Chapter 13


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When Matt hung up on Dannie; she didn't even notice. She was too busy enjoying Adie's tongue as she swirled it around her clit and pussy lips, licking her cum. "Right there, right there," Dannie whimpered as Adie licked her drippings.

"You want me to tongue fuck you?" Adie asked as she slowly explored Dannie's pussy with her tongue.

"God, yes!" Dannie exclaimed as she felt Adie squish her face into her pussy and began to fuck it with her tongue and rub Dannie's clit with her thumb. Dannie took her hands and began to fondle her own breasts and pinched her nipples till they were red and standing.

Adie was not gay, she was bisexual, but she had only had sex with one girl in college; her girlfriend of 6 months, Tanya. Tanya had been a senior in college when Adie was a freshman and they had met at a sorority party where Tina got Adie drunk off her ass and then made her move, just like Adie was doing to Dannie at this very moment.

"Ohhhh," Dannie moaned as Adie licked. "Ohhh, God, that's good," She was swirling her tongue around and there was just enough pressure to nearly drive Dannie over the edge.

"Ah, Adie!" Dannie gasped and buckled her hips forward so she could feel all of Adie's tongue as it penetrated her. "Don't stop! Don't stop!" Dannie exclaimed as she felt another orgasm building. True to form Adie continued to pleasure Dannie, faster and harder.

Dannie wished that Matt was here so she could put his dick in her mouth and taste as he came in her mouth; so she started sucking on her own fingers, which had her dried pussy juice on them and kept playing with her nipples.

"Ohhh Adie," she whimpered. "Oh, I'm going to cum, keep going, don't stop," Dannie continued panting until she was overcome with bliss and came with a loud moan. Adie kept licking and licked up her pussy juice and even stuck her tongue deeper into her pussy before pulling out and kissing her way up to Dannie's breasts where she began to lick and pinch her nipples.

"You didn't tell me you were into girls," Dannie sighed as she came down from her orgasm.

"I'm not really… I've only been with…one girl," Adie replied in between licking and sucking Dannie's nipple.

"Well you're really good at licking pussy," Dannie told her with a drunk smile.

"Thanks doll…Have you ever…licked pussy?"

"Me? No, I've only been with Matt; I'm very inexperienced." Dannie said as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention her breasts and nipples were receiving.

When Adie bit down on Dannie's left nipple, she gasped and moaned before reaching down and pulling Adie closer and sucking on her face, getting her juices off of Adie's mouth. Dannie then began to lick Adie's face and swallowed her own cum off Adie's face.

Adie stood up, climbed onto the bed and straddled Dannie's stomach before bending her head down and greedily kissing Dannie's lips. Dannie rested her hands on Adie's waist and began to caress her way down to her thighs while Adie squeezed Dannie's breasts.

Dannie could feel the wet heat coming from Adie's pussy and she decided to see if she could make Adie cum, the way Adie had made her cum. So as Adie's tongue was in her mouth, Dannie moved her right hand and placed her thumb on Adie's clit and began to gently rub it.

"Ooohhh," Adie moaned and she sat up straighter on Dannie's stomach and closed her eyes.

From Adie's reaction, Dannie could tell that she wanted her to continue, so without hesitation she positioned her middle and index finger at the entrance of Adie's pussy and plunged her fingers inside and began to massage her walls while rubbing her clit with her thumb.

"Oh, yeah," she exhaled as Dannie fingered her pussy. "Oh, yeah, make me cum, Dannie," she moaned and then began to violently thrust her hips into Dannie's fingers while leaning back on her hand, which she placed between Dannie's legs; giving Dannie a clear view of her wet pussy.

Dannie began to thrust her fingers in and out of Adie, faster. She then took her left finger and held it up to Adie's mouth, where Adie licked and slobbered on it. When Dannie felt that it was wet enough, she cupped Adie's ass and began to massage her other entrance.

"Oohh, Dannie, rub me harder," Adie whimpered as she moved her left hand to her own breast and made her small nipple stand; which reminded Dannie of an eraser on a pencil due to its small size.

With Adie's encouragement, Dannie rubbed her clit harder and pressed down with more force.

"Oh, God! Yes…Yes…Oohh! I'm almost there!" Adie gasped as she grinded her pussy down against Dannie's fingers.

Though Dannie was really drunk, she realized that she sort of enjoyed pleasuring Adie. It gave her a feeling of dominance, which really turned her on and made her wet. She really wanted Matt to hurry up and get here so he would fuck her while Adie watched. 'Or maybe Adie wouldn't mind helping me pleasure Matt,' Dannie thought as she quickly moved her entire left index finger into Adie's ass and began to finger fuck her ass while working on her pussy with her other hand.

"Ooohhh, Dannie, I'm gonna cum!" Adie hissed.

When Dannie heard Adie, she began to swirl her fingers inside her pussy and ass while pressing down on Adie's clit.

This resulted in Adie shrieking out, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes!" Her walls closed around Dannie's fingers and her cum dribbled down onto Dannie's stomach and hand.

Dannie took her finger out of Adie's ass and pussy and pulled Adie down by her shoulders so that they could kiss one another.

After a heated kiss shared between them, Adie climbed off Dannie and fell forward onto the bed, next to Dannie. She turned so that she was lying on her left side, facing Dannie and said, "That was fun, you're pretty good for an amateur."

Dannie giggled, "Thanks, I learned from Matt."

