"Did you say your goodbyes?" Kai asked Ryuu.

"I left a note..." He said, sadly.

There was silence as we flew above the lava flows.

"And where do you think you guys are going?" We heard Kenshi's voice behind us.

Holy Hell. We thought, as we turned around to see him and a whole entire army of devil - creatures wearing uniforms with the letters 'DSC' on them.


"Kenshin." Ryuu said.

"You can't leave us, big brother." Kenshin told Ryuu.

"I have to!" Ryuu shouted.

"You're not going to leave us!" Kenshin shouted back. He raised his hand and the devil - creatures who were wearing the uniforms with letters that said 'DSC' on them, began to swarm towards us. DSC? I recalled that Kenshin had told Kai that DSC stood for Devil Security Center.

They were smaller than Zero but they looked more fierce. They had red and black skin, and reptilian scales. Their teeth were long, thin, and sharp! The more I looked at them, the more I thought they looked like alliagtors. They had wings though. Sharp, steel wings...

"Zero, just try to fly us out of here, and I'll deal with these amateurs!" Kai shouted as she threw each incoming devil - creature that tried to grab a hold of Ryuu.

Ryuu punched a few, as Kai bent and snapped them into pieces. I gagged at the sight of how easily she tore them apart. Jaws, wings, and limbs flying in the air and falling in to the hot lava. It was horrific.

A devil - creature suddenly bit Zero! Smart move, I'd say, since Zero was the one who was indeed our safety zone. Zero was bleeding now, but he remained calm and flew us steadily and quickly.

"Zero!" I shouted.

"Are you okay Zero?!?!" Kai shouted loudly.

"I'm fine. Just get rid of them." Zero told us.

"Hang in there, pal." Ryuu told Zero.

The fight was getting more intense now as more and more devil - creatures came over and grabbed a hold of Ryuu. They pulled at his wings! Ryuu shouted with pain. The creatures had claws and they were digging deep into Ryuu's wings. I could see the blood. Ryuu's wings were suddenly dripping with blood. He was losing more blood than Zero now. A creature got hold of Ryuu and Ryuu looked like he couldn't struggle with him, since he looked as if he were in a mighty pain. My eyes widened with fear and worry as the creature flew him over to Kenshin's side.

"Ryuu!" I shouted.

"That's enough!" We heard a angry voice as all of the DSC creatures quickly stopped attacking us. We turned to see who the voice belonged to.

"Father!" Kenshin shouted as Kohaku flew over to him with his brilliant black wings.

"Father, I -" Kenshin began to explain, but was interrupted by Kohaku's hand on his face. Slap! Kohaku hit his young son across the face. There was silence. We watched (and so did the DSC).

"What are you doing, Kenshin?!" Kohaku shouted at Kenshin who touched his burning cheek now.

"Father, big brother was going to leave. He was going to leave... I didn't want us to be alone anymore." Kenshin began to tear up.

"Kenshin..." His father stared at him. "Did you not read Ryuu's letter that he left behind? As soon as you saw that he was gone, you rushed out and wouldn't even take a look at his words. Look. Just read it." Kohaku gave the letter to Kenshin.

Kenshin wiped his tears and took the letter from his father's hands. He read the letter. The letter said that Ryuu could not describe how happy he was to have met his father and brother. He wrote that he was sorry that he was leaving them, but he said he'd visit every now and then. Kenshin looked up.

"You see? He's not going to leave us, really. He'll be back to visit." Koahaku looked at Kenshin.

"But, we'll be lonely without him..." Kenshin whimpered.

"We have eachother, son. Ryuu is a part of our family no matter what. Let him go. He'll be happy, that's what matters. Besides that, he'll definitely be back." Kohaku smiled at his sons.

Ryuu smiled back and nodded at Kenshin. Kenshin bowed his head in shame for trying to force Ryuu to stay.

"I-I'm sorry big brother. I understand." He apologized.

They gave each other a group hug, and they asked the DSC to fly the injured Ryuu back over to us, as we waited for him. Zero, Kai, and I wiped our tears.

"That was beautiful." We said, as Ryuu made his way back over to us and sat down on Zero's back.

"Oh, shut up." He told us with a chuckle. I stared at his wings. I touched them. He made a face that said it all. He was wingless right now. He wouldn't be able to fly with the pain in his wings.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"It'll take some time for it to heal, but I'm okay." Ryuu told me.

I nodded and held his hand.

"How about you, Zero? Are you okay?" I asked.

