Chapter IV

"Thank you Willy." --Sam Brundin

I had my first kiss to some really cute foreign exchange student. He had a really awesome British accent and kissed me at a school dance. I remember the dance like it was yesterday. It was on some Friday and I was wearing one of my mom's dresses and bright red lipstick. I hadn't known Evan then, but Bea was still my best friend. She was talking about her parents, when this really popular song came up. I remember watching all the kids dance, and wondered if anyone would ask me.

That's when Jake Richards, accent and all, came up to me, "Samantha? Wanna dance?"

I think I squealed.

Of course we danced, and the whole time, Jake was feeding me these little compliments. "Samantha, that dress is stunning on you." "Samantha, your lips look so red and pretty." "Your eye's are really warm." "Wow, your a good dancer."

I also remembered that the whole time, my stomach had this really fluttery feeling. Then, I think, Jake asked if I wanted some fresh air. I said sure. We went outside and Jake held my hand, and then blurted out, "Can I kiss you?"

I remember just standing there as he carefully pressed his lips to mine. We were just leaning our lips against each other for about 20 seconds. I felt as if my head would explode. Then he peeled himself off of me and asked if Seth would beat him up.

I remember giggling and smiling at that. And that's when Seth came out, and punched Jake in the face.

This was my last, and first kiss.

Will's kiss was nothing like that. At first I couldn't think and just felt his cool tongue trace my lips. Wow... that felt good. When I finally regain ability to think, my first reaction was... Wow, his lips are really soft. My second reaction was: Wait! What?! This is Will Calhanan! Matt's brother! And thats when I peeled myself off of him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." I wiped my lips with my sleeve. "What was that?"

I could tell Will was slightly annoyed, only because he has this I'm slightly annoyed face on. "What was what?" He said calmly.

I roll my eyes. "You know what what I'm talking about."

"Do I?"

I groan. I had the faintest urge to just slap him on the head. "Yes. You do."

Will laughed, pulling me to him again. "Oh. You must be talking about when we were just kissing, right?"

I blushed, "Oh shuttup."

"So you wanted to know what it was?"

I nodded.

"A kiss."

I smacked his arm. "Your irritating"

"I'm also very very hot for you."

I blush harder, "Stop saying things like that."

He dipped his head on to my shoulder. "Why?"

I jump off him, suddenly pissed. "Because you have a girl home every night. How can you say these thing to me when you obviously know I'm just not the 'let's hook up!' type of person."

He rolled his eyes and gave me a small smirk. "And who told you that?"


He huffed, "And of course, you always believe dear Matt."

"Better then believing you, ass hole."

He sighed and ran his fingers through his curls. "Well, if you want to get his attention, you can't wear that."

I look at my outfit. A simple black tee and blue jeans. "What's wrong?"

He cursed under his breath, "Shouldn't your chick friend help you with outfits?"

I shrug. "Bea's not that kind of person. And anyway, you know Matt better."

He made a face and grudgingly walked to my closet. He pulled out a slinky black sequined dress my mom got me. "Wear this."

I shook my head. "Um, isn't there a choice B?"

"Yeah, it's go out naked."

The music was blaring Tik Tok and I covered my ears. Sometimes I get sick of Kesha, oh I'm sorry, Ke$ha. As if having the money sign instead of an S was so cool.

Of course, I was wearing the black dress. When Bea saw me she practically fainted. Her eyes got all bulgy and she collapsed. Then screamed, "OH HOT MAMA!" Evan was just giggling uncontrollably, muttering how he never thought I even had boobs.

I was now making my way across my living room and ran into someone. I knocked the unfamiliar girl down."Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" I was screamed over the music, helping her up.

She smiled at me. "Oh, it's fine. Hey, are you Sam?"

I nod, "And you?"

She shook my hand, "Leanna."

Leanna had ebony black wavy hair that came to the small of her back and the brightest blue eyes. She was wearing a short green dress and gold heels. She also had the most genuine smiles I've seen in a while. I wanted to know why she was here, but I didn't want to seem rude.

"So, do you go to MHS? I don't recognize you, and I'm pretty good with faces," I said, making conversation.

She shook her head, "No, I go to Saint Kate's."

Oh. She went to that Catholic school. I didn't even know Seth knew anyone there.

We slowly, without even noticing, made our way to the snacks. I grabbed a handful of Fritos, as she did the same.

"Ahh, I love Fritos," Leanna gave me a wink as she munched.

I grin, "Oh my god, me too! They're totally my favorite."

We laugh over the coincidence, when I notice Matt coming. Leanna enthusiastically waved at him. He came up, hugged her, and kissed her mouth.


Leanna. Lee-Anna. Anna!?

I froze. No. Way. It would be so much easier to hate Anna if she wasn't nice.

"Oh so you met Anna?" Matt gave me a grin.

I gave him a huge fake smile. "Oh yeah. Leanna."

She hugged me, "Yeah, Sam is too cool."

