Warnings: m/m relationships (slash), NeoEarth, a floating island, very questionable religious figures, partying, violence, some language, criticism of free will

Summary: A boy was chosen to die so that both his people and the people of Earth could live… but he was selfish and he wasn't going to accept his destiny without a fight.

Prologue: Human Life Force

Subida was a unique place, an island that floated alongside the Earth in its orbit. It hadn't always been there, as far as the people on Earth knew but they didn't question it. Subida didn't bother them, so they wouldn't bother it. Things were simple for them. Their only concern was that the island stayed in the sky. If it crashed down to Earth, it would be devastating.

Thus, the people of Subida did all they could to keep their home from falling and this was done by using an extraordinary power generator. It was unlike any other machine known to any race, humor or otherwise, in that its source of power wasn't electricity or water or steam.

The Subidian Generator ran on what can only be called the life force of an exceptional human.

The high priests, appointed by the Holy itself, oversaw the birth of all of the children of Subida, praying for their good health, intelligence, and great abilities. Then they would choose one. Just one. This child had a specific aura about them, or so the people were told, and that aura was compatible with the generator. That child would never be returned to its family. The high priests would raise it instead, preparing their soul for their fate, and when the child reached physical maturity, they would be used to power the generator.

At age eighteen, the chosen one would be taken underground to the generator. The priests would pray over them incessantly, for seven days on end. At the end of those days, they would all gather around the generator. One of the priests would remove a large mass of crystal from a platform at the very heart of the generator. That crystal was the body of the previous chosen one, drained slowly over the course of eighteen years of energy and life by the mechanism that kept Subida from crashing into Earth. With one final prayer, the new chosen one would be transformed into crystal much similar to the one they had just removed and the generator would have new energy to feed off of.

This process would occur consistently, like clockwork – from the end of one energy source's life force to the physical maturity of the next. The people of Subida, over time, became wise to this fact and slowly began to change their reproduction patterns in accordance with the time. If they knew it was the year for choosing, many women would do everything in their power to prevent conception entirely or conceive later in the year because there wasn't a single mother who wanted to give up their child to such a fate, despite how necessary it was to continue life for everyone else.

No mother wanted to hand over her newborn to the priests. No mother wanted to live with the fact that one day their son or daughter would have no choice but to die, slowly, perhaps suffering for years at the hands of Subida's unusual generator…

To die so that everyone else could continue to live.