I stood on top of the largest building in New York City. The night sky was covered in stars, and the moon shined beautifully in the sky. The people drove their cars to the place that they wanted to go, it was midnight and it was a dangerous time to be walking in these streets. Thugs wondered downtown and gang members were usually near by, drive bys happened often too. But the police and other people have helped control that a little.

There are other things that wonder the streets of New York at night and that is the creatures of the night us vampires. We are free to roam around and do as we please without someone wanting to kill us. I am the leader of this group of vampires, I'm sorry I am babbling about New York it is my favorite place. My name is Lisa Salvatore, I am the daughter of Vincent and Elizabeth Salvatore. We traveled here to America from Italy over 500 years ago, back then we vampires weren't excepted and my parents were killed by the towns vampire slayers.

This didn't go well with my older sister Clara , she swore to get back at the humans for killing our parents. She extinguished an entire town before she suddenly disappeared, she is a legendary vampire who is feared by my gang of vampires. Only a few of my friends have met her, they may fear her but they also have great respect for her.

I looked at the moon again, its light always brought me comfort. That is the main reason I like this section of New York more than the larger sections. This area had a great view of the sky and great clubs to go too.

I started my trip back to my house in the rural parts of New York. As I walked I thought of what was waiting for me when I got there, a young man his hair as blond as beach sand, he is lean but he has muscles. He barely got out of college a year ago, he studied to become a doctor and he is my source of blood. Donated blood is okay, but there is something about getting his blood that drives me to wanting more. There are times that I am afraid that I won't stop and I will kill him or seriously hurt him.

He will probably be asleep when I get home, but that is alright. I just love being with him, the aura around him would make anyone feel better. When I found him he had been in a car wreck from driving home from his parents house, I brought him to my house because his injuries looked like they wouldn't let him live long enough to make it to the hospital. Once I got him to my house, that was when I first tasted blood like his. It was fresh and warm.

I got to my house and opened the front door, shutting it behind me. I stopped when I heard footsteps upstairs, I locked the door walking up the stairs opening the door to our bedroom. I saw Nick standing at the window, he then turned his head around; he seemed like he was afraid of something or someone. I said with a smile and assuring him, " It's okay it's just me, why are you still up? Don't you have work tomorrow?"

He looked at me and said his voice showed fear," Lisa, thank God your home-"

He ran to me throwing his arms around me tears falling from his eyes onto my spaghetti strap shirt, I wrapped my arms around him and said calmly," It's okay, what's wrong? Did someone try to hurt you tonight?"

He shook his head no and said wrapping his arms around me tighter he said, " There was a woman here earlier, she was looking for you. She didn't tell me her name, but I could feel her staring at me. It was like she was looking through me, before she left she warned me to watch where I go because she will kill me."

I stroked his head and replied," It will be alright, I won't let anything happen to you. I'll protect you no matter what."

I stroked his head until he stopped crying and went to bed. I stayed by his bed until the next morning.