Zero grunted in reply. We all waved to the devils and creatures and took our leave. I felt relief. We were on our way back to earth now. I leaned on Ryuu's shoulder and we smiled happily together as we flew off into the red sky. We were exiting hell now. Within minutes, I could see the normal night sky color. It was dark out and the dazzling stars appeared.

"Only a few more minutes till we get back to earth..." Kai yawned.

"Y-yeah." Zero agreed.

I thought Zero sounded a bit uneasy, I looked at him. His eyes looked strained and he was quivering a bit.

"Zero?" I asked.

He didn't reply, his eyes were closed now. Suddenly we were falling! Kai was panicking over Zero's injury. It was still bleeding. Zero opened his eyes again, and realized that he had fainted for a mere second.

"I'm so sorry you guys!" He apologized.

"Idiot! If you weren't feeling well you should have said something!" Kai shouted.

As this was going on, Kai and Zero failed to notice what had happened. Ryuu had fallen off and I was trying my best as to save him from falling completely into the darkness of the night sky. Ryuu's wings were injured, so he couldn't fly.

"H-hana.. just let go.." Ryuu told me as he tried to pull himself up.

"Never!" I shouted, tears forming in my eyes and my hands becoming sweaty. Ryuu was slipping now. "Kai!" I shouted loudly. I could hear the ringing in my ears. How could this happen? I was beginning to shake now. I am not going to lose Ryuu now! We only have a few minutes left until we arrive back to earth together! I thought.

Kai turned around and gasped at the sight of us. She quickly scooted over to us and took Ryuu's arm. I felt a big relief as Kai easily pulled Ryuu up. Yet, I felt 10 times of a bigger idiot as I found myself falling off of Zero entirely now. I was shaking so much from the thought of losing Ryuu at this point that when Ryuu was pulled back up, my body lunged forward and I fell. I closed my eyes as Ryuu shouted out my name hysterically. Kai was screaming at Zero to fly downwards towards my falling body. As I fell, I knew this was it. This was the end of me. I could hear Ryuu and the others shouting loudly.

"No! No! No! Hana!" They yelled.

I clutched onto the glass crystals given to me from the guardians of heaven and hell that were in my pockets. I thought about how unfortunate it was that I wouldn't be able to use them to reincarnate now. I silently thanked the crystals though for being with me at this time. It's been a great year. If only I could start all over, and live this lifestyle to it's fullest... I thought. I closed my eyes tighter and thought about Ryuu, Emi, Zero, Kai, Hiroshi, Ayumu, Kohaku, Kenshin, and my family. The people I was able to meet, the people I became closer with, the people I was able to open up my heart to. I wanted to see them now. I held the crystals tighter to the point that I could feel it piercing into the palms of my hands. There was a flash of light, and I now saw nothing... The last thing I heard before I blanked out was Ryuu's voice and slight pull on my arm.

My body was cold, and I could feel that I was on a surface now. It was soft. I slowly opened my eyes. It was a white room, and I heard a slow beeping noise.

"Chiyoko!" Someone called out to me as I opened my eyes more. Familiar faces hovered over me.

My eyes widened at what I saw. It was Kenji, my two other older brothers, and Emi!

"W-what's going on?" I asked as I stared at them. Kenji and Emi were wearing their school uniforms and everyone didn't look as tired as they had looked when I last saw them. On top of that, they called me 'Chiyoko'! Could it be that Emi had spilled the secret to them? I began to move around. I was hooked up to an IV and there were other mechanical devices around me. What's going on? This meant big trouble if they knew I was Chiyoko!

"Don't move Chiyoko! You're not supposed to move right now. You're in the hospital!" Emi shouted, in tears. She was holding my hand.

"W-what? How? Why?" I began to struggle with my words. How could I be in the hospital? We were in the air when I fell. My eyes widened.

"Where's Ryuu?!" I shouted.

"Ryuu? Who's that?" Emi and my brothers asked.

I stared at them with discomfort. What was going on?!

"Chiyoko, did you swallow too much sea water?" Kenji asked and glanced at my two eldest brothers as they went to get the doctor.

"Sea water? What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Chiyoko! Seriously, after what you just pulled 24 hours ago, it's hard to be mad at you right now." Kenji crossed his arms across his chest and shook his head.

"What are you talking about?!" I shouted. I wanted answers, and I wanted them now. Kenji and Emi stared at me with alertness.

