"We respect your dick." --Bea Harvy

"Your staring at him again."

I whip my head around to glare at my best friend. She can be just so annoying. "I was NOT staring at him. That would make me creepy. I. Am. Not. Creepy." I kept on with the glaring.

Bea grinned. "Much," she muttered. I frowned.

"You aren't nice. See? This is why we can't be friends." I stick my tongue out and swivel my head back to Matt. Beautiful, hot, nice, smart, attractive Matt. Aka, my twin brother's best friend. I know, huge cliché. But they're called clichés for a reason right?

I felt something slap my head. "You are staring, stop being a retard and look at me." I turn to find Bea looking super annoyed. "God, we ALLLL know you like him, and hes gorgeous and bla bla bla, but, cmon, we're eating lunch, this is where you eat. Munch munch. You know what that is? Of course you do, now you can stare at Matt all through next period. He sits, like, right in front of you. Resist the temptation Sam."

I roll my eyes. "Oh god Bea, I'm not just staring at him. I'm... staring at Seth!"

"And why would you be staring at your brother?"

"It's a twin thing, god. You wouldn't know." I stick my tongue out again, for effect.

She laughs, "There's my Sam. And now eat. I'm serious, you're gunna lose so much weight from staring at Matt. And then I'll be jealous. So eat."

I laugh as I take a bite out of my sandwich. The thing is, I'm actually obsessed with Matt. I've been madly in love with him since freshman year, and now we're juniors. He's just that gorgeous. And awesome. And- okay, I know, I'm obsessed. But how can anyone resist that curly dark hair? Or those amazing hazel eyes? The award winning smile? That blond bimbo hanging of his arm- wait what?

I look at Matt. Sure enough, Stacey, head cheerleader/slut is leaning on him laughing her head off. Seriously. He's not that funny. Okay, maybe he is, but my brother usually supplies the laughs for the duo. But Seth's jokes are mainly guy jokes. I mean it's not that funny when the joke revolves around video games, food, sex, girls, and cars.

I feel someone sit down next to me. "SAMANTHA!", followed by crushing hug.

"Like, omg, I haven't seen you in FOR-EVAH!"

I smile, I love him. This is my other best friend, Evan Castino, the one of the only openly gay guys in school. And people totally respect him for that. And love him. How can you not love this overly flamboyant cuddly boy? And he's totally cute. Pale spiked blond hair, tipped white. He had caramel eyes and the cutest dimples. I love him. He loves me. We're perfect.

I hug him back. "EVAN! Awww, you missed like half of lunch, where WERE you?"

He rolled his eyes. "I was actually sitting by Bea the whole time. Except you were distracted by loverboy over there. But he is scrumptious, and look at those forearms. I mean, cmon, sooo HOT!"

I laugh at Evan. He's my love. So's Bea. They're both my love.

That's when I hear Seth's voice. "HEY SAM! OVER HERE, COME OVER!" I narrow my eyes. Now don't get me wrong, Seth is the best brother ever. Very fun. Very cool. Very protective.

I murmur sorry to Bea and Evan as I make my way over to his table. There were mostly consisting of Seth and Matt's-swoon- friends. And a bunch of random hanger on girls.

"Yeah?" I say, trying to avoid Matt's intoxicating grin. Oh, way too hot.

"So, as you probably know, it's our birthday in like a week, and cmon Sam, we HAVE to start planning."

I smile shyly, but it's a well known fact that Seth and I always have conjoining mind blowing parties. Mostly because Seth is like the most popular guy at school, and he invited EVERYONE. Trust me, even our gym teacher came, and got totally drunk.

"Seth, you plan it. You always plan it anyways."

Seth grinned, "Okay, I just wanted to ask because Matt said that I shouldn't leave you out and stuff, and I would feel guilty if I don't ask. I mean, I never felt guilty before, why start now?"

I would probably start slapping his head around now, but I just noticed that he said Matt didn't want me to feel left out. I was ecstatic. Over joyed. I was going to start dancing around and do the macarana. Okay, maybe not, but you get my point.

I give him a thumbs up and try to run to my table without looking like a chicken.


Bea rolls her blue eyes. "Hey, let's have a girl talk. Not about Matt. All you talk about is Matt, Matt, Matt. I mean let's just talk as us girls, about regular girl stuff!" She motions at Evan and Me.

Evan narrows his eyes. "Uhmm, excuse moi? I'm a guy."

Bea smiled, "Ohh, but you count Evan!"

"Hey, oh, HELL no. I am not a girl. Just because I love you guys and act like a girl and talk like one, does not mean I go through shit like periods and boobs. I mean seriously. Why would I want boobs? Or a PERIOD? Like gross, blood outta your vagina? Saggy limp skin from your chest? Yeah, I don't think so."

