"Shiz" I muttered slowly under my breath as I opened the front door out of my house.
So I was kinda drunk and while I'm drunk I have a few problems saying some letters and they come out as Z's.
So maybe I was more than 'kinda drunk'. I closed the door quietly and left my house walking up the street towards the bus stop.
I had been talking to my friend on msn and he had told me to come over to his place and I guess it seemed like a good idea, there wasn't a point staying at home alone drunk anyway. Where's the fun in that?
I staggered my way to the bus stop falling over every break in the cement and waited.
It was 2 30 am and I was waiting for the bus. It was only a short ride from my house to his, all I need to do is act as sober as I can when the bus comes and I have to pay for the ticket.
So far I was doing pretty well at keeping my vision forward but this time I strayed, I turned my head up fast to look at the sky... it felt like a delay between moving and what I saw. The sky moved so fast I fell to the side on the bench I was sitting on and pulled myself up fast.
This is going to be hard.

The bus pulled up and instantly straightened myself out. I walked onto the bus almost slowly to keep myself straight I looked at the driver straight in the eye and asked to go to the bus stop by his house. He gave me a look but sold me a ticket anyway and I walked slowly to a seat and collapsed in it.
I felt the alcohol rushing up to my head again. Anyone who has been drunk knows that when you drink it you wait five minutes than you feel it rushing to your head than wait another five minutes and the first part starts affecting you then you feel more rushing to your head.
I mentioned I was 15 right?

I kept my eyes glued forward and the bus ride seemed pretty fast.
I got off the bus 10 minutes later and walked down the street towards my friend's house. He was waiting outside for me.

He walked up to me and grabbed my shoulders laughing at me slightly. "Why would you get drunk?"
I laughed at him, his arms completely holding me up.
"That doezn't matter" I smiled really wide.
"You're not coming into my house" He stated dragging me to a park by his house. The world moved really fast and I tripped. I was on the floor and his grabbed me from my waist and literally picking me up from the floor.
It was pitch black and there was no one around, he put his arm around my waist and supported my weight as I staggered with him to the park.
"Uh'v... ulwayzz uhm kindza liked you" I muttered from under my breath. "You're zo good looking." I smiled turning my face up to him. I fell again this time his arm held me up and he placed me back onto my feet.
"I'm sure you have" He laughed. He repositioned himself so that he could use both arms to hold me up.
The alcohol was really affecting me now. My head was buzzing and I couldn't stay focused. I started laughing.
I have a tendency of getting drunk too often.
"You're crazy" He said increasing his stride and literally carrying me to the park now.
"noh, it'z allz totally uhh normal" I shook my head noticing my fail and almost fell but his arms restrained me.
"You have no idea what you're saying"
"point out on the obvious much" I pull my arms around his waist and hold him tight.
He shifted awkwardly but laughed at me. "Here" He sat me down on a bench and stood opposite watching me.
"You know you're an idiot" He said taking a seat next to me.
"I just want to kiss you" I mumbled sadly.
"I want to kiss you too" I raised my head and looked at him. "It's just, you're drunk."
"Noh!" I whined. "I know what I'm doing." I stated as firmly as I could while slurring.
He took my hand as I swayed from having something move. I groaned slightly.
He laughed at me. I smiled and tried to lean in to kiss him.
He leant back. "You're so drunk."
I shook my head and fell off the seat. "Wait" I mumbled, pulling myself up watching him stare at me. I took a step pulling my arms out to the side for balance. "I'm not that drunk!" I slurred.
I turned to look at him and found myself on the floor.
I'm starting to black out. He pulled me up and I leant in and kissed him, softly, quickly. I could barely feel it or control myself before I fell again.
I gave up and he pulled me onto the bench. "Go to sleep" He stared at me and before I knew it was morning.
I woke up, stood up and stumbled a bit.
Still drunk... I walked over to Chris nudging him slightly with my foot.
I sat down next to him and laid my head on his shoulder and waited for him to wake up.
Around an hour later he woke, I sat there watching the sun rise for the whole time.
"Hey" I said slowly when he lifted his head.
He just laughed.
"Bitch, I'm still drunk so don't mess with me"
"How much did you have?"
I honestly I have no idea... I just looked at him and shrugged.
"Wow" He stared at me. "Any memory?"
I groan when I try and remember. "No" I sigh. "I think I fucked up again ei."
"Yeah" He laughed. "We have to get back" He stood up and pulled me up. I staggered to his side.
"This is gonna take a while to pass" I sighed.
"You brought it upon yourself."
I ignored him...