"Well, then he is a very good teacher," Adie smiled and grabbed Dannie's hand and began to lick her cum off Dannie's fingers.

While Adie was doing this, Dannie leaned her head down and suckled Adie's right nipple.

"Oh, yeah, lick my nipples," Adie whispered. Dannie took her nipple into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, sucked on it and squeezed it between her lips and then moved over to the other one and did the same thing leaving them both hard and wet.

Dannie and Adie continued to explore one another bodies, licking each others breasts, fingering each other's folds and kissing one another. They did this until they heard a knock on their door.

"Who is it?" Adie yelled out.

"My name is Matt, I'm looking for Dannie," came Matt's voice from the other side of the door.

"Matty!" Cried out Dannie and tried to get up, but found she was too dizzy to stay upright and fell back down onto the bed.

"You stay there, I'll open the door," Adie told her. Dannie watched on as she quickly grabbed her own bathrobe, which was hanging in her closet, put it on and tied the sash. She then walked to the door and opened it.

"Hi Matt, I'm Adie," she said and held out her hand.

"Uh, hi," Matt said and shook Adie's hand, but his eyes were immediately drawn to the bed on the far end of the room. Dannie was sitting with her legs crossed on top of the bed. She looked tired, but gorgeous. Her lips were red and slightly swollen, her nipples were hard and her hair looked a bit untidy, but in his eyes, she was perfect. He quickly walked into the room and sat on the bed, next to her, took her hands into his and asked, "You ok?"

"Just uber drunk and extremely horny, you?"

"Not drunk, but extremely horny as well," Matt said with a small smile.

"Then let me help you with that," Dannie replied and pulled Matt on top of her by the front of his t-shirt. She then wrapped her legs around his waist and hungrily kissed him while rubbing her pussy against the large bulge in his pants.

"You are insatiable," Matt whispered as he kissed her. In all truth, Matt had wanted to make love to Dannie the moment he kissed her good bye that morning. In fact, he was in the middle of a very vivid dream involving the two of them, when Dannie called.

Adie watched on as Matt and Dannie kissed, but then quickly grabbed her makeup bag and walked out the door and headed towards the bathroom to put in her diaphragm; leaving the two love birds alone in the room.

"Matt, if you want…to fuck Adie…wear a condom," Dannie said as she kissed Matt.

"I only want…to fuck you…Adie can wait." Matt replied between kisses. "Mmm…you taste…like coconuts."

Dannie didn't really care what she tasted like; she just wanted to feel Matt's thick cock inside her as soon as humanly possible. She let her hands find his zipper, pulled it down and reached inside to find his rock hard dick waiting for her. Dannie began to pull and massage Matt's member till it was standing tall inside hi boxers.

"Hmm, Dannie," Matt moaned with enjoyment at the wonderful sensation of Dannie's small hands on his dick.

"Take off your clothes," Dannie instructed him.

Matt didn't need any more encouragement; he took off his t-shirt and stood up to take off his shoes and pants. When he was completely naked he walked over to where Dannie was sitting on the bed and offered his penis to her; which Dannie gladly took into her mouth and began to suck on it while rubbing it with her right hand and massaging his balls with her left. Running her hand along his hard shaft, she smirked as he groaned and bucked against her hands. She let her tongue swirl around his head as if it was a lollipop and then began to pump his dick while she moved her hand in between his legs.

Matt loved the sight of Dannie sucking his cock, so much so that he nearly lost control when she snaked her hand between his legs and pressed down on his perineum. "Oh, Jeez!" Matt cried and soon he was pushing Dannie's head down onto his cock and started fucking her mouth.

Dannie started humming as her mouth was penetrated by his cock. "Oh, fuck!" Matt shouted as he felt an orgasm nearing. Her mouth was so warm, wet and inviting, he felt as if he was going to explode any second.

Dannie let Matt fuck her mouth for a bit, but when she felt Matt nearing orgasm, she took his penis out of her mouth and slapped it a bit to prevent him from cumming. She wanted him to cum inside of her.

"Dannie, I need to cum in your pussy," Matt hissed as she continued to slap his penis; the urge to cum subsided a bit, but he was still rock hard.

"You took the words right out of my mouth," Dannie grinned as she talked, "Lie down; I want to ride you till you're raw." She pulled him down by his arm onto the bed and straddled him between her legs. She then positioned his cock outside her entrance and slid down his fat cock. "Oh, God!" She hissed as she impaled herself on his fat rod. She gasped softly, always in awe of his size. Dannie was grateful to Adie for making her cum and lubricating her pussy with her saliva.

"Oh that feels incredible," he moaned as he pulled her down and kissed her deeply. She was nice and tight and wet. Dannie began moving her body up and down on his thick dick. It looked hot, watching her ride his cock, her big tits bouncing up and down, her face contorting in pleasure. "You look so sexy," he panted as he moved his hips upwards, meeting Dannie's pussy as she bounced down.

Matt was amazed at Dannie's transformation; she had gone from an inexperienced virgin to a sex goddess who was fucking Matt amazingly; really bouncing up and down on his dick and rotating her hips at the same time, bringing abundant pleasure to Matt. "You're amazing," he said before pulling her down and nibbling on her bottom lip.

Matt had lain back on the bed and was guiding her with one hand while he moved his thumb to rub her clit with the other.

