Waiting to be Born

If I want to be a different person
I know I'd have to die
I know I'd have to kill this girl
And leave everything behind
Because this isn't who I am
And this isn't what I want
Because I'm being smothered
Being everything I'm not

In every dream I've ever had
I'm smiling and I'm free
I'm open and I'm honest
Being who I want to be
I'm going where I want to go
And leaving when I choose
Not answering to anyone
Not needing an excuse

I won't be feeling useless
Won't be wasting all my time
Trying to make myself feel better
Writing useless little rhymes
I know this life is out there
If I could just say goodbye
One day I won't be dreaming
One day I'm gonna try

Author's Note: My first poem. Simple and honest. Tell me what you think.