indigo eyes,

i see you.

we reach for each other

across space and time.

i'm tempted

to pull on loose threads

in the grand tapestry

to pull you closer to me


to pull myself closer to you.

i'm not sure the future

is meant to unravel,


pull, or bunch

like some sad forgotten sweater.

i'll wait with mock patience

as life unfolds,

frustratingly slowly

but surely nevertheless.

time moves

never at the speed we'd like.

i used to pray for you nightly;

did you realize?

on the wind

i'd send you

rosemary-blue remembrance.

when i was younger,

i would pick on pinpricks

of silver light in the midnight skies

and wish on them for you.

were you watching them?

i imagined you were.

at some point i stopped believing in you.

i am of the variety Erysimum,

a wall flower,

and happily ever afters

went the way of

faeries and father christmas

--nice thoughts

but unfounded

and not found.

are you there?

are you out there?

are you here?

did i miss you?

are you coming back?

…did you stop believing in me?

i hope

for your sake

that you have

stronger faith than i.

belief is peculiar;

without it, i feel lost.

coming back to it is like

coming home.

worrying that you don't exist—

it's too soon

and too painful.

perhaps i'm

cowardly and blindly hopeful

but i'm back to believing,

i'm back at home.

where are you

with the other half of our heart?

lines in an iris

run on parallel.

i don't believe this

to be our fate.

i do not claim to

see past vanishing points,

but i'm convinced:

we are non-euclidean.

i will hold my breath

until we meet,


until you take my breath away.

Myosotis discolor;

forget me not.

a/n- thanks for reading! ~xan