Bea and I stared at him. Then burst out laughing. THEN we noticed that he insulted us.

"Wait," I sad, "My boobs are NOT saggy. Mrs. Rushman, our science teacher is saggy. I'm, like, totally firm! I would let you feel, but that would be totally awkward."

"Yeah!" Bea made a face, "And periods are like a natural thing! It's like telling you to stop having a boner every time you see Seth-"-Insert disgusted face here-"-but nooo, we respect your dick. Now you have to respect our boobs and vaginas!"

This of course turned into a heated argument about girls and boys. But of course, somewhere in my mind, I was thinking about Matt.

As I got home after school, I brought Evan with me. Bea had gymnastics, so she stayed.

"Oh kayy, Sam, you like totally have to show me those new pants you were talking about, talk about cute! I could totally imagine them, I mean like on my own legs. Oh my god, you have to let me wear them!" Evan smiled sweetly.

I rolled my eyes. We were in Seth's car as he drove me and Evan to my place. He usually went over to Matt's after dropping me off, totally giving my a break from avoiding looking like an idiot in front of Matt. Phew!

Seth had his fingers around his temples, and I knew he was annoyed cause of Evan's blabber of my pants. Me and Seth looked pretty alike actually. We both had chestnut colored hair and deep brown eyes. But it just looked a whole lot better on Seth. And I'm not saying this to just make it seem like I'm all humble or something, I'm actually not that pretty. Just maybe cute. And that's as far as my ego's gunna take it.

We finally arrived at my place. Okay, I'm not gunna lie, my family's rich. Like super duper rich. My mom's parents died a couple of years ago and gave us like ALL of there cash. It also helps that both my parents were both lawyers. But they were almost never home. But it's not like it mattered. They were there when we needed them, and that's all that really counts.

My house is huge and orange. But it's only orange due to a stupid bet that my dad and Seth had. They were betting on some football game and who ever won would decide the house color(*sigh* boys) and ofcouse, Seth won. And he HAD to chose orange. I really don't know whats going on in his head sometimes. Ugh.

We got out of the car and headed to the house, Evan bouncing the whole way.

"So, like, I just noticed that your brother has, like, totally the same eye shape as you, it's sorta hot."

"That doesn't even make sense. And we're twins. How does same eye shape make us hot?"

"Okay, fine, it makes your brother hot. Happy?"

"You suck. And please, do not hit on Seth. That's like creepy beyond creepiness."

Evan grinned, "Oh Seth! Your just way too sexy, so much sexier that plain o' Sam here, I just want you in my pants, want your dick half way up my as-"

I burst out laughing. I mean c'mon, Evan's totally having some sex fantasy with my brother involved. And also it's scary. Just thinking about the fact that Evan is thinking about my brother's dick(*shudder*) is scary.

"What's so funny, why can't I tell you my life long dream? I wanna turn one of them popular guys gay by like the end of Senior Year. I would be called the Fag-onater. Or the Gay-onater. I'd be a legion."

"Or a creep?"

He grinned, "That too sweetcakes."

We reached the steps of my house and I pulled out my long key and stuck it in. No sexual innuendo intended. Ha-ha.

We ran up the stairs to my room, and Evan jumped on my bed. "Like, omg, Sam, your bed is great for sex. Seriously, I don't care if your a virgin, this is like perfect 'make-love' material."

I rolled my eyes. I was all used to the joke on me being a virgin. I mean, even Bea isn't a virgin, and she's a total goody. Not to be mean, but really, she's sooo shy with boys. The only reason the lost it was because she got really drunk at my last party. She swore off of alcohol since. I don't blame her.

"Evan, get your mind off sex. And off Seth. Jesus, let's just do our homework or watch TV or something."

He pouts and puts his head on top of my fuzzy pillow. "But sex is just sooo fun. How can you not like sex?"

I made a face. "Just because you lost it like in 9th grade, you little man slut, does NOT mean I'm gunna go willy nilly, showing off my vagina to random guys. And by the way, Seth would kill me. And anyone looking."

"I can tell Seth, 'lost it', it's so obvious. He has the look of a guy with total experience. I think I need a guy like that. All under control, hot, extremely strong..."

"Okay, shuttup. I'm gunna get sick. And then throw up on you. Let's watch a movie."

"Fine, but I call the Hannah Montana movie!"

"Ugh, FINE."

After the movie, Evan fell asleep on the couch. I carefully moved his arm around me so I could get free. Aww, Evan is so cute when he's quiet. And not horny.

