I was trying to work on my history paper, but things were not going well. I sat in my room listening to my favorite CD's staring at the glowing face of my laptop. Nothing came. I had to write about my favorite historical leader. I made a face. You could ask me who my favorite poet is. (Taylor Mali) Or my favorite slam poem. (Miracle Worker by Taylor Mali) You could ask what my favorite book is. (To Kill A Mockingbird) I could answer all those, but this? Impossible. So I flopped back onto my bed trying to think. My favorite Three Days Grace song blasted from the speaker, Break. Loved that song. It was pretty much my theme song for life. Let me explain.

I was born and raised into a rich family in high class society, and hated it. Everything was so, so perfect. My dad was some fancy lawyer and my mom threw her garden parties. I was put threw piano and violin lessons, etiquette class, and was attending some fancy over done private school. I never liked any of it. I preferred the drums to piano and violin, hanging out and goofing of with friends to etiquette class, and I had no idea how public school was but it had to be better then my fancy stuck up school. I started to rebel in sixth grade, when I realized just how fake and perfect my world was. From that day on I listened to rock and screamo music, played the drums, and dressed in ripped jeans, band shirts, studded belts and bracelets, and learned to skate board. It drove my parents nuts and I loved it. I liked being different, being me.

"Carly! Dinner!"

My moms voice sounded over the intercom. I glared at it. Why couldn't she come in my room and tell me like any other normal parent?

I slipped off the bed and looked in the mirror. My lips smiled almost evilly, if my mom had a guest over, and she normally did, it would only be fair if I was allowed to play around with them. I got my red contacts from its container and put them in. Then I pulled my blondish black layered hair out of its ponytail and let it fall around me, my bangs hid one of my eyes. I smiled. I looked at my outfit, already good enough. Ripped black jeans, a MCR shirt, colored jelly bracelets, and red and black checkered converse. My face was clean of makeup, but that's because I never liked the stuff. A "tattoo" showed on my left arm. It was a tribal wolf. I drew it with a thin sharpie maker in class when I was board. That's one thing I was known for, my "tattoos."

"Carly, everyone's waiting."

Stupid intercom. "COMING!" I yelled and rushed out of my room and down the stairs. The dinning room was set and the plates were already made thanks to my moms supper annoying personal chef. She has recently gone healthy, and the food was….plain out gross. For lack of a better word.

"Carly, come say hello to our guests."

I glared and walked to the front door. I didn't see why I had to be here, the whole conversation would be about bossiness and charities. I could have gone out with friends and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.

"Carly this is my good friend Shelia and her son Seth."

"Nice to meet yo-" I looked at the boy who had just came in. He was not someone I would expect my mom to know. He was…emo. If you wanted a label description. He had jet black hair, with the whole side swipe covering you're one eye thing going on. Sky blue eyes, brought out by his eyeliner. And the same pair of ripped jeans I had, except his were tight jeans, a checkered shirt, and a pair of high top shoes.

"Hi." He smiled.

I nodded stupidly. Words were not coming to me.

I turned around, my parents and Seth's mom were already sitting down at the table.

"So, you going to eat?" He smiled again.

"I uh…yes." I shook my head and sat down, blushing ever so slightly.

"So Shelia you finding the new place alright?"

"Yes the move was easy, the movers got everything done in three days!"

"That's nice. I remember moving here, do you remember Jim?" My mother laughed, "It took us forever. Anyways what grade are you in Seth?"

"Sophomore in high school."

I almost, no I literally spit out my water.

"Carly…you ok?" My dad looked at my funny.

"Yah just uh went down the wrong pipe." I blushed.

Seth smiled and handed me a napkin.


"No problem."

"Same grade as Carly." My mom nodded, "Will you be attending Country Day High?"

He nodded. This time I managed to keep my water in my mouth. But barley.

"Carly why don't you tell Seth about CDH?" My dad nodded at me.

"Small class sizes, nice teachers, not to much homework…" Horribly preppy annoying girls, guys who think golf and Polo are manly sports, stupid charity dances, pointless classes…. I could go on, really. I had a list of things I hated about Country Day. My mom and dad smiled at me. I knew not to say what I really thought about the school.

The rest of dinner was boring. And it wasn't until the adults left to go have tea outside that Seth spoke.

"So, what do you really think of CDH?"

"Was it that obvious?"

"Very." He nodded and grinned.

"Oh were to start? Lets see, most of the girls are overly preppy annoying clothes crazy people you will ever Meet. The guys all think Polo and Golf are manly sports, the classes are small but stupid. The whole school looks like a freaking fancy office building." I looked over at him.

"Let me guess you hate all of it?"

"Well…no not really. Some classes are good."


"Short story. We read a lot of short stories and poems. Write a few things to. But the best part? The teacher plays one hell of a soundtrack during class."

"And what is so special about this track?" He asked taking another sip of a smoothie.

"No pop or hip hop." I smiled.

I looked over and glared at the beeping red lights on my alarm clock. Six in the morning came to early. The beeping got louder.

"Oh all right, all right." I mumbled and hit the top of the clock to turn the sound off. It darkened and the numbers stopped blinking.

"Glad one of us can go back to bed."

