, causing the little girl to start groaning and pouting.

"Mommy, please! I don't wanna wait!", she jumped up and down quicker, to express her need to swim now.

I watched as Kayla narrowed her eyes at the little girl, "Lily, I mean it, don't start this." The little girl continued to groan and jump, now yanking on her mother's arm. Kayla pulled her arm from the little girls grip and looked down at her, "Lillian McKenzie, if you want to throw a fit then you can go inside for thirty minutes. You have two seconds to make your choice."

At that Lily stood still, her mouth closed as she looked at her feet. The sound of the kids screaming as they ran around the grass through the sprinklers, caused Lily to look at them. After a few seconds she turned and looked up at her mother, "Mommy can I go play over there?"

Kayla looked over at the kids playing and back down at her daughter, after a moment of silence she nodded her head and smiled at the little girl. Lily wrapped her arms around her mother's legs in thanks before she was bolting over to the other kids.

Kayla turned looking at me and smiled softly at me, her eyes were holding uncertainty, she was nervous, and she looked up at me as if searching for something. I smiled at her, trying to think of something to say to help settle her nerves.

"She looks like you." The only thing I could think of. She blushed and glanced her eyes down. I felt a smile set on my face, I adored that smile. I thought about it everyday this week. Every night that we talked. Every night we didn't talk. All the time, I thought about that smile all the time.

"Everyone says that. She does act like me though, so there's that too." She laughed at herself causing me to smile wider. I took a drink of my beer, covering up the fact that I currently look like an idiot.

"Aye, Dani. Come check out my new toy, yeah?" Tori came up to us holding two new beers. She pushed one of the cans to my chest, before opening the second one for herself.

"I guess I'll finish this one." I chuckled at her before finishing my first beer. I cracked opened the second one and bumped my beer into Tori's, she was waiting patiently for the cheers.

She put an arm over my shoulders and motioned us toward the house with her head, "I want to show you the new system and exhaust."

I glanced over at Kayla, she smiled and nodded at me, "Talk to you later?" Her eyes flashed full of desire when she caught my gaze. I leaned in towards her face, kissing her cheek softly, and pulling back to lock eyes again, "Of course." I smiled down at her, catching the soft shade of red spread across her face, before turning around to follow Tori.

Tori raised her eyebrow at me, without saying a word, before walking into the house to show me her new car.


I bought the red cup up to my lips and took a drink as the sweet fruity drink filled my mouth. I sighed as the cold liquid filling my mouth. I started scanning the backyard looking for the face I wished to see most.

Once Jackie and Aubrey arrived, Aubrey pulled me into the kitchen to help make her famous 'Jungle Juice' drink and Jell-O shots that were for later tonight. Two shots and almost two fruity drinks an hour later, I was starting to feel a little tipsy.

While I was mixing the second batch of shots I watched out the front kitchen windows as Tori showed Jackie and Dani her new car, all of them taking turns sitting in the driver's seat and cheering as they revved the engine.

Aubrey and I had just finished mixing up the drink and had began cleaning up the mess. I watched as they entered the house and made their noisy entrance into the home. I caught Dani's attention causing her to flash that perfect smile at me and change her direction towards the kitchen.

"Dani, babe, do me a favor will you?" Aubrey breathed as Dani walked up to the kitchen island we were working on. "What's up?" She asked glance at me before turning her attention to Aubrey. Walking with her arms full of dishes to the sink, Aubrey motioned her chin towards me, "Will you help Kayla put these shots in the fridge in the garage?"

She looked over at me as I finished pouring the last of the shots in the plastic cups, "Yeah, of course." She moved over across from me and started helping me put lids on the individual mini cups.

Aubrey threw away the thrash from her drink creations before carrying the punch bowl out to the backyard. Dani and I continued to cap the shots in silence. We stacked them on to flat cookie sheets and carried them out to the garage. Using her elbow, Dani flicked on the lights and lit up the dark car full room. Dani set the cookie sheets she was carrying the hood of the car parked next to the fridge on the left side of the garage. I made my way over to her and waited as she placed her shots onto the empty shelves. Her hand touched mine and we both froze for a split second.

I felt the warm of her fingers spread across mine and I connect eyes with her. Her amazingly blue eyes, brighter than the sky and bluer than any ocean. I could get lost in those beautiful orbs forever.

