A Journal's Story (Literally…)

Oh God: alright, here she comes again, and she's mad: I can already figure out what's she's going to write all over my pages: "Dear Diary, Matt smiled at me the other day but, today, I saw him talking with another girl!" and then she's going to whine two hours about it hearing those bloody angsty songs. That's enough! I can't take it anymore! All that non-stopping complaining about how her life sucks.

And who keeps a paper journal in those days? Have you heard about blogging or something? I guess is not for everyone, but at least you would leave me alone, and I won't have to deal with that sparkly pink ink.

Well, let me see what you have written: "Dear Diary, Matt smiled at me the other day but…" Oh God, do I know this girl or what? At least you could write in a gently way; your bloody hand is as heavy as a rock and that damn pencil and its fat point…

Oh yeah, and here it comes: when this girl is mad, she's going to…I knew it! Yay! Throw me to the other side of the room! Obviously I deserve some pain! I know you're a little frustrated about all that Matt stuff but, I don't know… have you ever considered talking? Ask him about his life, or just invite him to see a movie or something instead or just stalking in silence? I know the movies make it look cuter than it is, but trust me: it's actually kind of creepy…

I can't even put all my pages together, but I guess it's for the best: the sooner you destroy me, the sooner I will be recycled into some other thing. Oh, I would love to come back as a Philip Roth book! That would be awesome! Or what about a magazine? Yeah, I would like that too: I could be used for a month, and then, go and retire to some dentist waiting room. Oh, the golden years!

But I'm just dreaming; I will have to deal with this…Hey, don't judge me! We the diaries and journals have feelings too! But who's listening to us? Maybe…maybe I should start my own diary!

Alright, that would be idiotic, but as long as you don't put some angsty depressive music…

…Oh no; me and my big mouth! (Or whatever I use to talk with all of you) No that damned Tokyo Hotel CD again!

The End

Note: Just comedy (or something like that); don't take it badly, and no Tokyo Hotel fans were harmed, and to my defense, I 'm really stoned... See y' later