Owned and Written by P. Quill


The hill seemed to get steeper by the minute, oxygen become less and less along with Neron's energy. He pushed on though, the snow and harsh wind whipping violently across his face his teeth bared in concentration as he dragged Myles and Hunter along behind him. All they had to do was get to the top speak to Delgado find out how to find Kit and save her from the claws of that murderous lone that had tried mounting her.

"We'll bunk up here tonight." Neron muttered, slowly he walked into a dark cave smelling it and then curling up against a rock shivering as harsh wind clipped his cheeks his fur quickly covering with sprinkles of snow. Hunter and Myles collapsed on the floor, tongues hanging out and ice clinging to their fur. They should never of followed him, Neron thought. They wouldn't make it, they should of stayed with The Pack under Caleb's control, even if he was young he was smart and if Neron didn't make it at least they'd all be safe.

The climb up the mountain was treacherous for all of them and they still had so far to go. This was the biggest mountain in the entire range and that was saying something. He shook his thoughts clear and tried to sleep savoring the picture of Kit's face in his mind before slipping into a dreamless slumber.