"Come on Kayla, we're going to be late for practice", Whitney Stone said. Whitney and Kayla have been best friends since the first grade. Now here they are 10 years later. Seventeen year olds, Juniors at Westfield High school, in Branchville, Virginia.

Whitney, 5ft 6, cream skin, jet black hair, and emerald green eyes. Kayla, 5ft 4, golden brown skin, reddish brown hair, blue-grey eyes. The valid Victorians of their class. They were both on the cross country, track, soccer, and volleyball team. They were pretty popular if I may say so myself. Other than that, they were the nicest girls around. "Okay Whit, jeeze calm down. I just need to put these books up and we can go", Kayla said. Whitney let out a huge sigh and leaned up against the cold, grey lockers. "So.." "So.. what?" "Have you talked to him yet?" "Talked to who?" "Oh, don't play games with me. You know exactly who I'm talking about."

Kayla raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Jason Williams! Only the hottest guy in school!" Kayla felt her face scroll down into a frown. She has had a crush on Jason since they were little. He was the nicest guy around. He hasn't dated much. He and his football buddies always travel in packs.

They never leave his sight. He might seem like the immature jock, who doesn't know any better. He's different, he actually has a heart unlike the other boys in the school. Kayla shut her locker slightly and began to walk off. Whitney grabbed her arm and said, "So I take that as a no?" Kayla looked up at her and said, "Yea. Why would I talk to him? I mean he's never alone.

His friends always follow him around. Sometimes when I do see him alone, I begin to walk to him, then his friends show up". "Oh." Kayla and Whitney headed off for soccer practice. Once practice was over it was around 6 o clock. Kayla had a project to do for English, it was a major test grade, so she hurried out of the locker room to her car. While she was hurrying she noticed a figure standing on the side walk, just looking at her. She just shook it off, and started her car and headed home.

When she got home and got out of the car, she noticed the same figure standing across the street. She had no idea who or what it was. She was too afraid to go and ask who it was and what it was doing. Kayla walked to her front door and put the key in the lock. Once she opened the door, she felt something across her face. A bag or blanket or something was covering her face. She managed to let out a scream but it no effect on the person behind her.

She felt herself being dragged backwards, her heels sliding against the pavement. Then she was lifted up and thrown into something. Her hands began to feel around, she was in the trunck of a car! She began to kick and scream and try to remove the item on her face. Then she heard a dark, deep voice. "No, no Kayla. You have to be a good girl. If you aren't well.. you'll have to pay the conciquences." Then the trunk door slammed. Tears began to roll down the sides of her face. She heard the car start and begin to move. Kayla begin to sob, as she thought this could be the end of her.