"Do you Remember? I Do"

The glorious sun was shining on the horizon line that day,
We were sitting shoulder to shoulder and holding hands.

I remember the tides coming up four feet high and washing our toes.
We would shiver, for the water was as cold as ice.

But we didn't mind either, because the warmth of our love pervaded all.

You would look over and smile at me, your eyes filled with gentleness.

I wanted to hold onto you forever, but I knew the day had come.

You were everything to me, a sister, a friend, a neighbor.

Then you stood up and patted me on the head;

There were tears in our eyes; good bye.

And the further away you walked, the closer I felt I was to you.

Our bond was just too strong for anything to break,

And we had made a promise to remember one another, looks and all.

No matter how time and age tore at me,

I still remember, and will forever, the days that we spent together.