She pulled the tray out of my hand and smiled at me. I felt a blush creep form across my face and I dropped my hands to my sides. I leaned against the car as she placed the last of shots in the fridge. Closing the door and turning around to me, my breath caught in my throat as she looked right at me.

"So,", she stepped closer, causing me to lean back against the car, "I feel like," she was against me, her legs and hips pressed against mine, "you missed more," her hands we on my sides and my hands gripping her shoulders, "than just me gorgeous." She whispered the last part, as she moved towards me, pressing her lips softly against mine.

I moved my hands up to her face and ran my tongue against her lips to deepen the kiss. It had been a week since I felt these lips and I wasn't going to let them go that easy. She opened her mouth, darting her tongue out, causing me to grip her hair with my fingers. The hunger for her inside me grew quickly and I pushed myself harder against her, causing her hands to grip my hips.

"Hold on, let me grab more beer!", I heard someone yell as the garage door opened. As if a force ripped us apart, one minute she was kissing me with those perfect lips then the next she was two feet away from me panting, her lips parted, and her once styled brown hair now stood up in every direction.

"There you guys are! We're about to sing happy birthday and open gifts.", Tori said as she made her way towards us.

Dani moved out of her way and glanced at me briefly.

"We were putting the shots away. Hand me one of those will you?" Dani asked as she leaned against the car next to me, extending her hand towards Tori for a beer.

"I'm going to go help get the cake ready." I stated, looking Dani up and down before making my way back into the house.

Once the garage door closed behind me I took a deep breath and shoot my head, trying to clear the thoughts of Dani's lips all over my naked bottom.

'Fuck…' I groaned to myself and made my way into the busy and full kitchen of women getting everything ready for the cake.


It was after the happy birthday song, after the cake, after the presents and family time, and it was after elders had said good bye. The kids were inside watching tv, playing games, eating more cake, and falling asleep. The rest of us, me and Dani, Jackie and Aubrey, Tory and Shauna, Tory's sister and brother in-law, and Shauna's brothers and their wives, were sitting around a table talking and drinking the delicious Jungle Juice.

"Mom!" the group of girls yelled in unison as they approached us, both my daughters walking up to where I was sitting next to Dani, my hand on her thigh under the table, "Can we spend the night?" I could hear Shauna's daughters asking her the same question.

Shauna and I looked at each other and both struggling and nodding. "Sure.", I said to my girls, smiling at the excitement that spread across their face, "You better behave, I mean it. And your brother?"

I watched as my youngest girl ran and gave Shauna's youngest, Paige, a hug and they both skipped inside.

"Jasper is playing video games with Xavier and he is staying the night too, so he said yes too please." Abagail rambled out as she picked chips out of the bowl on the table.

"Okay. That's fine. I'll pick you up tomorrow afternoon then." I watched as she nodded with excitement. "Make sure you guys get your own stuff out of the car so you can brush your teeth and change okay?" she nodded again before taking off back inside the house, yelling at her siblings, "Jasper! Kenzie! Mom said yes! We have to get our stuff!" Shauna's daughter running in behind her.

We had planned for them to stay the night, but it was nice knowing they wanted to, and made it easier to make them behave.

"Well, I'm free for the night." I whispered low for Dani to only hear. She was drinking from her cup and side glanced at me. I turned in my chair and faced her. She turned her head and looked me in the eye, god her eyes were so brilliantly blue, "Well, did you have anything in mind?"

I raised my eyebrows at her and glanced her up and down, taking in her fit and tone body that was only inches from me. Her strong arms were crossed her chest, on of her hands holding her red cup full of red liquid. I couldn't help but stare at her in the tight white shirt she was wearing, it clinging to her in all the perfect spots.

I bit my lip and looked back up into her eyes, she had been watching me, "Maybe. You?" I smiled back at her. Her blue eyes never wavered from mine, with a smile she leaned in close to me, her nose almost touching mine, eyes never leaving mine, I could feel her breathe on mine, smell her, sandalwood and rose, "I could think of a few things."

She leaned back, settling back in her chair, raising her eyebrow in return to me, taking a drink from her cup. I bit my lip and looked her up and down again before standing up.