"You don't remember? You saved a little girl from drowning the other day. I heard from Kenji that you had been trying to kill yourself all day that day too! You were almost successful until someone pulled you out of the ocean!" Emi told me.

"W-what?" My eyes widened. How could this be possible? Does this mean I survived? I never died? I never went to the afterdeath? Was I dreaming this whole time? If that is true, then that means that I never met... Zero, Kai, Hiroshi, Ayumu, and the devils? I never met... Ryuu? Then what are these memories?! It couldn't be just a dream! There's no way in hell that anyone would be able to dream up such things...

"Chiyoko?" The doctor came in now.

My eyes widened once again as I stared at the person I saw. Wearing a white doctor's coat was a guy with orange hair... and a brown tail on the back of his head...

"Z-zero?!" I shouted.

"Please lower your voice. We're in the hospital." The man who looked like the human - form of Zero told me as he stuck his finger in his ear and squinted his eyes at my loud shout.

"Zero?" I asked again, in a lower voice now.

"Yes. I'm Dr. Zero. It's nice to meet you Chiyoko. You know, we almost didn't get to save you. If it wasn't for that young man who saved you in time, we wouldn't have been able to get so much sea water out of you." He told me.

"Young man who saved me?" I asked.

He smiled at me, and walked over to the edge of my bed and picked up the clipboard that was hanging there. Kenji, Emi, and I stared at him as he read it and then walked over to a red button beside my hospital bed. He pressed it, and a nurse came in. Again, my eyes widened.

A young, petite woman in a white, nurse's uniform came walking in. A nurse's cap was on top of her platinum blonde hair. She smiled as she walked towards us.

"Kai..." I whispered.

"Yes. I'm nurse Kai." She smiled and stood beside Zero now. She winked at me as Zero chuckled.

Kenji and Emi turned and stared at me.

"How can you possibly know their names if you were unconscious this whole entire time?" Kenji asked.

Emi glanced at me and then at the smiling doctor and nurse. She nodded her head as if she understood what was going on. She stood up. All eyes were on her now. She looked at Kenji and took his hand.

"H-hey!" He shouted as she pulled him out of my hospital room. Thanks, Emi. I thought, as I knew I could always count on her.

"Zero! Kai!" I shouted happily.

"Hana... or should we say, Chiyoko." They chuckled.

"What's going on? Where's Ryuu?" I asked, anxiously.

They looked at each other and then turned to me.

"Well... we don't exactly know. After you fell off... we looked for you. When we couldn't find you, Ryuu jumped down after you. We had no choice but to go back to daddy. He told us everything would work out. He showed us life clips of when you were falling. We saw that you were holding the glass crystals at the time. Turns out, you can use them not only for reincarnating in that same body... but for one single wish that your heart desires. After minutes of watching you float in the air with your eyes closed, we got bored. Then, we saw a light. We watched as you disappeared in the light, and Ryuu made it to you when it happened. We don't know what happened to Ryuu... we went back to look for him after we saw that clip, but we couldn't find him.. It looks like you're getting to start over though. The glass crystals made it so that you lived." Kai explained.

"... Then, where is Ryuu?" I asked, staring down at my hands.

"Well, we don't know. We're going to continue to look for him. We just had to come here and fill you in on what happened and what's going on. Let us find him. You have to stay with your family. Don't do anything foolish. The glass crystals are allowing you to relive your life. Don't waste it. Okay, sweet one?" Zero asked.

I looked at them. I nodded. Emi and Kenji walked in to the room holding hands now. Looks like even without me dying, they were able to become a couple. I slightly smiled at the thought that, that worked out. They blushed as they saw me staring at their hand holding. My eldest brothers came into the room now with my mother and father.

"Chiyoko!" My father hugged me.

My father? Hugging me? This means that he's back to normal right? Like how he was before his accident? I thought, as I put my hands around him now too.

"I was so scared." He said and held my face. "Don't you ever do something like that again." He instructed and held me again.

Yep. Looks like the shock of my suicide attempt caused him to revert back to his old self. The father that I loved dearly. I smiled. Then, I saw my mother standing at the corner of the door with Isamu and Katsu. My brothers ran over and joined in on the hug. Tears filled my eyes as this reminded me of that time I was Hana and my father was in the hospital. The group hug I shared with them then, felt just like this. Suddenly I looked up to see my mother, who had always vicious towards me, begin to cry. She ran over to us and also joined in on the hug. Looks like another good thing came out of this... I thought. We all hugged each other happily. When the group hug was over and done with, I noticed that Zero and Kai were gone. Emi was smiling at me.