"Oh, Matt!" Dannie panted as soon as Matt's thumb touched her clit. She closed her eyes as she felt an orgasm building. She felt Matt's mouth move away from hers and travel down to her nipple where he licked and sucked on each one.

This proved to be harder than he thought, since she kept bouncing faster and faster. However, he somehow managed to suck and lick her nipples without hurting her too badly.

"Oh, Matty!" She whimpered as she lowered herself all the way down onto his cock and began grinding against it. She could feel his fat cock stretching out her pussy, but she didn't care, she loved the pain and pleasure it caused her.

Matt laid back down and tweaked her nipple with his left hand and felt his eyes roll into the back of his head when he felt her squeeze her pelvic muscles around his cock. "God, damn! You know just how to drive a guy crazy," he cried out as he began to slap Dannie's clit with the back of his fingers.

This action drove Dannie insane, it felt so good and it caused her to squirm on top of him as she felt closer to the edge. "Matt, I'm gonna cum!" Dannie shrieked as she felt the overwhelming effect of an orgasm hitting her and spreading all the way down to her toes.

Matt felt Dannie's cum as it coated his cock, he knew it wouldn't be long till he lost control, but he decided on making Dannie cum one more time before giving in to his desires.

Dannie kept whimpering and moaning as she began to once again, jump up and down on Matt's cock as he gently rubbed her clit. She was so busy enjoying Matt's rod, as it kept hitting her sweet spot over and over again; that she didn't even hear Adie open the door and walk in.

Adie saw that they had started without her, so she decided to catch up. She took the double ended dildo from the bed and coated both ends with lube and placed a condom on one end. She then walked to the end of the bed, took a pillow and placed it between Matt's legs, she then sat her knees on top of the pillow and put the dildo into her pussy and began stuffing the end with the condom, into Dannie's ass.

Dannie didn't feel Adie get on the bed but she did feel the dildo at the entrance of her ass. "Oh, fuck!" She cried when she felt Adie jam part of the dildo up her ass. The idea of being double penetrated excited Dannie to no end, and she could tell, just by the look on Matt's face, that he was going to enjoy it too.

"Mmm, I'm going to fill her up nice and full, Matt," Adie said. "You want her ass stretched too?"

Matt looked at Dannie's face and asked her with his eyes if she was ready for a DP. Without hesitation and without stopping her jumping, Dannie nodded. "Fill her up," Matt said and both he and Dannie moaned as Adie worked the dildo up Dannie's ass.

"Oh, God!" Dannie began to pant, moan, and whimper partly from Adie working the dildo in her ass and partly from Matt stroking her clit and from his cock hitting all the right places. "Ohhh, fuck yeah! Fuck my ass. Stuff it in me," Dannie whimpered when Adie jammed the dildo further in.

Matt wasn't at all shocked or mad to hear Dannie say these things; in fact it excited him more to know that Dannie enjoyed having sex with Adie. He actually wanted to see Dannie fuck Adie with a strap on or vice versa.

Adie began to push the dildo into her pussy with her left hand and kept shoving the dildo up Dannie's ass, with her right hand.

The minute Dannie felt the dildo all the way inside her ass, she knew she was going to have an explosive orgasm. The dildo wasn't as fat as Matt's cock, but it wasn't small either. She slowed her bouncing on Matt's member, which made it easier for Adie to continue fucking her ass and her own pussy. They both got into the right rhythm; every time Dannie would come down on Matt's cock, Adie would ram the dildo up Dannie's ass and take it out every time Dannie would go up.

The slower pace drove Matt crazy! Every time Dannie would come down on his cock, she would stay there for a second or two and squeeze her pc muscles and hold them tightly around his cock as she rose up. Once she was up, she would release her hold on his cock and slide down it once again. She was so fucking hot! He needed her to climax one more time, so he pushed on her clit harder and massaged it faster.

"Oh, God!" Dannie shouted, she couldn't take it any longer, she needed Matt to cum inside of her. So she once again jumped up and down on his fat cock, faster this time. So much so, that Adie had a hard time keeping up with her, so she just rammed the dildo into Dannie's ass as hard as she could any time she saw the opportunity to do so.

"Oh yeah!" moaned Matt as he felt the dildo press against his dick through the thin membrane. "Oh fuck yes!" He panted and began moving his hips up and down faster.

"Oh, Matt! Oh, Adie!" Dannie yelled, she could not explain the pleasure that she was feeling between her legs. The dildo was being rammed into her ass very violently by Adie and her pussy was getting pummeled by Matt's cock. The three of their hips moved in unison, their bodies insatiable for each other. Dannie felt euphoria come over her and she knew it wouldn't be long till she came, long and hard. This sensation was immensely pleasurable, it reminded her of the previous night when Matt fucked her ass while the vibrator fucked her pussy.

Dannie could hear Adie's enjoyment of the dildo behind her. She was panting and moaning as she slammed the dildo into her own pussy. Soon, Dannie heard as Adie began to climax.

"Oh, Dannie, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Adie yelled out as she began to cum.

"Fuck, that's so hot," Matt groaned and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer. So he pushed Dannie down onto his cock and pushed his hips up while pinching Dannie's clit between his fingers.

"Oh, Matt! I'm cumming!" Dannie groaned as she felt the immense pleasures of an orgasm hit her like a bus. This orgasm was incredible, she felt like nothing else in the world mattered; only her and Matt. She then began to squirt cum all over Matt's cock. "Oh, God!" Dannie yelled as she felt jubilation drain her of her senses and felt Matt explode inside of her.