"I'm starting to get tired. Dani will you take me home?" I said while stretching and looking down at her. Everyone turned around and looked at us both, their conversations quieting down.

Dani smirked, emptied her drink into her mouth, before stand up facing me, "Of course. I was getting ready to head out too." She turned and faced everyone else and said her goodbyes. I made my way around the group saying goodbye, confirming with Shauna and Tori that I would be by tomorrow afternoon to pick up the kids.

Walking towards the house I told Dani that I was going to check on my kids and I could meet her at her Jeep if she wanted. I expected her to walk towards the front door when we walked into the house but instead she walked with me towards the loft that all the kids occupied.

"Jasper." I called towards my curly blond-haired son, who was standing in front of the TV with another boy, both holding a video game controller, he turned and looked at me. He paused the game and ran up to me.

"Yeah mama?", He said smiling at me, his height matching mine, he was going to be tall like his father. I brushed my hand through his messy curly hair and looked at him with some seriousness, "Behave. And watch out for your sisters and be nice to them. Okay?" He nodded and glanced back towards the TV he had paused. "And don't play this all night please, I'll be getting you guys around two. Love you." He walked towards me and gave me a hug. When he pulled away he looked behind and scrunched his eyebrows, I turned and looked to see his view and saw Dani watching us. She has finished saying her goodbyes to her nieces and was waiting for me to finish.

"Dani," I motioned her to come towards us, "This is my son Jasper. Jasper, this is my friend Dani. She works with Tori and Jackie." My son looked her up and down as she stuck out her hand towards him. He looked at me hesitating, I nodded at him, he grabbed her hand and shook it one time.

"Nice to meet you Jasper." Dani said to him. He nodded and let go of her hand, "Nice to meet you too." He dropped her hand and turned to look at me, "Mom, can I go play the game now?" I nodded, and he ran back towards the tv. I smiled at Dani and looked around searching for my daughters. My youngest was on the couch coloring with Paige, and my oldest was sitting on the ground getting her nails painted by Skyler.

"Abby. Kenzie. I'm leaving." The both got up and ran over towards me. "Bye-bye mommy! Love you!", Kenzie said to me, hugging my waist. "Bye mom, we'll be good, we promise." Abby informed me, as she hugged me. "Okay, and remember, be nice to your brother. Love you both." Before I dismissed them, I turned towards Dani, pointing at her for them to look, "This is my friend Dani. Dani, these are my daughters, Abigail and McKenzie."

They both waved shyly at her and she smiled and waved back. "Nice to meet you both." She said softly at them, both mumbling back the same. "Okay, go have fun. I'll see you tomorrow" I turned back towards them and waved them off. They both turned around and ran back to their activities.

Felt Dani standing me behind me. I turned and touched her hand lacing her fingers with mine. "Ready?" I asked smiling up at her softly.

I felt her squeeze my hand, "Yes ma'am." Her blue eyes sparkled as a smile spread across her face. I could get lost in those eyes for days. She was tugging me back to reality when she started walking towards the front door, her hand still holding mine, and I followed her gorgeous form out the door towards her Jeep.


I glanced over at Dani as she focused on the road. Her right hand was resting on the gear shifter, the tattoo that wrapped around her upper arm was peaking under her shirt sleeve, and all I wanted was to feel that arm and its twin wrapped around me, pulling me closer to the body they were attached to.

I reached out and ran my left index finger along her forearm and watched as she shivered, glancing over at me before refocusing on the road.

"Did you find out about your promotion yet?" I slipped my hand into hers, looking out into the dark surroundings. She cleared her throat and ran her thumb against mine. "It's scheduled for this upcoming October or November." She started pull off the freeway we were driving on.

I squeezed her hand and beamed a smile at her, "That's wonderful news, are you excited? Is there a ceremony?" I might have been more excited than I should have, but for her I was excited.

She laughed at my giggling questions, "Yeah, I'm happy with it. Jackie is getting promoted too, we'll still be partners, which is great. There will be a ceremony. I'll let you know when if you want." The car began to slow down as we approached a red light. She turned her face looking at me, her eyes searching mine for something. The electric blue orbs looked right through me, straight into my soul, and all I wanted to do was keep her there. "I would love to go." I stated softly.

