I looked over from my drawing and saw Crush bring over his leash in his mouth, I smiled reaching down to take it from him, "Wanna go for a walk boy?" I put down my colored pencil and stood up, stretching. While he was sniffing around I looked over to Seth's house, I had been doing that a lot since we got back. But I hadn't heard from him in almost two months now.

"Crush! No!" He started pulling to go across the street. "You got enough tree's on this side to smell."

He whined and continue to pull. I looked up and Saw Seth walking across to us. Great, just great. I muttered something and tried to pull Crush back. Seth had his hood up, so he didn't see me. When I looked up we crashed into each other.

"Sorry." He muttered and looked to see who he had crushed into, "C-C-Carly?"

I but my lip, his eyes had dark circles under them. "Oh. Hey."

He sighed, "Uh…Im sorry, I didn't see where I wa-"

"No…its ok." I looked down and glared, "Crush!!!" He had walked around us, causing the lease to tangle me and Seth together. "I'm sorry…he doesn't really do this." I tried to untangle us, but failed.

'Uh…here." Seth awkwardly tried to step out but trip, and put his hands on my shoulders for support.

He blushed, "S-Sorry."

I looked up and caught my breath…his eyes…. "Its……ok."

His hands still rested on my shoulders, and his eyes locked onto mine.

"Carly…" His voice was barley a whisper. I felt his hands go around the back of my neck. I blushed and felt what was about to happen. In only a few seconds, his lips touched mine and my hands wrapped around his back.

"Seth…" I said when he pulled away. His eyes still looked sad and he hugged me, his head on my shoulder. "Carly, I….I should have never gone in the first place!" He started to cry.

"Shh, Seth…I'm sorry to. For ignoring you after everything." I wrapped my arms tighter around him. By now Crush had walked back around, untangling us. I looked down, sniffed, and smiled. "Crush…" I giggled. Seth smiled, his eyes looking lighter.

"Carly…about what happened when I left."

I looked over at Seth and sighed, this talk was bound to happen. We were sitting in my basement with Crush sleeping next to me.

"I," He squirmed, "I did a lot of things I regret. Like…hitting you."

I curled my toes out of awkwardness, "Seth…that's in the past."

"No. Because it haunted me the whole time. I never ever meant to do that. I still feel like crap because of it."

"Seth." I grabbed his hands, "Things happen, people blow up under high stress. Sure it wasn't good, but… I know you regret it. Don't…let it kill you."

He shuddered, "But that wasn't the worst thing." His face showed an extreme amount of pain.

"Seth?" My voice squeaked.

"I…I cheated." His voice was so low I had to strain to hear it.

"N-no." I shook my head, "No. You didn't."

I saw him get up and bang a fist against the pool table causing the dog to get up and growl.

I sighed, "Down." I pointed to the spot he had been sleeping at, "Seth…what do you mean?"

"I slept with my old girlfriend." His back was turned to me. That was probably a good thing because I was starting to cry.

"Was it…Emily?" I asked remembering that one night.

"Yah…it was. I didn't want to….I- I told her to stop, but…then…I…g-gave in."

"Seth no." I backed up, afraid he was going to explode again. I didn't know what to say or do I was scared.

"And I regret it, I wish I could take it back…"

"Why did you call out her name….that one night?"

He turned to face me for the first time since this conversation began, his eyes were watery, "I dreamed she found me again…and tried to…hurt you." His face was pale, "She….she killed you. And it felt so real…I thought it was real, that was the worst pain ever." I saw a tear go down his cheek, "It scared the living hell outa me Carly."

I walked over and put a hand on his arm, "I'm not to thrilled with it…but…considering how things were…."

Seth turned around facing the stairs, "Forget it…maybe I should go."

"No Seth! Please!" I gripped his arm, "Please…" I whispered.

He looked over and shook his head, "Carly I promised myself I wouldn't hurt you, and I broke that one more times then I could even imagine."

I didn't know what to do as he walked up the stairs, I panicked. So I did something that I never would have done before, I tackled him as he went up the stairs, falling on top of him. "Don't go Seth!"

He looked up, a bit confused at first, then giggled. His giggling turned into laughter, and then hysterics.

"Seth?" I sniffed and looked at him. He smiled and hugged me, tight.

"You…you tackled me." He laughed.

"Uh…yah…" I raised an eyebrow.

He calmed down and smiled, looking at me. "Carly, no ones stopped me from doing something stupid before. But you have." I felt his fingers brush across my face.

I smiled, "Because I care about you, you big idiot!" I giggled now and breathed in his axe.

Seth chuckled and ran a finger over my lips, "I think I'm starting to fall for you Carly Sarah Martin." I looked at him, shocked, and then smiled, "I just might be falling for you too." I leaned into his kiss. It was deep, and loving. When he pulled away our foreheads were still touching. I smiled, "I'm glad were ok." He chuckled again and then shifted so he could stand up, taking me with him. "Come on," He smiled, "Lets go watch a movie." Crush stood up and followed us, collar jingling. Seth laughed, "Ok you can come boy."

I giggled from Seth's arm, "Yah he better be allowed." He looked down and kissed my forehead.

"Hey sleepy head."

I looked up and curled against Seth, the credits to what ever movie we had been watching rolled on the TV screen. "Hey." I yawned.

"Sleep good?"

I stuck out my tongue then stood up, "Are our parents still at the casino?"

He stood up and followed me to the kitchen, "Yup."

I grinned. "Sweet!"

He laughed, "I don't know if I should be scared or pleased."

"Both!" I grinned.


I smirked, "TAG!" I poked him and ran for it, Crush got in on it and barked happily chasing after me. I was almost to my room when I felt someone picked me up, and Seth carried me across his shoulders yelling; "I got you! I got you!"

I giggled and kicked, "No fair! No fair!" Then the next thing I knew, he flung me onto the couch, he stood over me on hands and knees. "Tag." He smirked and then ran off, me now chasing him.

"Seth!" I looked in my closet, and then the gust bed room, "When did this turn into hide and seek?"

I found him kneeling in the corner with Crush laying next to him, softly whining. "Seth?"

He made the "shh" signal and put an arm protectively around me.

"I heard someone thumping around the in the basement." He whispered.

"Your not funn-" I gasped when I heard the basement door fly open. "Seth," I whispered into his ear, "Please tell me this is a prank." Crush growled next to us.

"No Carly…something's not right."

I squeezed his arm, scared.