I've come to realize something...

There is never enough time in life, especially when you're running out of things to say...

The right things to say, that is.



He was broken down;

Weary and tired of

Life, in general.

I tried my best to

Make him smile, for a second,

Just so I could see

It and remember

How things used to be:

Easy and flawless; happy.

It's twisted and turned

Now; lines are blurred. Without

Realizing how

It happened, a new and

Quick shift; an unspoken


On his part or mine,

That this just cannot work, no

Matter how hard I try.


That grate against us; ourselves.

Conversations are

A daily struggle,

But I still continue in

That vain hope that he

Might smile today. That

Hope is what I cling to,

What I remind myself when

Our friendship is thin,

Transparent, and so fragile.

Not what it's meant to

Be... Hope that wears thin,

Extinguishes itself

In its own time. I

Cry, simply for the loss of

What I knew had been;

What once existed

And has no chance of ever

Returning; changing

To the way it was.

I realize, maybe

Just in enough time, that I'm

Trying too hard, and

It's not all up to

Me anymore. He has to

decide for himself.

I'm free, but not quite

Happy yet. But, please, don't you

Worry about me, now.

Don't fret, don't get mad.

Don't try fix it now;

It's already done, and

Over with, for the most part.

I have you to thank

For that, my darling.

Don't worry, just let it be.

Leave me alone to

Let me go and heal.

I'm smiling, because it's

So ironic, don't

You see it? Do you?

I'm back to the start,

Without finishing the end.

Irony stains this

Parallel reality.

Because my happiness,

that will happen in

time, just like his smile...


Author's Note:

:] ...

Hope that you all enjoyed. I'm so proud that I've actually written this ENTIRE poem as a repeat of a 5-7-5 haiku. Yay! :P

Review, please. :]