i stared up

looking for the barest hint

of a gleaming star

a meteor

shooting across the sky.

fo hours, i stared

seeing nothing but a blanket

of stationary lights.

who would have believed

that when i finally saw one

a beautiful silver-blue streak

across the darkened heavens

that it would be

the exact moment i wish on

every night?

that night

i wished on that

11:11 star

for something new.

instead of wishing

to just make it through tomorrow unscathed,

i wished for something


to happen.


i wished for you.

a/n: i wrote this ages ago... all the way back last november. there was a meteor shower and i literally spent hours staring at the sky looking for one. and yes, when i saw the shooting star at 11:11, i knew it was special... so instead of just wishing for something silly, i wished for my crush to like me. i'm gonna guess it worked... because he's kinda my boyfriend now :)

but i can't believe i waited till now to post this... i love it. for some reason i must have typed it, stowed it it my poetry folder, and totally forgotten of its existence. i'm glad i found it while trolling through and cleaning my computer :)