I go to the kitchen and fix up a snack for me, when I hear Seth's car in the driveway. I peek my head out the window. And then start hyperventilating. Seth is with Matt, Damion, and Casey. Did I mention Matt?

Damion and Casey are Matt and Seth's other close friends. But wait, I also hear a motorcycle.

I poke my head all the way out the door and spot some guy on a motor cycle, helmet still on. He's wearing a leather jacket and a white tee underneath with some black jeans. He looks pretty scary.

He finally takes off the helmet and I freeze. His eyes are the same color as Matt's. Could it be... Matt's older brother? I though he was at military school... But it was unmistakably him. The similarities were all there. He just looked older, taller, buffer...

I squealed when I heard the front door open and the sound of Seth's laughter bounced off the walls. I hurried to the TV room and tried to wake up Evan.

"Evan, wake up! EVAN!!! Ugh, uhm, Seth is here, your love?"

His eyes opened. "Seth? Hot Seth? Hot sexy Seth? MY SETH?"

I nod hurriedly, and try to grab his arm up. He smiles and gets up. And then he notices all the guys. Well all the guys except for Seth who has dissapeared somehow.

"Whoa," Damien says, "Look who's here. Hey baby." He wraps an arm around my shoulder, grinning at me. Now don't get me wrong, Damien's hot, especially with his dirty blond hair, but he was a major perv. And he just wasn't Matt.

Matt shot Damien a look, and his arm was off in a flash. My hero.

Casey gave me a small wave. Casey was the good guy in the friendship. He wasn't that cute due to his large nose and small eyes, but he was handsome in a unique way, and very polite. But of course, at times, he can be tough and funny, the reason why he's their friends.

"Sooo, hey guys!" Evan smiled.

Matt frowned, obviously creeped out. Thats when his brother entered the room.

"Oh. My. God. And who are you?" Evan put on a flirtatious smile for Matt's brother.

Matt's brother frowned. "I'm Will. And straight. So lay off?"

What caught me off guard was his voice. It was so deep. In a scary-ish way. It made my brother and his friends sound like babies.

"Hey, stop it. Evans' my friend, so YOU lay off okay? And what are you doing here anyway?" I narrow my eyes and put my hands on my hips.

Will stares at me, a smirk pulling at his lips. "Well if you really want to know, I just got kicked out of military school, and my moms making me chaperon my stupid brother and his friends. And by the way, it was an all boys school. So that means your the first female I've seen in ages that isn't related to me or old enough to be my mother. Hey, are you a virgin?"

My mouth was wide open. I think I was catching flies.

"You better close that pretty mouth of yours." Will gives me a little smirk. He smirked at me. I swear I was gunna kill him. If Seth didn't do it first.

"Dude, that's Seth's sister, and lay off. It's sortof of gross. Your like four years older." Matt said.

I made a face. "Hey, in a week I'll be 17."

Matt smiled at me. "I know Sam, you and your brother have the same birthday? April 24th?"

I grinned sheepishly, he said my name. Heh heh. Evan squeezed my hand as if to remind me I was here.

Seth finally walked in and Evan's eyes lit up. "SETH!" He ran up and hugged my brother.

I swear, almost everyone in the room, including Seth rolled his eyes. "Um, hey Evan. We're gunna go out and eat, you and Sam wanna come?"

Evan shot me a look, a 'WE HAVE TO GO CAUSE SETH'S GOING' look. I groaned. "Sure. Why not. Only if you keep WILL away from me."

Will shoots me a fake wounded smile. Ugh.

Seth frowns. "Will? What about him?"

I roll my eyes, "Nothing. Whatever."

Evan smiles, "PMS."

I hit him on the head, and we get going.

We pile into Seth's car, but it was too small. So one of us had to go with Will on his bike. And the only one willing was Evan- "Anything to touch his waist!". That's when everyone turned their heads toward me. Ugh. Stupid stupid!

"NO WAY!! NEVER!!" I made a face at Seth, trying to show him that Will was a HUGE creep.

"Oh c'mon Sam, it's just for a ride. Then we'll make Evan ride him home. I promise."

Hmm. That would be interesting. "Ugh, fine."

I made my way over to Will who was giving me this look.

"Oh no you don't, don't give me that look. I swear I will slap you shitless if you give me that look one more time."

He laughs and hands me a helmet. I inspect it, hoping he doesn't have lice. Oh whatever, I stuff it on my head. "Let's just leave, ok? And hurry?"

"What, don't wanna spend more time with me?" Will grins.

I roll my eyes, "Just go. They already left."

"Your wish is my command, princess."



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