"Dannie!" Matt yelled when he felt Dannie squirt her juices all over his cock. It felt amazing! Her hot cum sprayed out of Dannie and soon he let go and came inside of her. She looked so beautiful as she scrunched up her face to squeeze her pc muscles around his cock to milk it. Matt could feel Dannie still squirting on his cock and felt the hot liquid drip down his thighs and onto the bedspread. Matt sat up and hugged her trembling body close to his chest and whispered, "I love you," in her ear and felt her wrap her arms around him.

Dannie was still hazy from the orgasm she had just experienced, but she felt when Matt hugged her and heard when he said that he loved her. She could not find her voice, so she just hugged him back.

Adie was a jealous of Matt and Dannie; she wanted to have what they had; preferably with Dannie. She then pulled the dildo out of Dannie's ass, slowly, removed the condom and got up to go throw it in the waste basket. When she turned around, Matt and Dannie had separated and were both sitting on the edge of the bed, kissing while Dannie's hand was on Matt's flaccid penis, trying to coax it back to life.

"Dannie, let him rest for a while, you don't want to tire him out, do you?" Adie said with a small grin on her lips. "Maybe you and I should give him a show, what do you think, Matt? You want me and Dannie to fuck?" She said while holding the dildo.

"That would be so hot," Matt confessed when he moved his lips away from Dannie and felt a small blush color his cheeks.

"Then that's what we'll do." Dannie replied and bit Matt's bottom lip once before standing up and wobbling to where Adie stood. She grabbed Adie's hand and led her back to her bed where she fell backward on the bed and pulled Adie by her arm, on top of her and began to kiss Adie frantically. She knew that the sight of her and Adie together would excite Matt and get him hard once again so she could fuck him.

Adie moved her right hand and stuck her middle finger in between Dannie's folds, brought it out and licked it. "Mmm, yummy," Adie said as she looked at Matt. "Can I suck this pussy?" She asked both of them.

"Yeah, suck her pussy," Matt murmured, feeling all the blood rushing to his genitals at the sight of Dannie kissing another girl.

Dannie then laid back down and spread her legs wide, allowing Adie access to her pussy. Adie began eating out Dannie's pussy and sucking up Matt's cum. Dannie moaned in pleasure and stared at Matt as his hand began to rub his limp cock.

Matt couldn't help but get excited at what he was seeing.

That was until Dannie said, "What do you want us to do Matt?" with obvious lust in her voice.

Matt's jaw dropped before he came to his senses and said, "I want you two to sixty-nine each other so I can fuck you from behind."

"Adie, you want me to lick your pussy?" Dannie asked as she looked down at Adie.

"Mhmm," Adie moaned before moving her face out from between Dannie's legs and kissing Dannie on the lips.

Matt stared as both their tongues brushed against one another's, both tasting his cum on their lips.

Dannie smiled as Matt said, "Adie, lie down so your head is almost hanging off the bed." Adie did as she was told and waited for Dannie to make the next move.

Dannie straddles Adie's face, giving Matt the view of his life. Dannie then lowered her dripping wet pussy to Adie's lips as she lowered her mouth to Adie's hot pussy. They touch each others clits at the same time and both moaned out loudly as they felt each other's tongues begin to work their magic

Matt's cock began to ache for Dannie's pussy, so he continued stroking his cock, he wanted to be nice and hard for when he was ready to pound Dannie's ass. "Lick her good, suck all of my cum out of her pussy," Matt said, his voice filled with lust, "You too Dannie, make her cum, babe."

When Dannie heard the sheer lust in Matt's voice, she proceeded to lick Adie's clit more aggressively and felt Adie do the same on her own clit.

Dannie began to move her hips back and forth, up and down on Adie's tongue before grinding her pussy down onto her face and working her hips once again. She loved how Adie teased her clit with the tip of her tongue, she then began to suck on Adie's clit. She heard Adie's moans and continued pleasuring her by working her tongue down Adie's pussy lips and let her tongue slide into her pussy slowly. Dannie, in turn began to feel Adie's tongue do the same to her. Both of them moaned loudly as they continue to fuck each other's pussies with their tongues; savoring each other's pussy juices on their lips.

Dannie had never tasted pussy before, except her own and she was surprised to find that Adie's pussy tasted pretty good. It had a sweet taste and smelled like soap. She even tasted some of Adie's residual cum and was surprised to find that it was sweet and tart, like lemon juice.

The sight of Dannie enjoying another girl's pussy excited Matt to no end. He looked down and saw that he was fully erect and ready to fuck Dannie's ass. He then looked in Adie's drawer found a lubricated condom and began to cover up his cock. He walked and moved to stand behind Dannie's ass, bent down and began to lick her rim and even sucking on it every once in a while. He wanted to make sure that she was properly lubricated before shoving his cock in.

Dannie felt Matt's tongue on her ass and loved the way both of them worked their tongues on her body. When she felt Matt suck on her ass, she moaned loudly and pushed her bottom into his face, letting him know that she was ready for him.

Matt got the message easily and stood up. He placed the tip of his cock into her ass and slowly filled her. "Fuck!" Matt hissed as his cock fought its way inside her ass, though it was a lot easier than the first time they had had anal, since Adie had stretched her ass with the dildo minutes earlier.

