There are two girls sitting at the middle table, right beside the window. It isn't as if I really mind; I usually take the table at the back anyways. One girl is thin and a brunette with a pixie cut, layered clothing piled one on top of another, skinny-jeans and lumberjack boots and a hat on top of her head, and this little belt around her waist that droops as much as her pants do, and there's a pencil and a ruler or two and a little notebook attached. The other is a curvier blonde, longer curlier hair and similarly as quiet as the brunette. She looks like she should be louder, with her loud, loud clothing.

I take my tray and drop it on the table, sitting down and peeling my straw away from its wrapper. Stick it into the lid of my root beer. Commence drinking. There's always music playing in the background here. Most times, they play crooning country songs time after time after time within the six hours of my weekly shift, but sometimes something worth sitting back in silence and listening to comes on the playlist.

Stevie Wonder comes on, and I hold my breath. My parents love this song. It's on a tape with all the other old songs that they listen to, that they've been listening to since they came to Canada. In front of me, the brunette gets up and starts fixing something inside of her bag. In spite of myself, I begin to hum along, and then, when I listen carefully, I can hear something else, too.

The brunette sings, too, with her soft, just a little off-key voice. And the blonde sings, and when the chorus is over, she hums, sounding miffed because she doesn't know the words. We sit there, quiet and mesmerized, until the song is over. I finish my root beer, slide my visor back on, tighten my pony-tail, and go to punch back in, and I don't look back once.

Prompts: stevie wonder - i just called to say i love you.

just a weird little drabble. i kind of like it. based on a true experience while i was on my break at work one day a few months ago. don't know why the girls were there. taking measurements for something, i guess.