In every moment passing,
I feel I'm closer to Time than anything else.

This beast of a life is a game,
and not a pleasant one.
Not because of how it's played,
but by those who try to play it.

First, it's taken when you act.
And then, you seek to fill its void,
only later realizing that emptiness exists
from success in attempt to fill the last.


My love would be undying,
but my heart is torn,
as every time I seek another to satisfy,
I do not act.

Life, you are but that which is in front of me,
and yet I'm lost in inner conflict,
wishing only to be lost in this dimension around.

I know not how to love,
to be with one other.
And in this passing moment, I am told,
being that much nearer to end,

The closer I get to death,
the more you'll want to hear me.