Dannie heard Matt move closer to the bed and felt the tip of his cock as he slowly inserted it in her ass. "Mmm," Dannie moaned, she was excited at the notion of getting fucked by Matt and having her pussy licked by Adie. She moved her hips backwards, sheathing Matt's fat cock.

Matt worked his dick deeper into her and she pushed her hips back against him, his cock going in as deep as it could. He then stood there till he felt her ass relax a bit and then began to thrust into her in slow, deep, penetrating, stabs.

Dannie felt Matt begin to fuck her ass and felt Adie's tongue go in as deep as it could. Dannie felt as if she could lose control any minute now. She started working her hips in both directions, letting herself feel both of her partner's erotic moves. Dannie could hear all three of them as they moaned in unison, enjoying each other's bodies.

Dannie moved her fingers into Adie's pussy and began to fuck her pussy in sync with Matt's thrusts as she licked her clit. Dannie could tell that Adie was close since she moved her hips towards Dannie's fingers.

"Oh, God, Dannie!" Adie yelled inside Dannie and soon Dannie was rewarded with a flood of cum from Adie's pussy. She moved her tongue in between Adie's pussy lips to lick all of her dripping cum.

When Dannie felt and tasted Adie cum in her mouth, she became very excited and she felt the immense pleasure of Matt's cock in her ass. The sensation was incredible! Especially when he snaked his hand between Dannie and Adie's body and began to pinch Dannie's right nipple. "Oh, Matt!" Dannie moaned into Adie's pussy.

Matt moved his hand from Dannie's breast and began to slap her ass before taking both his hands and squeezing at the flesh beneath them. Her ass was so firm and red that when he saw it, he knew he couldn't keep going at the same, slow pace. So he began to drive into her, attacking her ass with his cock, in violent, jerking motions.

"Oh, fuck!" Dannie yelled, she felt her ass being pummeled by Matt's fat cock and loved it, especially since Adie was tongue fucking her pussy deeply. She then felt Adie stick her tongue deeper, then widened it and licked her entire pussy slit. "Oh, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Dannie moaned into Adie's pussy and began to cum on Adie's tongue.

When Matt heard Dannie, he knew he couldn't hold out for much longer. She was so hot, so tight, and so fucking amazing! He began to fuck her ass harder then before and even felt her squeeze her ass around his cock. My God, the things she could do! She never ceased to amaze him. He soon felt his rhythm becoming erratic and knew he was close. He thrust his cock all the way in and let go, cumming inside the condom, with a loud moan.

How he wished he could cum in her ass, but he knew that he wanted to fuck Dannie's pussy once again and knew that it wasn't hygienic to go from ass to mouth or pussy. He moved his cock all the way out and rammed it back in and came one final time with a loud shuddering moan. And heard Dannie scream in pleasure.

When he emptied himself, he took his limp penis out of Dannie's ass and sat down on Adie's bed, took the condom off, tied it close and then threw it into the waste basket. He then looked on as Dannie climbed off Adie's face and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked so hot, her mouth glistening with Adie's pussy juices.

"Come here Dannie," Matt said as he extended his arms towards her.

Dannie stood up, stumbled on her feet and fell forward; luckily, Matt caught her just in time, before she hit the ground.

"Thanks, baby," Dannie slurred a bit, stood up and then wrapped her arms around Matt's neck and craned her neck up to kiss him.

When Matt let go of Dannie, he made sure that she was stable on her feet before bending down his neck to kiss her. He loved the way Dannie kissed him, she would wait till his tongue was in her mouth and then she would bite down on it and suck on it before letting go and placing her tongue in his mouth. She usually tasted like mint, but this time Matt could taste Adie's pussy on her tongue and lips along with a hint of coconut.

As Matt and Dannie were kissing, Adie laid down on Dannie's bed, her back against the headboard. She then grabbed the double ended dildo and began thrusting one end, in and out of her pussy. "Oh!" Adie gasped when the dildo penetrated her the first time, she then began to moan loudly, trying to get Matt's and Dannie's attention.

Dannie heard Adie first, turned around, saw the dildo sticking out of Adie's pussy and saw the blissful look on Adie's face. She then looked up at Matt and saw the look of lust in his eyes as they moved from Adie to her.

"You want me to join her?" Dannie asked with a smirk on her face.

"Fuck yes," Matt replied; he didn't want to force Dannie to do anything she didn't want to, but the thought of Dannie fucking that dildo with Adie made him so hot! He just couldn't stop from blurting out his answer.

Dannie smiled wickedly up at him and jumped on the bed below where Adie was sitting. She then spread her legs and placed them on top of Adie's and scooted her hips closer to the dildo as Adie moved it inside herself. Dannie placed the tip of the dildo outside her pussy and waited till Adie moved it out of her own pussy and shoved it into Dannie's.

"Oh!" Dannie gasped when the dildo went inside her, she placed her right hand around the part of the dildo that was outside her pussy and forced it into Adie's pussy. Adie did the same thing; placing her left hand on the dildo and shoving it back out of her own and then into Dannie's. They got into the rhythm of fucking each other's pussies easily and were soon moaning in unison.

The sight before him excited Matt to no end. He sat back down on Adie's bed and just stared at Dannie and listened to her moans of bliss. He watched on as the girls fucked the dildo, nice and slowly; letting it make their pussy's soaking wet once again.

"Yeah, fuck it, girls, fuck that dildo hard," Matt said as his hand moved to his balls and massaged them.

