Chapter one

My name is Eliza , I am an African American living in the middle of Africa. I have a son and a wonderful husband named George, my son's name is Keith. He is two years old.

I was cooking my infamous hoecakes over the fire when two aliens burst through our front door like maniacs. They were yelling at us in a different language, when they grabbed my son I dropped my hoe and ran over to him, fiercely grabbing my son back and baring my teeth at the strange looking people. There face was red and they had long black hair, their skin color was even different. Their clothing style was different also. Then the man slapped me and grabbed my son and I, another man grabbed my husband. We were yelling at each other to stay strong and never leave each other's side. We were being kidnapped.

I was then thrown into this carriage and chained together, my hands and feet. My husband was put with me but my son couldn't fit. I burst out in tears as they literally threw him into another one. "Don't cry, mama, I'll be good." He told me. I nodded to him and wanted to hold him and never let him go. After hours we arrived to what I think was a "dock" I stared at the eerie blue substance, it was glistening from the sunlight and it was moving, There was a lot of huge objects on the water that were floating, then, the carriages moved toward the blue substance and the objects. I started to panic and scream. One of the aliens smacked me across the face and called me a word in their language that I didn't understand. They started to take everyone out of the carriages and then this one guy grabbed me by my arm and hoisted me out of the carriage. I tried to break free and run for it, but I couldn't. They took the chains off my ankles so I could obediently walk in the ship. We were brought "below deck" and chained with other blacks that I don't know. They aliens spit at us and smacked us and called us niggers. I tried to talk to them, but it was all in vain. I turned to the man next to me, "Why are these strange people taking us?" The man looked at me and said, "They are taking us to their country, America, to be sold as slaves and servants." I gasped. "No! They can't do that!" He nodded. "Oh yes they can, slave traders or slave owners can do whatever they want to us because we aren't American citizens." He said, "We have no rights." He included. I nodded. The man to my right looked sick. He was hunched over, then, the room we were in started to sway back and forth. A few minutes passed and already, people were vomiting and moaning and screaming crying.

I screamed at my son, "Keith! Keith, Oh Lord! Do you hear me?" I said, looking around for him. "Yes, mama, I hear you." He replied calmly. I looked to my left and he was across the room, I tried to run to him, but it was all in vain once again. The chains yanked me back and I fell. The man next to me helped me up with his forearm. I thanked him and then just kind of waited until we got to "America".

The wait was longer than I thought, it was two hours into day, we still weren't there, I was the only person here standing. I laid down in my small space and fell asleep on the cold floor. The next morning a alien, or, "American" came down and whipped us, telling us to wake up. I couldn't see. "I can't see." I muttered and stood up obediently. The man came over and smacked me. "Don't back sass me." He said. I nodded to the scary man. Then, my stomach growled. He snickered at me. "Aw, are you hungry?" He snarled. I didn't speak. "I'll give ya something to complain about." He said and chained me to a board and gave me 30 lashes. My hunger was gone. I was bleeding, my face stung from the man's slapping, I was crying, the salty tears stung my wounds. To make it worse, they didn't care, they put my gown back on me and just chained me back up with the others. Then they handed me something that was labeled eatables. I shook my head no. They flogged me fifty more times. The stench, in this room, and the crying, the vomiting, it made me lose my appetite. Then, I started to smell, badly. Oh, and the man to my right, yeah, he's dead. And his eyes were open, and his body was leaning against mine. I shivered, my husband yelled across the dock and told me to stay strong. The man told him to shut up. I sat down, and held my knees and sobbed. I never heard Keith's voice in a while. "Keith?" I said. No reply. I stood up. "Keith?!?!" No answer. I knew it was the end for me now. What will I do without my son? I fell to the ground and sobbed. "Wench, it is alright." Said the man next to me. "You're son, he is free now, in the right hands of our Lord. He is in salvation." He told me. I nodded and tried to stop crying, but the thought of my little boy dead made me sick in tears. I then vomited after a long hour of crying. The stench in this little room got worse and worse. It was about a month now, we are still not in this country. Then, the man came downstairs. "We are almost near Rhode Island, where you will be put up for Auction." He told us, and then went back upstairs. The crying stopped, and questions filled the room.

I fell asleep, hungry, tired. The dead body was still leaning against me. I sighed and squirmed a little, and the body moved a little, but the more he was off, the better. Then, my vision got used to the dark, I saw my son, he was on the floor, eyes open, body scrawny, laid out across the floor, dead. I screamed out in sadness and fear. He didn't die from sickness, the aliens flogged him to death. "No!" I screamed, running (and failing) in place. Then the man flogged me severely. I screamed in pain this time. "Stop!" Screamed my husband. The alien threw me across the room and I landed flat on my face. My hands covering them a little. I ran back to the alien, pounding on his side when he grabbed my husband. "Chain her!" He screamed. The other alien nodded and grabbed me, I threw my arms about violently. It was in vain. The alien spit at me and told me to shut up and cursed at me. I sighed and started sobbing, he smacked my face and told me to stop crying. He chained me at my place and the swaying of the boat caused me sickness and I vomited all over the guy. I wanted to laugh, but I didn't. But someone did. She was laughing so hard she fell. The man twirled around, grabbed the small child, and chained her to a pole and flogged her 100 times. The mother was screaming and sobbing every time that whip hit her child. The man muttered to the other man that he was going to bathe and come back. Then they did a weird gesture to each other and the dirty man went upstairs. I was still staring at my dead boy. I can't believe he is gone. I will never be happy again.