I stiffly returned it. "Yup. So's Lee." I didn't want to give her the same cheesey nickname as Matt did. And the thing is, Matt didn't even bat an eye about my outfit. I felt like I was going to cry.

"I- I have to go," I pushed my way in between them. I almost thought I heard Matt call my voice, but I probably imagined it.

I ran into Seth's room because I remember specifically Seth telling everybody that his room is off limits. I told everybody the same for mine, but nobody listened. I close the door behind me and turn around, and screamed. On the bed, Evan and Seth were shirtless, making out. Evan looked my way and blushed, while Seth screamed back. "SAM! GET THE FUCK OUT!"

I scramble out and start laughing. Literally laughing my ass off. I now know why people use 'LMAO.' I sat down outside the room, my face streaked. I was still laughing when Evan exited the room, shirt on. He didn't notice me and walked the opposite way. I had an urge to call his name out but didn't.

I just sat there, staring. I was waiting for Seth to come out but he never did. After about half an hour, I stood up and tried making my way to the kitchen. I successfully did. I grabbed a beer and was about to drink, when someone grabbed my arm.

"Hey, your underage."

I turned around to a smirking Will. "So is practically everyone else here. So are you!"

"I'm 20."

"And I'm 17. Let go of me." I tried to pull myself out.

"No way. You can't drink. You'll get totally trashed."

I stuck my tongue out. "Isn't that your plan?"

He chuckled, "No, it's to watch over silly little girls."

I scoff. "Well excuse me! My plan is to get away from annoying guys like you. And get trashed." I turn to walk out.

He grabbed me again, "I don't think so. If any guy hears your drunk, they'd so take advantage of you. All I heard about today was your 'killer legs'."

"Obviously not from Matt."

Will took my hand and squeezed. "What, you actually think Matt's gunna ogle you when Anna's right there?"

I gag. "Don't say that name."

"Why? You guys were getting along fine before."

"What were you doing, stalking me?"

He gives me a look. "Ha-ha. Very funny. So sue me for looking after you."

I gave him a look back. "Well excuse me for wanting to be alone for a while. It's my birthday. I get to do what I want." And then, I drank the beer.

When Will tried to swipe it, I giggled and jumped away. Whoa. Beer. Need. More. Beer.

I tried to run to the kitchen, but the dress wouldn't let me. I then resorted to speed walking.

In the kitchen, Damien was pouring out some beer. I cheerfully walk up to him.

"Hey, Damien, give me a cup."

"Oooh, lookit Sammm, bein' all bwad-asss!" He slurred his words, slapping my butt. I giggle.

"That tickles! Ahh! Stoooop! Damiennn!"

We run around the kitchen, getting more beer as we ran.

"Wheee! This is sooo much fun!" I squeal.

"SAM! Stop!" Will's loud voice came suddenly.

I stopped. "Will? OH EM GEE! WILL! COME HAVE FUN WITH US!" I grabbed his hand. "C'mon!"

He pulled his hand away. "Sam?" He asked, nervous.

Damien then grabbed me. "Sam, trustmee, I'mma much-a more fun" He bent down and kissed me. I clutched his shirt and pushed.

Then suddenly, he was off me. "Dude, lay off." Damien smiled as Will was about to push him again. Ooh, my stomach.

I hugged Will around the waist, "Willly, my stomach-y hurts-y."

He looked at me, sympathy filled his eyes.

He slowly dragged me to my room. He screamed at everyone to get out, and then we were alone. In my room. Again. I started giggling.

"Will. Willy boy. Remember last time we were in my room alone?" I made kissy noises,

He smiled weakly at me. "Yeah."

I grabbed his shoulders. "Let's do it again." I kiss him on his mouth and wait for his tongue to do that thing I liked again.

Then I felt it. The tongue. Oh wow. Then I felt him push me off.

"Oh god, Sam, we have to stop. I'm sorry, but your drunk and this is wrong." I almost thought he was crying.

I started crying too. "Oh no Will, please. Please, do it? I'm all sad because of Matt and I just want to kiss you."

"Sam, no."

"Will, please oh please oh please." I then threw my mouth on his, but it ended quick.

He pushed me off, "Sam stop."

I then just stared up at him. "Will, your very pretty."

I felt a tear hit my cheek, and it wasn't mine. Oh no, he was crying.

"Your pretty to Sam."

I frown. "No I'm not. If I was pretty then Matt will like me, and we would have a nice family, two kids and maybe a dog."

He hugged me, "Matt's stupid."

I shook my head. "He's top in class."

"Well, no one's perfect."

My stomach rolled. "It hurts"

I felt him carry me to my bed. He laid me down and lied down next to me. "It hurts Will." I rub my stomach.

I then feel his hand, rubbing my stomach too.

"Sam? I'm sorry," he whispered into my ear.

I nod. "It's ok, your hand on my tummy feels good too. Thank you Willy. Thanks." I then kiss his cheek. "Good night Willy."

He grabbed my hand. "Sleep tight, Sam."



Evan and Seth.

That just came out.




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