The blaring sound of a car horn caused her to turn her attention back to the green light in front of her and proceeded to drive. I watched her face as she continued to navigate us amongst the traffic. I leaned towards her, bring my face close to her clothed shoulder, and kissed the fabric of her sleeve before inclining my face towards her ear and whispered, "Take me home. Your home."

I watched as she brought my hand up to her lips and peppered the back of my hand with soft kisses, "That's where I was going in the first place." She whispered against my skin. I closed my eyes feeling the butterflies in my stomach into a tornado, I turned my face more into her arm and let the smell of sandalwood and rose make me dizzy.

I listened to the should of her breathing and the silence that wrapped around us as we finished our way home. 'Home.' I bit my lip and looked out the windshield when I felt her speed slow down after she took a turn. We were in a neighborhood, once she turned right down the last street, I recognized her house. It was a center lot on her street, a beautiful weeping willow tree out front. I sat up once she pulled into the driveway.

I grabbed my overnight bag, that I had prepacked and had in my car, and made my way towards the front door. Dani came up behind me to open the door. Walking through the threshold, I took in the smell of her home, and view of the familiar surroundings. I heard the click of a light switch and the lights in the living room lit up the dark room.

"Can I get you something to drink?" She asked as she made her way across the living room, into the kitchen. I walked into the center room and set down my back on the coffee table, taking a seat on the couch.

"Water, please." I watched Dani make her way around the kitchen before she headed back towards me. She handed me a bottle of water and look the seat next to me. I smiled a thank you at her and uncapped the bottle, my mouth was dry from more than one reason. Dani leaned back against the couch and closed her eyes.

I leaned forward and set my water bottle down on the glass coffee table in front of us. I soaked in the view of the strong beautiful woman in front of me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly parted, her chest rising and falling slowly, her hands were resting in her lap.

In one swift motion, I threw my left leg across her lap and straddled her. Her eyes shot open looking directly into mine, causing the heat from between my legs to spread through my body. I leaned forward bringing our noses to touch, watching as her throat twitched when she began holding her breath, I couldn't hold back any longer. I held her face between my hands and pressed my lips against hers. I felt her hands slide up my thighs, up my hips, and under my shirt.

I lifted my arms up and she didn't hesitate to remove the clothing from my upper body. Our lips crashed again once the clothing was flying away from my body. My hands were in her hair, pulling her closer, I needed to feel closer to her.

I pulled back from kissing her slightly and caught her eyes staring back into mine. Our breathing was hard and heavy, our lips swollen from passionate kisses, and I could feel her hands running up and down the small of my back. I shivered against her touch, closing my eyes and tilting my head back slight. I felt her move closer and the shock of her lips on my neck, trailing soft sweet kisses against the sensitive skin.

Her hands trailed up my back and I felt her pulling at the strings of my swim top. I felt the top loosen against my skin, soft hands remove the clothing, and then a soft strong hand cup my breast and pinch my nipple. A moan escaped my throat and I gripped my nails into Dani's shoulders. She held onto my sides and switched our positions, with her laying on top of me on the couch. I grabbed her face and pulled her into another kiss. I felt her hands on my hips the same moment I felt her take my bottom lip in between her teeth.

Her hand slowly started to travel underneath my undone shorts. I opened my eyes and saw her watching me. Our eyes locking, noses touching, her hand inched closer to the swollen nub in between my legs, and the increase swelling in my chest as I felt her heart beat against mine. Her hand stopped, just right about where I wanted, just a moment away from where I've been needing her since she dropped me off a week ago, just a breath way from falling over the edge didn't even know I was close to, and she knew it. I brought my hands up to the sides of her face, holding her searching blue eyes with mine, and pulled her closer, capturing her mouth with mine, deepening the kiss, answering her silent question, and her answer came.

The moment her fingers brushed against my clit, I felt a sudden rush of desire take over me causing me to moan into her mouth and drop my hands to her shoulders, grip her muscles and pulling her closer.

Her mouth pulled away, causing my moans to echo through out the house as she massaged her fingers gently against the throbbing need between my legs. I threw my head back against the couch cushion, letting out a whimper as she moved her hand from my clit and sliding it down my wet slit. Her lips were on my neck and I couldn't hold back the moan that escaped my lips when she slid her finger inside me.

'Oh my God. How do you…'