The next morning, the aliens unchained us and picked up all the dead bodies, there was about 20, and threw them overboard, I screamed and ran toward the man who picked up Keith, "No! No! Don't! Bury him don't throw him over please!" I screamed this in the language I guess they don't know. And they hurled him into the water, his lifeless body sunk to the bottom. I screamed and cried and reached my hand out of the boat, I would of jumped overboard if the net wasn't there. My husband laced his fingers through mine and we walked off the boat, we were thrown into another carriage and into a huge building. When we arrived the aliens threw clothes at us and ordered us to get dressed and look decent. I put on the gown and combed my hair with my fingers, This is the first time my long black locks were down. I sighed and pushed the door open. I stood next to my husband, he was wearing a Tuxedo. My husband was called up to the stand. I cried and screamed for him, but the aliens held me back. "I'll start with a bidding of 500$" the big man said finally. A man raised his hand. "500! Do I hear a 600?" A woman raised her hand. "600! Do I hear a 7?" "1000" A old man said. "1000!! Do I hear any more?" Nothing. "Going once! Going twice! Sold!" They unchained my husband and he was pushed to the back to get properly dressed and go home with that creepy looking man. A few more people were coming and going. Then, I was called up. The bidding started at 300, it stopped at 1500. The man who bought me had a little girl, and a person was lacing fingers with the man, she looked my age. I was thrown in the back and I got dressed into what looked like rags and put my hair into a bun and covered it then walked to my new "owners." When we left I went into the carriage, not chained up. We were in "new port." The little girl kept teasing me and pinching me and throwing her eatables at me. I looked away and started crying. Where is my home?

When we arrived at the huge house, I was immediately put to work. I was with about 10 more slaves, we had to hoe and hoe and hoe, all day and all night. I stopped for just a second, and boy did I regret it, I was flogged about 50 times by an overseer. The little girl was laughing every time we blacks got whipped. I'd like her to get whipped. I thought to myself, at least I get to live in that big house. Wrong, the man showed us to our small wood shack. It was smaller than my cabin. My bed was a 13 by 9 and I had a piece of wood for a pillow, I didn't sleep with my husband either. I slept with some girl I didn't know who she was.

We were woken at 5:00 A.M. by horns and barking dogs, if someone overslept, they would get whipped. I got ready and ate breakfast then got out there, thankfully, I was on time, my husband wasn't, he got 100 lashes. Today was the day we planted the cotton. I went at a good pace, and I missed one square, and got flogged like, 50 times. I screamed and made sure every square was done.

It was midnight, and I was done working. I shuffled into my cabin and the slave owners gave us flour and water. I took my hoe and made a fire in the small fireplace they give us. I made everyone my infamous hoecakes, they loved it. I smiled. I then went to my "bed" and fell asleep.

Life wasn't like as it was before. No more sitting down with my husband, laughing and talking and doing part-time jobs. I had breakfast and we were weeding the sprouts now. Then it was time for our mid-day meal. I sighed and stared at the cold bacon. Slaves were taking turns using an axe to cut their thin slice. I cut mine a little bit bigger then supposed to by accident, and an overseer gave me 30 lashes. I cut it the right way and ate my small piece of bacon, I drank the dirty water the overseer refills for us down at the pond and gagged. It made me more thirsty. We were summoned back outside for more hoeing, seeding, and weeding.

It was midnight, I was beat. Physically and emotionally. My back and front was gushing blood, the sweat on my face hurt the bruises on my face. The sweat, dripped down and filled in every wound, the sting made me scream and night and wake me in the middle of the night. I overslept the next morning, the vicious dogs started to bite me and growl at me, I screamed and ran out in the field, with only my underwear and bar on. I wasn't laughed at by my fellow blacks, but the aliens laughed at me. I threw on my working gown and put my hair in a bun and got straight to work. My friend comforted me, but it was a big mistake, she got taken out of the field and they tied her to a tree, and the lashed her until she died. I screamed and cried. Why are the aliens so cruel? The aliens told me, "You listen, and you listen good, no one, I mean no one, must talk to the misbehaved, and now, she lost her life for your doing. Hope you are happy." I cried more and more while working. The aliens spat at me and kicked me and told me to work better or they will flog me. I worked better and better, but I still saw my friend screaming and bleeding for me. It was mid-day lunch, I didn't go up for bacon, I was staring at the wall, sitting at the dirty table. The overseer asked me why I wasn't eating. I said I had no appetite. He commanded me to eat and threatened me that he would flog me, I asked him to flog me to death. He refused. He just gave me 30 lashes, and that's it.