Let's just hope you handle your relationships better than he did. I wish everyone luck in their search for love, hehehe.


"I'm breaking it off..." Nadia told him, speaking quietly which added to the moments' stiff atmosphere. Jackson looked at his now ex with shock and awe.

"D-Did she just..." Jack repeated to himself in his mind over and over like a broken record.

"I'm sorry Jack, but I don't really like you all that much. I like someone else, and it's better to break up with you then let it lead to cheating," Nadia explained herself, completely believing that her reason was just.

Nadia and Jackson had been together for a year now, and it was as if he was struck by lightning when the news reached his ears. Seeing that he wasn't going to respond past the terrified stare, she patted his shoulder and walked off to class. Only minutes later did the school's bell rang for the next class that had woke him from his daze. Now that his mind had gathered all this new, shocking information, tears started to flood his eyes. As everything began to be sorted out, he started to cry more, not attempting to hold the tears back. He stood alone in the hallway with his tears streaming down his face and falling to the tiled floors. He immediately dashed out of the school to run home as he caught himself starting to sob.

He was home alone for the week, which gave him no one to talk to about this event. He knew relationships never really lasted, but this being his longest relationship so far, it seemed impossible that they would have ever broken up. He sat alone in his room in the dark. Sleeping and dinner was the last thing on his mind. As he looked at the clock, he saw his analog clock had 3:22 AM glowing vibrantly in its neon red color. He looked out his window to stare at the ominous and pale full-moon with his drying tears stuck to his cheeks. Rage now attacked his emotions. He stood up and yanked off all his books off their shelves, throwing them to the floor. He swiped his desk clean of the books and papers, flinging them into the wall. Screaming in rage with his tears in his eyes, he ripped off all the pictures of the destroyed couple on his wall. "HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME?!" he yelled in his anger, roughly pulling his door open and slamming it shut as he tore off photo frames from the hallway walls. "WHAT DID I DO?! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!" he roared at the walls as the deep sound of his voice reverberated throughout the house. As his stampede of held-in pain had died down, he was left sitting on the lonely couch in the living room as glass surrounded the floor. He couldn't look anywhere within his home and school without being reminded of her. Stormy nights sitting together as they cuddled on the couch to watch cheesy horror movies; copying of each other's homework in class. What was worse was that they had every class together. He couldn't imagine going back to school for the rest of the week. In fact, he decided then and there that he wouldn't be going back to school for a while. Yet finally, by some miracle, he managed to pass out on the glass-covered couch.

He woke up with his cheeks, neck, and shoulders covered in dried blood from sleeping on glass all night. He slowly and clumsily walked into the bathroom to wash off the crusted blood. "Pathetic. Worthless," he continued to call himself names as he looked at his depressing figure in the mirror. A dark purple was hanging under his eyes as if he hadn't slept in weeks, and his once bright green eyes were pale from the red surrounding the irises from his recent crying. As he removed the dark red, crusted areas of dried blood, there were multiple cuts hiding underneath the temporary red shields. He sighed, slightly sobbing as he did so. He walked miserably up to his room again, staring at the destruction he made that night. He sat on his bed, watching the unmoving floor. A small grey book with lime-green lettering had caught his eye. He noticed that it was their old journal: complete with notes they had written to each other and pictures of their dates, and even from junior prom. He slowly picked it up and flipped through the pages, reminiscing with every photo. He stopped at a picture showing them in their prom photo. They both looked like the happiest people in the world. Nadia was holding him close with her hair in a beautiful up-do with a false diamond hairclip holding up her bangs. Her ocean-blue dress sparkled in the light as it lightly flowed behind her, her own tail of ocean following her. His hand was rested upon her bare shoulders, keeping her lovingly close as his other hand was gently holding one of hers. His tie was perfectly matched with her dark-blue dress, which was also twinned with her false-diamond necklace and her blue rose corsage. Multiple tears dropped onto the perfect laminated picture. He clenched his fists on the notebook, then threw it hard against the wall as more tears started to flow down his cheeks. He suddenly caught a blank stare at the wall where the book had hit. His expression was that of fear yet with an incredible and terrifying idea. It all came together now... He threw on new clothes and hurried off to the soon-to-start school.

