Author's Notes: Hi all! I originally posted this on deviantART under the same username, but I decided to share it here. This is a true story. I chose to show you all something personal, especially since this is my first time returning for months. Enjoy and please do review!

Dear x,

I always believed you were one of those people. Impossible to hate, impossible to evade, impossible to obviate. Yes, one of those.

Because you always reminded me of cigarette smoke. Twirling, whispy fumes of wonder dancing in the air. Something you inhale, something you breathe, something you live. And never had I thought that a cancerous, calamitous and caustic substance retained such elegance. Until I found you. Now even the most futile aspects of my life are major parts of my world.

And you remind me of cigarettes because you're just so damn addictive.

Dear x,

You're like efflorescence: You just keep growing, blossoming...Becoming more and more exquisite. Like a rose, except your magnificent grandeur never seems to wither and crumble. The rich, crimson tint never fades from those rubicund cheeks and you never fade away. Like all roses, you have thorns. But then, dear, who doesn't?

You're like water. You're pure. You're perfect. You're like heavy rain pouring and violently crashing to the ground. I hear each drop dripdripdrip on my window, and they make me think of you. The most naturally divine thing on earth; heaven's tears. You're an ocean because you're immeasurable. You're here, there, everywhere. I'm still building that boat so I can set sail on you. But you...You're my liferaft.

And God do you twinkle. Your scintillance could illuminate my darkest hour like stars set the sky alight at night. I cellotaped cardboard stars to my ceiling so that I could feel you watching me. So that I could feel your fire illuminate my sky.

Dear x,

If I could, I'd just spend the next hour using synonyms of "fascinate" to describe the effect you have on me, but there are far too many. Some feelings can never be justified by the restriction of words. Feelings flow unconsciously and freely, bound by no vines, ruled by no deity.

And certainly described by no friggin' words.

You're aladdin's cave of wonders; there is always something new and amazing to be discovered. There are always hidden treasures to be sought. Treasures that cannot be touched, but still make me rich and fit to be a queen.

Dear x,

No actions nor words could describe you. Because you're you. You're celestial, unfathomable, indescribable. Every page of your book is dotted with a question mark.

Death is a terrifying prospect. But I wonder how incredible it must be to sacrifice yourself. To die for someone. To truly give your soul to the unknown just so that another being could continue striving in this insignificant little rock and live happily ever after.

I'd do that for you.

Dear x,

I love you. Is that enough?