I pulled on a pair of ripped jeans again, but black ones this time. Then I pulled on my favorite Framing Hanley t-shirt, favorite pair of low cut black and white checkered cons. After brushing my hair and teeth I grabbed my messenger bag and headed to the kitchen. It made a clanging noise because of all the buttons on it.

"Morning hun." My dad was already at the head of the table reading the paper.

I yawned and grabbed a apple.

"Carly please a apple is not a good start to the day."

I looked over and frowned. My mothers newest health craze was beginning to get to me. A apple was better then my normal cookies.

"Its fruit."

"Yes but you need a well balanced meal."

I shook my head and started out the door, I was not a morning person and I really didn't want to get into a fight.


I turned around to see Seth running up to me. I didn't know running in skinny jeans was possible.

"Oh hey." I yawned again, mostly because I didn't sleep very well last night. (And don't give that look, it was because I still hadn't finished that paper and it was due today.)

"I didn't know you lived in this neighborhood," I said once he caught up.

"Well you did run upstairs pretty fast last night so you couldn't see me go right across the street. I didn't get to say goodbye." He frowned in mock seriousness.

I laughed, "Well now I'm here."

"Goodbye!" He laughed and ran ahead a few feet then run back.

"Isn't it just a little to early to run?"

"No. And I didn't take my ADHD meds this morning."

I laughed and shoved him a little.

"Let me see that schedule." I took the paper from Seth's hands to see what classes he had.

"Hey you have Short Story!" I looked up at him, he shrugged.

"Well I heard it was good." He shrugged.

"And we have the same lunch."

"So then sit with me at lunch?" He asked.

"Sure." I nodded, "Besides if half the people hate me then there are most defiantly going to hate you."

"Oh?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yup. You are defiantly not a fashion numb zombie. You have real personality. A crime highly punishable here at CDH." I grinned at him.

"Then I guess I shall make them hate me." He bowed, a silly gesture.

The bell rang. I glared at it. Alarms were defiantly not my friend.

"See you at lunch?" He asked.

"Yup, unless you turn into the fashion zombie before."

Seth held up a hand. "I solely swear not to." He promised.

"Good, see it threw."

He bowed again and headed off in the direction of the math wing.

The rest of the day seemed to go by slowly. Honors English, Trigonometry and A.P. World Studies were slow and boring. And it didn't make it better that we got a boatload of homework.

"Carly…can I talk to you for a minuet?"

I silently groaned, my teacher wanted to talk about the paper I never did. Right before lunch to.

"Mr. Allen can we talk about this later?"

"No. You knew the paper was due, why didn't you do it?"

"Because…" I bit my lip. I could not tell my teacher that I spent the night trying not to think about my mothers friends son. (Ok so that might have been the reason. But I never meet anyone like him.)


"Because I don't have a favorite historical leader." Lame I know but I'm working on three hours of sleep and a desperate need to get to the cafeteria.

"Carly, I can tell you that very few of your generation do. But you still had to do the assignment."

Was my teacher telling me to…lie?

"Can I have another night to do it? Please, I'll write a extra page!" even though I hated more work my parents would flip if they knew I skipped out on a assignment.

"Alright. This one time only."

"Thank you." I smiled and almost ran out of the room.

Seth was leaning against one of the poles, his head bobbing ever so slightly. Probably listening to music.

"Hey." I tapped his shoulder.

Seth opened his eyes and put away the music player. "You're late."

"Yah, my teacher made me stay after because I kinda forgot to do the homework."

Seth widened his eyes in mock horror. "You honor girl? Forget homework?"

"My mom put me in all those classes. And secondly how do you know about my classes?"

"Our mothers gossip like old woman." He smirked.

I laughed. "Like? They are old."

Seth shook his head and smiled. "So are we going to eat?"

"You bet." I waved a paper bag in his face as we walked outside.

"So, what was the homework you skipped out on?" Seth chewed on a apple slice.

"A favorite historical leader." A made a face, "Don't have one."

"Right about George Washington. First 'Prez, war dude…"

I looked a my notebook, "Why didn't I think of that?"

"Because you took it to seriously." He shrugged.

I threw a piece of sandwich at him.

"Yum. Strawberry Jelly."

"Ha ha." I rolled my eyes and took a sip of water. He smirked and tapped it so it spilled on me.

"Hey!" I glared and giggled.

Then I took the rest of his apple and put it on my head. Seth took a rubber band from his wrist and shot it at my head. He missed.

"Still on my head William Tell!" I laughed and it made the apple fall.

The bell rang, ending the lunch period.

"Time for short story." I got up and stretched.

This was the one class I liked. The teacher was cool, and the kids in here weren't so bad. But the best part was being able to read all hour and listen to music. It was a perfect way to end the school day.

"What are you doing?"

I jumped a little in my seat. Seth was looking at my notebook. I had started working on my overdue homework, I had no intention of working on it at home. I had enough homework on top of this.

"That paper." I whispered.


I nodded, "I have a ton of homework."

He slipped it to his desk. "Good so far, and you're almost done."

"Yah, almost. I have to do three pages and I only have one and a half."

"Give me that."

"What?" I looked at him.

"come on, I can do it for you."

"Seth that's a lot of work to do…"

"So? I like history."

"But its my responsibility."

Seth smiled. "Then you can pay me back soon 'kay?"

"S-sure." I looked at him confused but he easily took the paper from me and started writing. I started at him with the same expression on my face until the bell rang.

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