Dannie could hear the excitement in Matt's voice and when she locked eyes with him, she could see the sheer lust in them. She kept imagining that the dildo was Matt's cock as she shoved it harder in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, Matt," Dannie whimpered. She raised her left hand and gave him a 'come hither' motion with her fingers while licking her lips.

Matt stood up and moved closer to Dannie where she engulfed his entire limp cock in her mouth and worked her tongue on his member. Matt hissed in pleasure and felt as his dick began to spring to life inside her mouth.

"Dannie," Matt hissed as he moved his left hand to her clit and massaged it tenderly.

"Oh, God!" Dannie gasped when Matt's finger found her clit.

Matt then moved his right hand and found Adie's clit and began to rub it.

"Yeah, mmm, right there!" Adie cried out in a high pitched voice.

When Matt was fully erect in Dannie's mouth, she took his cock out and said in a whimper, "Matt, lick my clit, please." Dannie knew that if she had Matt's talented tongue touch her clit, she would start cumming and not stop anytime soon.

Matt knew he could not deny Dannie anything; so he got down on his knees, pulled her clitoral hood with his left thumb and began to lick her swollen clit.

"Oh, Jesus!" Dannie yelled out the minute his tongue touched her sensitive bundle. Adie's tongue was not nearly as talented as Matt's.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, right there!" Dannie began to cry out in ecstasy when Matt moved his finger on top of her clitoral hood and rubbed the flesh while sucking on her exposed clit.

Matt loved hearing Dannie yell in delight and loved feeling her quivering body underneath his hand. So much so that he took his right hand away from Adie and rubbed his cock with it a few times before moving it back to Adie's clit. He wanted to cum on the girl's faces and watch as they licked their lips and savored it in their mouths; but he wanted to give both of them orgasms first.

"Oh, Matty! I'm gonna cum!" Dannie shrieked. She loved it when he attacked her clit with his tongue. His crowning moment, however, came when Dannie felt him scrape his teeth against her clit. That was the point where she lost all control and cried out, "I'm cumming! Fuck! I'm cumming!" She felt her pussy begin to quake in pleasure all around the dildo.

Matt licked the juice that dripped from Dannie's clit. He then looked up at her and watched on as she rode the blissful wave of pleasure he had just sent her on. He looked over at Adie and saw that her eyes were half open, enjoying the dildo and Matt's fingers on her clit. He moved towards her, bent his head down and licked her clit.

"Oh, yes!" Adie howled and arched her chest out.

Dannie had reached orgasm and knew that it was Adie's turn; so she moved her hips backwards and popped the dildo out of her pussy and then crawled next to Adie. Where she took the dildo into her own hands and began to thrust it into Adie's pussy while bending her head and tracing her tongue all over Adie's chest.

Dannie tilted the dildo upwards and downwards every time she would penetrate Adie with it. This drove Adie to the brink every time the dildo would hit her g-spot and she would whimper in delight.

"Oh, Dannie, I'm gonna cum soon! Don't stop!" Adie shouted as she felt an orgasm building inside her.

Upon hearing Adie, she tilted the dildo upwards and rubbed Adie's g-spot with it as hard as she could.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Ooohhh" Adie shuddered as she came.

Matt licked her clit one final time before standing up and rubbing his cock.

When Dannie saw Matt stand up, she moved her tongue from Adie's chest, let go of the dildo, grabbed Matt's cock and began to rub her hand up and down his shaft. She licked his cock head, focusing her tongue on his glans.

Matt loved Dannie's tongue and hands as they worked on his cock. He closed his eyes and didn't see Adie remove the dildo from her pussy and then bend her head and engulf one of his balls in her mouth and move her hand to rub his ass.

"Ah!" Matt yelped when he felt Adie's mouth around him and popped his eyes open and looked down at the beautiful sight in front of him: Two gorgeous girls licking and rubbing him.

Adie moved her mouth from around his balls and her tongue moved to lick the lower part of Matt's cock as her hand moved from his ass to massage his balls. Together their mouths began to stroke his now throbbing cock with their tongues. They both gave his cock, long, slow strokes and then quickly pick up the pace. He could tell that they both needed him to cum.

Matt squirmed and moved his hips in rhythm to their tongues and could tell that soon he would give them what they craved to taste, on their lips. They began to touch him harder, rougher, as they rubbed his aching cock and licked and touched every part of his genitalia.

Dannie felt Matt's body stiffen under her hand and tongue and felt him squirt his load on her face, lips and chest. She then began to lick her lips and savored his salty cum.

Matt moved his spewing cock and forced it into Adie's waiting mouth where he emptied out his balls as she milked his cock dry with her hands and mouth.

When Adie received what was left from Matt's cock, she sat up on her knees and kissed Dannie.

Matt looked down at Adie and Dannie as they shared a zealous kiss, trading what they just obtained from him in their kiss.

Adie loved the taste of Matt's cum, so much so that after kissing Dannie, she licked her face and then moved her mouth to her chest, where she licked Matt's lingering cum.

Matt never thought he would be so turned on by watching Dannie kissing Adie, but he was. He just hoped that Dannie wouldn't regret doing this the moment she sobered up. 'I hope she isn't mad at me tomorrow,' he thought as he stared at them.

After licking all of Matt's cum off of Dannie's body and face; Adie pushed Dannie down onto the bed and said, "Bend your legs, I want us to rub our pussies together." She then looked up at Matt and smiled before asking, "You want to watch us rub against each other?"

