chapter 8....

The three visitors looked toward the noises, Lisa saw what happened and said in a ordering tone, " I demand to know why you done that to Nick."

Scott replied coldly," And I demand to know what gives you the right to barge into our home unwelcome and start barking out orders, princess."

Scott pointed the gun to Nick's temple and Clara said," Calm down Scott, no need to make our guests feel unwelcome, tell me Lisa are you here to join me or do I have to end you and your friends existences?"

Lisa looked at Clara and answered in disgust," Your low Clara, what did you promise this young man for him to do your dirty work? Let me guess your offered him a special favor, you are such a who-"

She was interrupted by a very painful pain in her arm then Scott's voice said," I would advise you to stop right there sunflower, it would be sad if you were to wither away because you couldn't keep your opinions to yourself."

One of the male vampires beside Lisa charged for Scott only to be shot in the heart, he fell to the ground turning to ash. The other vampire said angrily," Your going to pay for that."

Scott looked at him getting a tighter grip on the injured Nick and replied," Come for me but the moment that you do, know this Doctor Jones won't wake up from this shot."

Clara said to Lisa," What's it going to be Lisa, You can die or Nicholas can die, your choice?"

Lisa looked at Nick who was looking at her, his side was bleeding she said," Unlike you Clara I am going to choose myself, I love Nick. I want to see him safe, unlike you I am compassionate and understanding. I'm not a heartless beast, I-"

Clara slapped her and yelled," Shut up!"

Scott looked at her never in his years of living with the legendary vampire had he heard her yell, she had always been calm. He said," Clara, my angel, are you alright?"

Clara looked at him and then at Lisa as blood escaped her eyes, he knew those tears, he threw Nick to the ground rushing over to Clara's side holding her in his arms as she cried, he said again," You say you are compassionate and understanding, do you call making someone cry being compassionate Lisa Salvatore," Everyone watched as stuff around them started floating in the air. Scott looked at Lisa continuing," Clara mourns the death of her parents everyday, there isn't a day that doesn't go by that she doesn't think of them, she gave you a choice of who you want to live, but I won't I intend on killing every one of you starting with your beloved Doctor Jones."

Scott's focus went from Lisa to Nick then the last thing everyone heard was a loud, sickening, bone breaking noise. Lisa watched as Nick fell roughly to floor, she ran and checked on him to see that he was dead, she yelled, " You killed him, why would you do that!"

Scott looked at her as she was slung across the room, then he felt as something pierced the side of his neck and his blood was quickly leaving him, he began to feel dizzy, but he managed to see Clara and a wildfire behind him, he heard screams. He felt himself being lifted then it was dark.

Clara looked at Lisa and said," You think your the only compassionate Salvatore sister, Lisa? Your were until last night. You will be joining Nicholas shortly."

Clara charged at Lisa who moved only be kicked in the face by Clara she landed on her feet only to be tackled into the window by Clara the two broke the window and the two sisters hurdled towards the ground exchanging blow after blow finally Clara had the upper hand slinging Lisa to the concrete road creating a crater. She landed on the road in front of her and said coldly," I will continue to mourn our parents deaths little Lisa but your death will be forgotten, it will be as if you never existed....the way it should have been in the first place. You never should have existed in my opinion."

Clara picked Lisa up by the neck putting her hand on her heart sitting her on fire, Lisa's screams were heard, Clara lay her body down roughly stepping on her head until it burst into pieces leaving the body to burn in the sunlight and due to her powers.

She got to her lair where she left Scott in her coffin she opened the lid and kissed his lips, he opened his eyes tiredly looking at her she said," You done well Scottie, I am very proud of you."

Scott asked," Are you alright angel?"

Clara replied," I am fine you should rest, I'm going to give you some of my blood, you lost a large amount in the fight."

Scott asked," Is the war over?"

Clara nodded, cutting her wrist putting it to Scott's lips he began to drink her blood, he done so until she told him to stop then she pulled her wrist away, Scott asked," Am I dieing?"

Clara shook her head no and said," No, you just need rest. You will be fine in a couple of hours and your powers will be stronger that they are now, you want me to let the lid down?"

Scott replied," No, but could you bring me a blanket and light the candles?"

Clara stroked his forehead and said," Of course I can."

Clara looked at the candles that hung on the walls as they lit up, she looked at the heavy curtains as they closed making the room darker, she walked out of the room only to return shortly with a throw cover, she covered him up, lifting his head placing a small pillow under his head kissing his lips watching as he closed his eyes.

She stroked his head and watched as he slept, she never knew how beautiful a relationship could be, but now that she had found someone she swore that she would protect Scott and in order to do that she came to the conclusion that she was going to move them to his hometown and that was to the ghost town Centralia, Pennsylvania. To her knowledge no vampires lived there, no one would bother them there. She looked at him before leaving to pack their stuff and load it before he awoke.