when i used to
love you?
forever and ever
when i would
tear down the
for you?
it's been so long
and so far damaged
i have been.
we're gone
and we can't go back.
we're better off alone,
aren't we, baby?
your memories lingered,
but they're slowly
f a d i n g
just the way
it should have been.
the girl you knew
is disappearing
and i'm ready
to start anew.
you're a ghost,
just a simple ghost,
transparent -
before my very eyes.
a hard journey
well worth the heartache.
i've loved and
been loved in return.
even if only for
that one moment in time.
i'm pressing reset, baby.
and you'll flicker out
and i'll be reborn.
your inspiration
behind my words
will disappear.
but i'll find
something new
to rouse me.
it's time i let go,
and this is my
final goodbye;
so i'm pressing