Matt could not believe what he was hearing. As much as he wanted to watch Dannie have sex with Adie again, he wanted to make sure that she was ok with it. "It's up to Dannie," he replied, his voice quivering in anticipation.

"What do you say, Dannie? Wanna do it?" Adie asked.

Dannie could tell that Matt wanted her to do it from his bugged out eyes. She smiled up at him and licked her lips before saying, "Sure."

"K, then lie down and bend your legs," Adie instructed Dannie. Adie waited till Dannie was lying down and then started to lie down and placed her right leg under Dannie's left leg and placed her right leg by Dannie's chest. She then scooted forward till she felt Dannie's wet pussy touch hers.

When Dannie felt Adie's hot pussy touch her own, she let out a long moan. This encouraged Adie and she began to rub against Dannie's pussy.

"Oh, Adie!" Dannie shouted when she felt the friction between their pussies. It was so hot feeling Adie as she pressed her sopping pussy as hard as she could against her own. She felt as Adie sank her nails under her left thigh and wrap her left arm around her right leg. This encouraged Dannie to hold onto Adie's left thigh, and caress it with her hand.

"Oh, Dannie! Rub harder!" Adie yelled and seconds later Dannie pushed her body up with her arms and pushed her weight onto Adie's pussy.

"Oh, Dannie! Yes! Faster!" Adie shouted at the top of her lungs, she could feel her release edging closer.

"Uh! Adie!" Dannie whimpered and began to move her pussy faster and harder against Adie's.

Matt couldn't help but gawk as the two girls rubbed their vulvas together. He could feel his cock slowly coming to life once again. He moved to Adie's drawer and took out another condom, ripped the foil, took it out and then began to rub his cock till it was standing tall. He then rolled the condom onto his fat cock.

"Oh! Fuck! I'm cumming!" Adie sobbed as she felt her pussy spasm in delight and felt her cum leak out against Dannie's pussy.

Matt couldn't stay away any longer, he needed to fuck Dannie and he needed to fuck her now! He moved towards the bed, grabbed Dannie's leg and helped untangle her legs from Adie's. When she was free from Adie, he pulled Dannie towards the edge of the bed, flipped her on her stomach and violently shoved his cock into Dannie's wet pussy.

"Aaahhh! Matt!" Dannie shouted in pain as Matt moved in and out of her roughly. She had never seen this side of Matt; she found it incredibly erotic. "Ooohhh, Matt!" She screamed into her bedspread as she felt a wave of rapture hit her. She felt as if he was going to fuck her raw.

"Yeah, you like that don't you baby? You like it when I fuck you hard?" Matt hissed between his teeth when he felt the warmth of Dannie's cum hit the condom.

"Yes!" Dannie sobbed and cried into the bedspread, it hurt her so good to have Matt go ape shit crazy inside her pussy. She could feel every sweet inch of him as he kept penetrating her over and over again.

Adie was so turned on by Matt's show of force that she could not stop from moving her fingers to her clit and rubbing it while staring as Matt brutally fucked Dannie while lifting her up by her pelvis and had her grip his waist with her legs.

Dannie had already been close to coming when Matt grabbed her legs and began fucking her senseless; so the minute Matt forced his cock in her, she started cumming like crazy. "Oh, God! I love your huge cock so fucking much!" Dannie groaned and circled her hips as much as she could. She was so close to a second orgasm that when Matt touched her clit with his finger and pressed down, she came with a loud howl.

Matt had wanted to cum while inside Dannie, but decided to hold out. When he felt the warmth of Dannie's cum hit his cock once again he slid out of Dannie, gently dropped her legs onto the floor and said, "Come here, Adie."

Adie moved her finger away from her clit and sat on her knees and stuck her ass up in the air near the edge of the bed where Matt immediately shoved his cock into her pussy, in one quick stab.

"Oh Jesus! You're so big!" Adie gasped as he began to pound into her pussy in a frantic and hurried manner. She soon began to yelp in pain as he attacked her pussy.

Dannie was so tired from all the beating her pussy had endured in the last few hours that she wanted nothing more than to lie down and rest her aching pussy.

Matt didn't like Adie's pussy one bit; it was wide and sloppy, too much like Catherine's and not as good as Dannie's. But he kept moving his cock in and out of Adie; he knew that he would not be able to cum inside Adie, she just wasn't tight enough. Dannie had ruined him for other women.

"Oh God!" Adie shouted when Matt's left hand wandered to her clit and had his thumb press down on her clit. She soon began to hyperventilate in pain and awe.

Matt wanted Adie to cum so he could move on to Dannie's pussy and spew his load inside her firm pussy. Matt looked to his right and saw that Dannie had rolled on her back and had her eyes closed. "Dannie," Matt said and waited till she opened her eyes.

Dannie heard Adie's moans and whimpers of delight, but she ignored it, she just wanted to rest. That was when she heard Matt call out her name. She opened her bleary eyes and looked at him.

"Come closer," Matt told Dannie and watched as she scooted her hips closer to Adie till she was lying next to where Adie was kneeling, half of her legs were hanging off the bed. "Spread your legs," he instructed her; when she did as she was told he slid his right index and middle finger into her red, swollen pussy and began to fuck her while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

"Oh Matt," Dannie sobbed as she raised her hands to cover her face; she didn't know how much more sweet torture her pussy could take from him. He was massaging her g-spot and making her cry in pleasure.

