It doesn't feel right,

trying to fight someone

who isn't even there

You ask me to try

and love you

When you know

I'm so scared

It seems like just a face to you

a status, a thick veneer

You try to hide behind a word

when the word is just a lie

I no longer care if it's right

Or if it's fair.

Because I don't want what's left

after they've taken their favorite bits

Because I don't want this to be fair

And it's really not

I wait and I pace

I panic and I doubt

But you ease these fears

for but a moment

and then you hand me so many more

I don't care if this isn't fair.

I want it all or nothing at all

I won't be another lie,

I won't be used again to cover up the truth

If this isn't what you need,

if this isn't what you want,

Say so.

I'm not a toy,

I'm not a pawn;

I can't be suited to your needs.

I want the truth

and I want all of it.

You can't pick and choose the truths

I don't want part of you,

I don't want just the pretty parts,

I want all of you

The good, the bad,

the beautiful, and the ugly.