A/N; Sorry for not posting in so long, I've been distracted with somewhat less respectable writing. Or fanfiction as it were, also I've just been MIA everywhere, so don't take offence!

Yamato stabbed the pancakes with his fork; he would have sworn they deflated. He frowned, deciding that he couldn't be too picky since it had been his idea not to stay home and make his own. He yawned, three am and he had yet to be in bed. Munching on the pancakes he wondered why. Why wasn't he tired? Well, no, he was tired, unspeakably so, really it was more why couldn't he sleep? His friends suggested he hadn't been getting enough activity, he shrugged it off, he got plenty. They also suggested he was stressed out, but he didn't feel stressed. Though not sleeping wasn't improving his mood any, he was sure. He pushed the now empty plate away and laid his head on the counter. Yamato was in no hurry to get home, to stare blankly at the ceiling and argue with himself over whether or not it was off-white or pale cream colored. Eventually he would have to, but they could spare him five more minutes of fresh scenery. His eyes slid shut temporarily, for deflated pancakes they sure were good. He would have to remember that next time he was up all night for a week at a time. He pushed away from the counter and stretched, dropping the money next to his plate.

"Until next time," He said farewell to the plate.