Matt did his best to do use his hands on each girl and to give them both orgasms. From the look on Dannie's face, he could tell that she was already near. His cock had made her pussy sensitive to his every touch.

Matt was surprised to find that Dannie's pussy was still tight around his fingers. "Oh, Dannie, I love your pussy," Matt groaned in unison with Dannie and Adie as he pleasured the two of them.

"Matt, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Dannie gasped as she felt her pussy and entire body begin to tremble from the joy of her orgasm. She let out a small whimper the minute she felt Matt remove his fingers from within her.

"Goddamn, I'm gonna cum!" Adie shouted when she felt the pleasure becoming too much. She then moved her head to her left, reached out her hand and began to knead Dannie's breast while staring at her.

Matt turned his head and saw Adie's reflection in the window near Dannie's bed. He soon became upset when he saw the look on Adie's face as she stared at Dannie. It was possessive and he could see the hunger in her eyes. At that moment he remembered what Dannie had told him over the phone; that Adie had been the one to make the first move on her. He then thought back to all the times that Adie had been about to cum; she had shouted out Dannie's name.

'This bitch wants Dannie to herself,' Matt thought and was soon overcome with anger and jealousy. He didn't want Dannie to be around Adie any more. 'What if Adie turns Dannie into a lesbian? Then there wont be any need for me,' Matt thought. He had just found the perfect girl and he would be forever lost if she was taken away from him. So when Matt felt Adie's cum hit his cock he moved his hand from Adie's clit and took his cock out of her pussy and shoved it into her ass.

"Aaahhh!" Adie yelled in pain as his fat cock almost ripped her ass in two. "You're too big! Get out!" She cried out loud as she tried to stand up and hit him with her hands. However, Matt held her down with his hands on her back.

Matt then bent his head down near Adie's left ear and hissed, "Don't ever take advantage of Dannie, or you'll have me to answer to." He then pushed her body away from him and watched as she fell forward on her face, against the bedspread. He looked on as she rolled onto her back and stared up at him with loathing in her eyes; he watched on as she stood up, put on her bathrobe, collected all her clothes and slammed the door as she walked out.

Dannie was still reeling from the orgasm she had just felt, thanks to Matt's magical fingers. So she was startled back to earth when she heard the door slam shut with force. Dannie opened her eyes and looked around; Matt was standing near the end of the bed with hatred in his eyes as he stared at the door.

"What happened?" Dannie asked weakly, "Where'd Adie go?"

"Forget about her, it's just you and me," he said with a smile and yanked the condom of his cock, exposing his pulsing cock.

"Oh, God! You haven't cum yet?" Dannie asked in a shocked voice.

"I was saving it for you," Matt replied as he stroked his cock with a huge grin on his face. "And besides, an erection is a terrible thing to waste on a sloppy pussy," he said as he sat down on Adie's bed and reached his arms out to Dannie and watched as she walked towards him.

As much as Dannie enjoyed having sex with Matt, she hoped that this would be the last time tonight. She didn't think she had enough stamina to last more than one go.

Matt grabbed both of Dannie's hands, turned her around and had her sit down facing away from him.

Dannie sat down on Matt's legs and felt as he moved his hands in between her legs to grab his cock and penetrate her pussy from beneath.

"Oh, Jeez!" Dannie whimpered in pain as Matt began to thrust his hips upwards, hitting her most sensitive area over and over again.

Matt never ceased to be amazed at Dannie's body; especially her extremely tight pussy. This was how a pussy should feel against a cock!

He wrapped his arms around her as Dannie moved her body up and down his fat cock. His left hand moved to her breasts, where he fondled them and pinched her nipples. While his right hand moved to her clit and began rubbing her clit in slow, gentle circles. He went as slowly as he could, he didn't want to cause Dannie any more pain.

Dannie was soon crying due to the pleasure Matt's cock was bringing her; it hurt, but not in a bad way. It was extremely pleasurable, but arduous and painful work.

When Dannie felt the onset of an orgasm sneaking up on her, she bent her body forward and reached back to reach and massage his balls.

"Oh, fuck!" Matt hissed between his clenched teeth and he knew he was going to cum soon. So he grabbed Dannie's hips and began pushing them down onto his cock as he thrust upwards.

"Oh, God, Matt! I'm gonna cum!" Dannie sobbed and felt a few tears of bliss roll down her cheeks as she continued to bounce up and down on his cock. Her pussy was so tender!

"I know, baby, me too," he groaned and soon he felt Dannie cum on his cock as she sobbed out his name. With her done, he let himself go, releasing his seed inside her pussy with a loud shuddering moan.

Dannie felt herself go limp and start to fall forward, but felt when Matt placed his hands around her pelvis, just in time to stop her. She then felt when Matt placed his hands around her legs and bridal carried her to her bed, where he set her down gently and laid next to her.

Matt watched Dannie's eyes as they began to droop in front of him; he then wiped away a tear that was leaking, "You ok?" He asked lovingly.

"Yeah," Dannie answered, "Just tired." She then looked him in the eye and said, "I don't understand how Adie was able to walk away, I can barely move, much less walk."

"Her pussy is not as tight as yours, so my cock probably didn't have the same effect on her."

"Hmm, guess so," Dannie said before yawning, closing her eyes and drifting to sleep.

Matt stared at Dannie's beautiful face as he snuggled close to her and watched as she slept, till he became to tired and soon fell asleep besides her.