Nadia had noticed that Jackson hadn't even taken a glance at her all day. After fifth period, she figured that he got over the break-up better than she first expected. Something was strange about him though, as she watched his strange expression. Her assumption was turned down as she saw him approach her before their last class started.

"Nadia...Could you meet me at the park across the street after school...Please..." he asked her in a monotonous voice that matched his emotionless and creepy expression.

"Why?" she sighed. Her sarcastic attitude disappeared immediately when she saw the expression stare at her, as if it was piercing her soul.

Jackson was waiting at the park but the tree they had usually met at. He watched as Nadia came closer to him.

"Jack? Are you he--" she was interrupted by a blunt object bashing her in the back of her skull, knocking her unconscious...

Nadia woke up in extreme pain, and as her eyes adjusted to the lights, she realized where she was. Jackson's basement... "What the fuck?! J-Jackson! Where are you!" she rustled in the chair she was tied to, but it was bolted into the ground, so there was no use trying.

"Shh..." Jackson had a finger over his mouth as his hand caressed her cheek. "Jackson! What do you think you're--" she was interrupted yet again, this time by a loud slap as he smacked her across the face. Tears swelled in her eyes as she watched him walk away into the darkness of the corner. She almost screamed as she saw him come back with a hand saw. He hacked at her leg, making a huge gash in it as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"What are you doing?! D-Don't!" her eyes were streaming with tears now. Jackson stared at her blankly and took another swing, hitting her arm, and did so again, hacking her arm still. Blood sprayed and dripped off her body as it started to make a large crimson puddle on the floor. What was to happen next was something she couldn't even dream about. He placed the ridged blade on her skin and harshly pealed it away, letting the pieces drop to the floor. The pain was nothing she had ever felt before. He continuously peeled her flesh away from her legs and arms. She gasped in surprise when he cut a tear in her shirt and ripped it off to throw it to the floor. He cut the center of her bra to pull it off also, exposing her breasts. "What are you doing now, you sick pervert!!" she yelled at him. "You're a monster!" At that call, he slapped her again, cutting her cheek with part of the blood-stained saw. He placed the blade horizontally against her chest. Nothing could prepare Nadia for what he was going to do. She screamed in agony as he sawed away at her chest, cutting a square into her torso. She screamed and sobbed as her tears mixed with the waterfall of blood coming from her. Jackson dropped the saw to the floor and stared at her for a while, watching her cry in pain and sorrow.

"J-Jack..." she whispered between her sobs. "Why...?"

Jackson held back his fist and rammed it into her chest, breaking into her brittle bones. He felt past the entanglement of veins and nerves as they wrapped around his hand. As he tore her lungs out of the way, she puked a large amount of blood, then her head went limp. Blood stained into her eyes and was flowing from her mouth like a fountain. Jack felt her heart as it slowly came to a halt. Wrapping it in his fist, he tore it out of her corpse with ease. He stared at it for a long time as his tears dripped into the bloody red puddle on the floor. He took a deep, relaxing breath and closed his eyes, then slowly took a bite into her bleeding heart. He began to devour it like some wild animal until it could no longer even be described as an organ anymore. He dropped the left-over carcass of her heart into the puddle and stared at his bloody hands and arms as he walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

When he entered, he picked up the damaged journal of their past love romances. Bloody and sitting on the bed, he gave a slow look through before he stopped at the last empty page. Using the blood on his hands, he wrote the last sentence that will ever come from him and their love.

"She broke my heart...So I ate hers."

-Jackson Knightengale

Later that week, the Knightengale family came home to see their only son, laying on the floor with his ex, and absolutely drenched in blood. The grotesque and mutilated corpse of who was once Nadia Henna, was comfortably placed in the arms of Jackson Knightengale, with a gaping gunshot to his forehead.