"They told me to tell you that everything will work out because good things would come to you." She told me.

I stared at her and gestured for her to come closer towards me. She did. She stared at me with her beautiful face. If I was the original Chiyoko then that meant that I was no longer pretty... That didn't matter anymore at this point though. I gave up on that. As long as I had the people I wanted in my life, it didn't matter if I had the face of a donkey or a flower.

"Emi. You're my bestfriend." I told her and hugged her.

I heard her gasp and the shoulder of my hospital gown became soaking wet within seconds...

"Idiot." I muttered, as she giggled.

3 days later, I was discharged from the hospital. I walked over to the local beach that I had attempted suicide at. I took a seat on the sand and watched the waves. Memories played in my head from when I drowned to when I first met Ryuu in the afterdeath. Hearing his soothing voice, seeing his unusual and bold style, teasing him, being teased by him, holding hands with him, and the feeling of when his lips touched mine... everything was taking over my mind now as I watched the waves in tears. When was I going to see him again? Things were going great with my family and Emi now. Even my social life was getting better... and still, more than anything, I wanted Ryuu to be with me.

"What are you doing here all by your lonesome?" I heard a gentle voice. I turned to it slowly.

"Ryuu...?" I questioned as I saw a shirtless guy with black hair toussled to the right of his head and green eyes.

"Hi." He smiled.

"Ryuu?" I questioned again and stood up.

"That's me." He said and walked closer.

"Is it really you?" I asked.

"Who do you think saved you from drowning for the second time?" He chuckled.

I could feel my lips curve into a smile and my eyes twinkle with delight as I jumped into his arms. We kissed.

"How?" I asked.

"When you fell, I jumped down after you and despite the pain in my wings, I flew. I flew until I found you. When I did, there was this light emerging from the glass crystals and you were disappearing with it. I shouted out your name and reached for you. I grabbed a hold of your arm, and then I saw nothing. Then, I found myself on the beach watching you drown... I knew I had to save you. After the ambulance showed up, I realized how I made it here. Do you know what the single wish I desired in my heart was?" He asked.

"What?" I asked as we held each other in the sunset.

"I have to be with this girl no matter what. I love her." He said.

Tears formed in my eyes and we cuddled.

"I love you too." I finally said.

So, Ryuu was able to travel with me back to earth safely because he had me in his heart, and the glass crystals took in his wishful desire... He kissed my cheek and I kissed his lips. We continued kissing until we heard giggling.

"Of course..." I said as we stopped to look at who it was.

"Hi there." Zero and Kai greeted as they sat behind us on beach chairs. They were under beach umbrellas.

"Told you we'd find him." Zero grinned.

Hand in hand, we walked over to them.

"Wait. How'd you find him? And why's your hair black?" I asked as I touched Ryuu's hair.

"Truth is, we knew where he was all along. We just wanted you guys to meet in a romantic scenery like this." Zero gleamed.

"Duh. Daddy had life clips of when Ryuu saved you from drowning!" Kai giggled.

I looked at them. They made me worry about Ryuu's whereabouts for 3 days for nothing!

"You guys are dead!" I shouted and ran after them. Zero turned into his creature form and Kai jumped onto his back. They flew off, laughing.

"Ryuu! Let's go after them! Take out your wings!" I laughed.

"I- I can't do that." he told me.

"What? Why?" I asked, catching my breath.

"I'm fully human now." He smiled. "I'm just a average 17 year old guy now." He said.

My jaw dropped.

"Really?!" I asked.

"Really." He smiled.

"What about your dad and Kenshin?" I asked, worried that he wouldn't be able to visit them anymore like he had promised them.

"Zero is going to give me a ride every now and then to Hell when I need to go." He smiled.

"Yeah, because going to hell is a great place to visit." I joked.

He chuckled.

I smiled at him. Everything really did work out. Like I was told, good things did come. I was able to live through all of this, face certain obstacles, and learn that I didn't need to be pretty to live happily. Ryuu and I held each other tightly on the beach that had once brought me to my first glimpse of death, as Zero and Kai flew around in the sky laughing. This was it. This is what happiness was now that I was alive for real this time. Being with the people I love. Being able to live and breath with the people I cared about. I'm Hinata Chiyoko. A girl with many imperfections. I now have a wonderful boyfriend, a blissful family, and great friends I can depend on. That girl who only wished to be pretty, thats not me anymore. I've got more to live for now.

The End.

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